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◆True Virtuoso
◆Cadenza 12
◆12-Driver Flagship Hi-Fi Earphones

The result of years of experience by LETSHUOER team

With the years of acoustic engineering know-how and multiple patents under its belt, LETSHUOER Acoustic Technologies is pleased to present the first entry of a series of exceptionally designed halo products, the LETSHUOER Cadenza 12.


1. Ergonomic TI Chassis

2. LSS Kevlar DD

3. Knowles BA

4. Sonion BA

5. Six-way Crossover

6. 204-strands Copper + Silver Hybrid Cable


Ergonomic Titanium Chassis

Shape of the chassis is created based on experience and multiple iterations. The design is based on up to thousands sets of ear shapes so to make it ergonomically sound.

The party trick of titanium alloy is that it is low in density and high in strength at the same time, and thus the chassis is quite lightweight. This characteristic of the material significantly lowers the chassis resonance, providing a much cleaner sound.

The surface is meticulously buffed. It's smooth to the touch while having an absolutely fantastic look.


Flagship Driver Combination

Acoustic engineers spent countless hours in experimenting with driver combinations before coming up with the final solution.

The main design goal is to let the drivers work perfectly in their respective frequency band.

●10mm LSS Kevlar Dome Driver

●Sonion composite mid-woofer drivers

●Sonion composite mid-tweeter driver

●Knowles composite tweeter drivers

●Sonion composite super tweeter drivers

●Six-way Electronic Crossover

●Five Acoustic Bores


Six-way electronic crossover is put in place for precise performance. Each driver is chosen to mitigate the pitfall of timbre difference between drivers.

Each set of drivers has a separate acoustic bore and hand-cut to length. This safeguard removes any possible time alignment and phase issue that may arise.

Balanced Performance Fit For a Halo Earphone

Complex driver matching, crossover and acoustic bore tuning gave Cadenza 12 its voicing: a powerful overall sound across the spectrum. The flagship level of performance also allows the personality of upstream gears including cable and source to shine through in the final output.

6N Monocrystalline Copper and Silver Hybrid Strands Cable

The stock cable utilizes 204 strands of 6N monocrystalline copper and silver in a hybrid weave construction. This balanced combination of metal characteristics allows for signal integrity by having an extremely low in-cable impedance.


●Cadenza 12 Cooper Plate (Limited Edition)

●9 * Eartips

●Stock Cable

●2.5 & 3.5 & 4.4mm Connectors

●Cadenza Leather Earphone Case

●Accessories Box

●Cleaning Cloth

●Product Cards

●User Guide

●Warranty Card


All stainless-steel parts are specifically made for Cadenza 12, making them extremely sturdy. Three modular connectors also come standard in the box including 2.5 / 3.5 / 4.4mm connectors, making Cadenza 12 extremely versatile in source gear matching.


Driver Type:
10mm LSS Kevlar Dome DD
Sensitivity: 110dB/mw±1%
Impedance: 16Ω ±1%
Frequency Response: 20Hz-30KHz
Cable Material:204-strands of 6N monocrystalline copper and silver hybrid
Termination Options:2.5 & 3.5 & 4.4mm
Cable Length: 1.2m


Latest reviews


100+ Head-Fier
Bling and Zing
Pros: 1. Blingy but not obnoxious
2. Satisfactory build and comfort
3. Generally enjoyable sound profile without tonal oddities
4. "Right" sounding midrange
Cons: 1. Occasional treble zing
2. Fingerprint magnet
My earliest memory of a Shouer IEM was The tape which was. well, a weird IEM that I could not bring myself to like. I have tried a few more Letshuoer models since. Some briefly, some for a few weeks and I must say, they have come a long way since the horrendous Tape. When I was asked if I wanted to be part of a review tour arranged by @BonGoBiLai , I was intrigued but with some reservations.

Cadenza 12 is essentially a 12-driver Hybrid. It has 11 high-performance balanced armature drivers from Knowles and Sonion, which are made up of a conventional blend of dynamic and balanced armatures, and a 10mm silicon surround dynamic driver unit. Together, these drivers form a carefully designed 5-way frequency crossover. With this crossover, you can fully control the output signal because it has both electronic and physical vacuum tubes that can be accurately adjusted. I know the specs are a mouthful so I would just list them below directly from the product page in case you want a summery :


The unboxing experience was flattering though I received my unit already unboxed. To summarize, upon opening the magnetic flap, the upper lid will reveal a transparent piece of paper with Letshuoer branding printed on it. A long black carton that takes up two-thirds of the sponge pad's surface is the first layer. It is printed with the fancy handwriting "LETSHUOER" and contains a stack of exquisitely printed mini posters/brochures that basically advertises Shuoer's classic products. A pair of Cadenza 12 earpieces with accessories are located on the lower part of the cardboard. The accessory list is all follows:


Even though other IEMs may have an ergonomic design similar to the Cadenza's, it's difficult to match other models' distinctive appearance. The outside of the Cadenza's case is composed of a strong titanium chassis with a silver surface finish that reflects light. It is blingy and attention-grabbing without being obnoxious. The shells are larger than usual and feel dense while held in palms. However, equal emphasis is given to ensuring optimal density and a feeling of quality at the same time. The Cadenza's lightweight yet substantial design is impressive, to say the least. For a pair of high-end IEMs, this is a terrific look because it looks the part and is simultaneously comfy and useful.


The stock cable has a half-sleeved design and the cable internals use 204 strands of 6N monocrystalline copper and silver as materials. Sounds fancy on paper and looks the part though the cable also feels thick and heavy. It is a good cable and does its job well. It also modular so can be simultaneously used with different type of outputs without swapping to a different cable frequently.

Cadenza 12 is a very coherent, neutral and transparent sounding IEM which does not suffer from typical Chi Fi oddities i.e. shouty thin vocals, bass thats either too boomy or "Farty" and treble rougher than sandpaper. It is also super easy to drive though and does not showcase any particular penchant for any specific source. Even decent high end dongles are enough though hig end DAPs can definitely amp things up.

It is not completely "neutral" though and has some fun factor blended it, mostly in the upper frequencies. C12's bass is one of the most tastefully done executions under 3000 USD. It does not have the raw animalistic energy of the Legend Evo or Z1R but in no way or form, bass light. It is tight, controlled and engaging and retains proper extension and rumble like a good dynamic driver should. It might not be "fun" or "energetic" in the traditional sense, but sounds like what bass should sound like in real life as it has just the right amont of decay.

Midrange sounds "right" without any unnecessary quirk. It is not thick/lush like warm/warm neutral IEMs but not sterile/thin either. C12's midrange is what proper, no nonsense midrange should be like. Both male and vocals sound clean and articulate without any hint of muddiness. Though I wish electric guitars sounded slightly livelier. Other than that, I have found no particular issue whatsoever that could ruin the midrange experience for me, accross all genres.


The treble is lively and zingy. I have read some complaints regarding the treble quality but I would mostly disagree. I never found the treble misbehaving too much. The zing added some element of fun, not annoyance and I believe my fellow trebleheads would agree. The lower treble, however, is a bit rough at times and I can see why It would be bothersome for some audiophiles.

Soundstage is impressive especially the tallness and depth of it. The width is no slouch either but there are other IEMs in this price range that sound markedly wider. The vocals sound a bit intimate. It does not exhibit diffused, concert hall-like soundstage ("holographic", to be precise) like some IEMs out there do. I actually prefer this approach to soundstage as it helps me to focus on the music more. Imaging and separation performance was phenomenal. I would not call it class-leading as that would be hyperbole but it is definitely up there among the best. The Cadenza 12 is the most impressive Chi Fi IEM I have heard to date I cannot think of many IEMs that are as lively and unique sounding under $2000 as it is. I am looking forward to trying out more IEMs from this brand in the future.


New Head-Fier
Letshuoer Cadenza 12: A Questionnaire to self
Pros: 1. Build quality
2. Lively and engaging sound
3. Competent technical performance
Cons: Maybe too safe for some
The Letshuoer Cadenza 12 is personally one of the most anticipated IEMs I was looking forward to trying out this year. The initial launch price of $2300 honestly can be off-putting for many given it is a significant price bump compared to Letshuoer’s previous forays into high-end IEMs. There are more than 10 fantastic reviews of this amazing IEM on HeadFi already and all of them are quite informative. I will try out a different approach where I will try to address common queries a potential Cadenza buyer might have. Special shout out to @BonGoBiLai for including me in this review tour.


Would you buy a Letshuoer for $2300?

If it is competent enough, why not? Several small-scale new companies are pricing their products much higher. The Subtonic Storm which took the ToTL IEM world by storm (pun intended) last year is the brand’s only IEM and a first attempt too! Letshuoer already has a superb track record so I believe they definitely have the capabilities required for developing ToTLs.

How is the build quality?

Build quality deserves a special mention. It reminds me of the Final A8000 which also has an all-metal construction and flawless build. The Cadenza looks and feels premium in real life. The glossy surface attracts fingerprints though.


Any nitpicks regarding accessories?

The cable is a bit stiff but I have seen worse cables bundled with IEMs that cost significantly more (Aroma Jewel anyone?). The tips are on the generic side and I did notice some improvements with aftermarket wide bore tips. I would highly recommend the Eletech Baroque. I received mine with additional Softears UC tips which also work great. These are very minor complaints though and nothing deal-breaking.


What is the sound profile like?

Cadenza is mostly neutral with some treble boost. It is not particularly bassy nor colored in the midrange. The sound profile is lifelike and does not go off the beaten path. For a $2300 IEM, it is surprisingly balanced sounding. If a risk-averse person was a sound profile, then Cadenza’s sound profile is probably it. This also makes Cadenza a fantastic allrounder, working equally well with all genres.

I am a basshead, should I go for the Cadenza 12?

Cadenza is not a basshead IEM but I think even the hardcore bassheads will appreciate the bass quality. It has a good sub-bass rumble with very tastefully done mid bass. Does not have the visceral grunt of a basshead IEM but it certainly is not bass-shy.

I have heard the treble is spicy. Should I be scared?
The treble is not smooth per se. There is spice and sparkle but surprisingly the treble hardly causes fatigue unless you run it from a sterile/bright source. I am in fact, appreciative of Cadenza’s treble as the sheer amount of upper treble it can push while mostly retaining control is rather rare in that price category. However you are religiously treble averse then something smoother might be more up your alley.


What about the technical performance?

As good as its peers but some competitors perform better, 64audio U12T, UM Maven, and Vision Ears VE7 for example. Great resolution and a fantastic soundstage! Even more impressive is the sublime separation and imaging that trades blows with IEMs that are several times more expensive. Though It does not necessarily outperform competitors all things considered but does not underperform to the point that it becomes jarring.

How does it fare against already established champions in the same price category?

I think It will be a bold statement to declare Cadenza’s superiority over competitors. Cadenza has a unique balanced tuning focused on musicality first. If compared to the 64audio U12T which is its most viable competitor price-wise, I’d say the U12T is markedly superior in the technical front. U12T is more resolving, images more faithfully, and has a bigger stage. Z1R and IE 900 are more fun but both are overly V-shaped sets. Technicality-wise, Cadenza edges both out. UM MEST Mk2 is a great set and I would probably have a hard time choosing between the two. The Cadenza is more natural sounding compared to the MK2 if my memory of the MK2 serves me right. Technical performance is about equal.

Cadenza 12 is an interesting IEM with great tonal balance and I liked it overall. I would still recommend demoing it from a friend or a store before purchasing.
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New Head-Fier
Breath of fresh "Air"
Pros: 1. Lively top end, very open and transparent
2. Beautiful shell design
3. Decent bass and midrange performance
4. Impressive staging and imaging performance
Cons: 1. Stock cable is not ergonomic
2. Not for those looking for a velvety smooth, rounded sound signature.
3. Expensive
According to Wikipedia, "Cadenza" is generically, an improvised or written-out ornamental passage played or sung by a soloist or soloists. To be frank, I was not that aware of the Cadenza 12 before I got my hands on it. I only saw a few sneak peeks on the internet and audio convention feedback from people who got to try it. Thus it was quite a shocker when my good friend @BonGoBiLai reached out and asked whether I would be interested in doing a review of the Cadenza 12. I am somewhat well-versed in classical music terms and given the origin of the name I have high expectations from the Cadenza. Will it sound as musical as the moniker suggests? Or will it be another overambitious marquee project by a modern Chi-fi legend failing to hit the spot?


Unpacking the cadenza was not something I would describe as an extravagant experience Though it did not feel lacking in any way either. Letshuoer provides a semi-sheathed copper cable with modular termination, 3 different sets of ear tips, and a cleaning cloth alongside some documentation. Build quality is flawless. From an aesthetic point of view, Cadenza is a flashy IEM that constantly screams ‘’Look at me!’’ A non-audiophile friend of mine even mistook it for jewelry at first glance.

However like other reviews have already mentioned, the stock cable is not the most malleable or ergonomic. It is my only complaint regarding the accessorisation of Letshuoer Cadenza 12. I used a paracord sheathed aftermarket cable instead which @BonGoBiLai included in the packaging alongside Softears UC tips which was more comfortable for me to wear.


Cadenza is a brightish IEM that sounds very open, clean, and balanced. I consider myself somewhat of a treblehead and Cadenza 12 more than fulfills my need. It makes high hats and string instruments sizzling and exciting. As a connoisseur of classical and orchestral music, Cadenza 12 was simply a boon for my ears. Though Cadenza 12 has some treble-forwardness, it did not sound harsh or sibilant to me. There is this incredible amount of air up top that reminds me of the Hifiman Susvara in a competent DAC Amp setting. Breathy vocals, live unplugged sessions and orchestras sound scarily tantalizing on the Cadenza. Trebleheads are much rarer than bassheads in my circle of audio hobbyists which makes the Cadenza such a bliss for us folks.

I generally do not care much about midrange. I think most IEMs and headphones have serviceable midrange nowadays. That being said, I think the midrange performance of Cadenza 12 is commendable. It is neutral and uncolored and has a good transition to treble. I did not find any glaring issue with Cadenza’s midrange. Instruments and vocals sound as they should and guitars have the right amount of crunch.

I do not consider myself to be a basshead either but I do enjoy some good bass. Cadenza’s bass was satisfactory to my ears. The bass has proper extension and some nice punch and rumble. Though there are IEMs that have a more pronounced bass response Cadenza 12 is not aiming to be those IEMs. I think the bass response fits perfectly with Cadenza’s sound profile.


Soundstage performance was satisfactory especially the verticality of it (height and depth). Details are not microscopic but not lacking either. The imaging performance was great. I played some Apex Legend and Rainbow Six Siege sessions on it and positional cues were very accurate. The Cadenza 12 performs superbly as a gaming IEM although I am not sure if you should spend more than 2000 bucks for gaming alone.


I loved my time with the Cadenza 12 though I am not keen on the pricing. I wish it was priced at least in the IE 900/ Symphonium Crimson range. That could have made it a more appealing purchase. But the question of value aside, Letshuoer Cadenza is a wonderful treblehead experience.