1. codythelucario

    Does it make sense to be an audio purist?

    Personally, I am a purist because I buy the headphones with their sound signature. However, knowing that nothing is perfect in life, I also can see the perspective that it is impossible to be a purist because no headphone is gonna be 100% to your liking. So, does it make sense to be a purist...
  2. P

    Headphones equalizer tools recommendation

    Hello, I have been fidling around with my RME ADI-2 DAC equalizer to get just the perfect sound fro my Meze 109 Pro and Audeze LCD-X (2021 version). I am looking for a software that can merge two equalization curves. I would like to merge my LCD-X curve (which was measured particulalrly for my...
  3. terror14

    Audeze LCD-X 2021 + RME Adi-2 Dac Fs **EQ Preset / Rme Remote**

    Hello friends I am the owner of Audeze Lcd-x 2021 and RME ADI-2 Dac FS Now with the launch of RME Remote we can load Presets, I would like to know if anyone can share their Preset Or screenshot, I tried to configure the EQ with Oratory1990 but I'm having difficulty Could anyone share a Preset so...
  4. codythelucario

    Peace APO adjustment for HD600 sub-bass rolloff... is this sufficient?

    So basically I adjusted the settings according to what I have in the second picture, and I based off my first adjustments based on the difference between the output of the hd600 before eq and the Harman target. After adjusting I seem to be getting more bass which is good, but would this be a bad...
  5. Old_Snake

    Is there any reason to get the Qudelix-5K solely for it's software when the source device is a rooted Android that has access to Viper and JamesDSP?

    I'm thinking of getting a BT dongle for iems and the Qudelix-5K and Fiio BTR15 are front runners. Is the Q5K software the same similar or better than system wide eq software for Android like Viper or JamesDSP? There's also the "no root" system wide Poweramp Equalizer app, XEQ and Flat Equalizer...
  6. Y

    I just realized I left my EQ on from yesterday.

    Today I got my Simgot EA1000 Fermant. I had heard very good things about the bass, and I was confused as to why it really wasn't that impressive when I tried it. I was even a little mad, because I found it to be sibilant and the treble could get harsh at times. It wasn't until I thought about...
  7. M

    Fixing channel imbalance with EQ accurately?

    I did a lot of testing of my IEM with frequency test tones and a balance slider and got bunch of data. I have like 40 frequencies with a db number of how much exactly I should boost or reduce them for the sound to be even. I have an equalizer with separate L and R channels with peak, shelf...
  8. A

    DSP and EQ Profiles in Logitech Media Server

    I thought this might be useful to those of you who run Logitech Media Server for your music streaming needs. There's a new DSP plug-in being developed for it, SqueezeDSP. While it is still in the developement phase, it's stable and usable for all but the more complex setups. As a matter of...
  9. jaakkopasanen

    autoeq.app Is a Web Application for Equalizing Headphones the Easy Way

    AutoEq is a project for automatically equalizing headphones. While this project is now familiar to many people engaged in headphone hobby, it has always been a bit of a pain to use if you want anything else than the pre-computed presets. autoeq.app is a web app using AutoEq but now with a...
  10. Schiit Audio Loki Max

    Schiit Audio Loki Max

    100% LC equalization, 6 bands, all remote-controlled, with presets. The knobs even all turn when you use the presets. Choose Loki Max for: The highest end systems, headphones or speakers Full remote control of all EQ functions, including presets 100% discrete, 100% LC topology with...
  11. RaynFox

    Is it possible to put an EQ inside a headphone shell in between driver and cable ?

    Hey! There exist many equalizer circuits and I wonder, if I could somehow EQ a driver by putting a resistor and a capacitor or just a capacitor inside the headphone shell between the cable and driver. I have nice drivers but I don't want to use software to tune the EQ, but also don't want to...
  12. tlite

    How do you EQ by ear?

    Equalizer APO and Peace are great, been using them for awhile and I've downloaded many a preset from the AutoEQ project. Rather than just EQ-ing to the Harman curves, I'd like to get a methodology to figure out what I personally prefer, what frequencies I'm sensitive to, etc. Ultimately would...
  13. S

    Hifiman He-500 EQ profile with grill mod?

    This is my current eq profile with the hifiman he-500 with grill mod. Not much EQ but I like the overall sound and wonder if it can get better. Please give me your input and current eq profiles that you are using. Preamp: -5 dB Filter: ON LS Fc 40 Hz Gain 2 dB Q 1.2 Filter: ON PK Fc 980 Hz Gain...
  14. davidtriune

    REW measurement to EAPO EQ converter

    I created a tool (see attachment) to easily convert FR measurements exported from REW into EqualizerAPO config files. You can import different speaker/headphone targets in REW and turn them into EQ files. 1. Export the graph from REW by file->export->export measurement as text. Choose any...
  15. tlite

    Linux EQ That works with Dragonfly Red USB?

    I may have missed this somewhere apologies if covered elsewhere! I'm using a Dragonfly Red with a new install of Linux Mint. Music plays fine, but I can't EQ anything. I have the PulseAudio Equalizer installed, but I believe it only effects the analogue outs and it isn't EQ'ing anything out...
  16. A

    Some Instruments Sounds Too Low on Haylou Moripods

    Hi there, Had gotten myself a pair of Haylou Moripods (T33) and after a month of use, I noticed that some Instruments sounds extremely low on specific songs. Here are some example and what sounds too low: (Violins, Flute and the main orchestra in general. The rest are perfectly fine)...
  17. R

    Some dudes Loki mini plus eq for his HD 6xx's

    In short, this: But let me explain why so I can justify my previous four hours of madness and hopefully this can be used as something of a guide to other loki mini plus owners. First let me explain my goal, increase the bass some on my HD 6xx's while maintaining the rest of its original...
  18. Lvivske

    Proper way to EQ?

    So for the longest time I've used an analog 4-band EQ between my DAC and amp, find my sweet spot, and then use a a 31 band software EQ to super fine tune the sound, hammer down any loose nails. I figured it was best to leave the source audio as undoctored as possible before hitting the DAC...
  19. Manley Laboratories Absolute Headphone Amplifier

    Manley Laboratories Absolute Headphone Amplifier

    Class A Reference Quality Triode Tube Headphone Amplifier / Preamp, switchable between Single-Ended and Push-Pull, adjustable Negative Feedback, three gain settings, 4 pin XLR output, 3 selectable impedance settings, switchable mono / stereo, left / right balance, defeatable bass / treble EQ...
  20. A

    Android equalizer for portable dac

    I have a dragonfly black. I can't seem to find an android equalizer that works with it. I've tried Equalizer FX, 10 band eq and some other but none have any effect on the dragonfly. Which is a shame since I'd love to eq my headphones through my phone.
  21. Z

    Trying to figure out my hiby r3 pro

    So i was tweaking with the MSEB and Im having trouble figuring out what sibilance LF and HF is and also what makes MSEB different from an equalizer? and if you wanna show me some good MSEB or equalizer configurations that would be great too.
  22. S

    Impactful voice?

    Hi! Can you tell me EQ parameters to put in my EQ(for example 4khz +2db and so on...) so that the vocals in my music are impactful(they feel close and natural,like you are close to the singer) but not peaking? If I turn the mids up a lot it is kinda like that but they also peak a lot.
  23. grooveriders

    Equalizer for windows 10 + Tidal

    I just got the Senn HD800 and the 6-7kHz is too harsh for my ears. Would love to have an eq to adjust the sound. Mainly using Tidal to stream (Master), are there any eq software available ? The only one that I know of is Amarra Luxe if I understand correctly it allows the adjustment of the eq...
  24. ceeloChamp

    EQ Tuning my Digital Piano...help!

    Hey All, I have a Yamaha CSP-150 piano, the model number doesn't really so much as the fact that it is a digital piano that has speakers as its output. The sound is pretty stuffy using the presets, so I went down a 3 hour long rabbit-hole where I tried to tune it this weekend. I like a...
  25. S

    Which DAC?

    Hello! I am wondering which DAC to buy. Between the Fiio E10K, Audioquest dragonfly black and Fiio Q1ii which one is the best overall? Also which one is the best for smooth vocals because I currently have a problem that the vocals are a bit harsh on some songs.(fixable by EQ by lowering the...