dynamic driver
  1. NCM Bella V2

    NCM Bella V2

    NCM Bella V2 is an alternate version of the NCM Bella V1. The both have 1 DD and 8 BA drivers but different 4-way crossovers and acoustic filters. Bella V2 has a more up front sound signature versus the darker V1. Both are still offered due to their different sound signature.
  2. A

    SOLD—Sennheiser hd650

    I have a pair of hd650 headphones up for sale. Selling because I recently purchased hd700 and find myself enjoying them a little more. Original box and cable with adapter included in the sale. Cans are in excellent shape no chips or scratches. Ear pads and headband are in great condition as...
  3. SHOZY V33

    SHOZY V33

    Shozy V33 Vinyl 33 1/3 Single Dynamic Driver ACG HiFi In-ear Earphone Description It is jointly developed by Shozy and the domestic top horn team. It lasted for nearly 3 years. The medium frequency is comfortable and listenable, and it is very close to the real and comfortable simulated taste...


    Vsonic VS3 Vsonic VS3 is the successor to the beloved VSD3S. It features a brand new attractive diamond cut housing as well as a 2 pin detachable connector cable design. It retains the mid-centric sound signature that Vsonic is known for that will be sure to delight long time fans...
  5. Alldocube F40 Quad Driver

    Alldocube F40 Quad Driver

    Color: Black Product Highlights: Three dynamic drivers and one balanced armature Driver Unit Diameter: 6mm/8mm Freqency Response: 20Hz~20kHz Impedance: 16Ω Sensitivity: 102dB Product Size 101*101*34mm Connector: 3.5mm Connector Type: L-shape Cable Length: 1.2m Cable Material: Oxygen-Free Copper...


    HIFI WALKER A6 | 3*DD Brand Name: HIFI WALKER Model Number: A6 Time to market: 2019 Vocalism Principle: Dynamic Sensitivity: 105±3dB Frequency Response Range: 20-40000Hz Resistance: 16 Ohm Style: In-Ear Connection: fixed cable Connectors: 3.5mm Line Length: 1.2m Active Noise-Cancellation: No
  7. JVC FW10000

    JVC FW10000

    New 11mm WOOD DOME Carbon Diaphragm Driver unit Stainless Steel Nozzle & Acoustic Purifier Separates Stainless Steel MMCX Terminal Japanese Maple Housing & Wooden Stabilizer Multi-Layered Urushi Lacquer Natural Acoustic Absorb Materials Awa Washi & silk 4 Core Hi-Grade OFC Silk Groove Cables...


    BASN BSINGER + PRO | 2*DD Brand Name: BASN Model Number: BSINGER + PRO Time to market: 2017 Vocalism Principle: Hybrid Sensitivity: 93±3dB Frequency Response Range: 20-20000Hz Resistance: 18Ω Style: In-Ear Connection: MMCX Connectors: 3.5mm Line Length: 1.25m Active Noise-Cancellation: No


    AUDIOPHILE ELEMENTS ELITE | 2*DD Brand Name: AUDIOPHILE ELEMENTS Model Number: ELITE Time to market: 2017 Vocalism Principle: Dynamic (dual) Sensitivity: 118±3dB Frequency Response Range: 5-31000Hz Resistance: 16Ω Style: In-Ear Connection: fixed cable Connectors: 3.5mm Line Length: 1.2m...
  10. CCA C04

    CCA C04

    CCA C04 | 1*DD & 1*BA Brand Name: CCA Model Number: C04 Time to market: 2018 Vocalism Principle: Hybrid Sensitivity: 103±3dB Frequency Response Range: 20-40000Hz Resistance: 17Ω Style: In-Ear Connection: 2-Pin Connectors: 3.5mm Line Length: 1.2m Active Noise-Cancellation: No


    TFZ King LTD In-Ear Monitor TFZ's new In-Ear Monitor with 12mm Double magnetic circuit Graphene driver. Specification Driver: 12mm Double magnetic circuit Graphene driver Impedance: 16 ohm Sensitivity: 108 dB mW Frequency response: 5 Hz一40 kHz Lowest power: 8 mW Connectors: 2-pin...


    OURART ACG Titanium Crystal Diaphragm Dynamic Driver MMCX HiFi Earbud Specification Drive unit: 14.2 mm ultra-thin titanium crystal diaphragm dynamic driver Frequency response range: 20~32000Hz Sensitivity: 122dB Impedance: 35 ohm Distortion: less than 0.5% (1KHz) Interface: MMCX
  13. James Shoegazer

    SOLD: Audio Technica ATH-AD2000

    Selling them since I prefer my HD650 by a large margin. Too many headphones anyways. These are in very good condition without any paint chips and wear. Stock earpads newly replaced. No box but will throw in a 6.5mm adapter and will be packed securely. Free shipping
  14. IMR Acoustics R1 Zenith

    IMR Acoustics R1 Zenith

    The R1 Zenith's bass has been controlled even further along with an elevated midrange and more precision in the upper registers. All these improvements have lifted the R1 Zenith's abilities to another level. Tuned to perfection using IMR's Gen II custom 13mm Ceramic hybrid driver unit...
  15. HiFiMAN RE800 Silver

    HiFiMAN RE800 Silver

  16. Animagus

    FS: RHA MA750i

    I have a RHA MA750i for sale. This is a replacement pair through their outstanding warranty and is hardly 6 months old, in mint condition. I have the box, case and all accessories except one eartip (Flange, L). I will add 2 new foam eartips. I can ship to any part of the world using EMS speed...
  17. Whizzer A-HE03 Kylin

    Whizzer A-HE03 Kylin

    Whizzer Kylin A-HE03 Dynamic Driver + 2BA Triple Driver Hybrid 2pin Detachable HiFi In-Ear Earphone Description 1 Dynamic Driver and 2 Balanced Armatures Earphones. This model is equipped with Knowles Hybrid TWFK-30017-000 drivers for supreme mid and high performance. It can greatly show the...
  18. Vsonic Ares

    Vsonic Ares

    Vsonic Ares Universal Fit In-Ear Monitor The Vsonic Ares is a Single Dynamic Driver IEM with a pretty unique design. Features: All new full metal design And handbraided 4 core cable. Specification: Driver: 11 mm CCAW carbon nanotube driver Frequency: 10Hz- 28000 Hz Efficiency: 50...
  19. Rhapsodio Eden

    Rhapsodio Eden

    The Rhapsodio Eden is a universal fit monitor made from a pure silver housing. It is driven by a single aluminum diaphragm 10mm Dynamic Driver. it is about reference, high resolution, and natural sound.
  20. mkarikom

    [SOLD] Fidelio X2

    Good condition. Sounds great. Bass heavy, if you're into that. Might be willing to do a partial trade for an Aeon Flow Closed, or a heavily discounted Ether Flow C
  21. Albator75000

    [SOLD [EU] Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote 600e

  22. Fostex TH909 Premium Stereo Headphones

    Fostex TH909 Premium Stereo Headphones

    TH909 is a flagship premium headphones based on the reputed closed type TH900mk2. While keeping the same sound characteristic, we further expanded and increased its sound field by adopting open back construction and adjusting the acoustic circuit design. Options Model ST300 Optional...
  23. Hifi Walker A1

    Hifi Walker A1

    Specifications Material: Aviation Aluminum-Alloy housing, custom oxidization colors Driver: Φ9.2mm, NdFeB dynamic + ø5 ETL Impedance: 16Ω±15% Sensitivity: 110±3dB@1KHz,1mW Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 70,000 Hz Rated Power: 2mW Cord: High-elastic Stranded PU cord, 1.2m, black TRS: 24K...
  24. Erfan Elahi

    RHA T20i 2nd Gen Black [used]

    RHA T20i (black, 2nd Gen) High Fidelity DualCoil In Ear Headphones Earphones Black Present Condition: Used Price: $120 (free shipping worldwide) Check for features from source website: https://www.rha-audio.com/uk/products/headphones/t20i-black Comments: Have full accessories and box, no...
  25. Empire Ears Bravado

    Empire Ears Bravado