dynamic driver
  1. D

    SOLD: Dita Audio The Answer Platinum

    Two Years ago, I was at the CanJam Europe in Essen (Germany) and I checked out the DITA Audio „The Answer“. I was flashed by its wonderful build and brilliant Sound. A few months later I bought them in Germany but now i noticed, that i use them too less. So I decided to sell them and give...
  2. Simphonio Xcited2 In-Ear Monitor

    Simphonio Xcited2 In-Ear Monitor

    Simphonio Xcited2 In-Ear Monitor The Simphonio Xcited2 is the new single dynamic driver In-Ear Monitor of the company Simphonio (used to be Sunrise Audio) Specification Driver: Dynamic 9mm neodymium magnet Frequency response range: 20Hz~25Khz Impedance: 16Ω Output sound pressure level...
  3. Sound~Patriot

    [SOLD] Mint Campfire Vega + 2,5 mm bal. upgrade cable for sale !

    SOLD !
  4. SLC1966

    *Sold* Campfire Audio Lyra II

    In perfect condition, no marks on them. Second owner. Original fellow Head-Fi owner purchased from Campfire Audio in April 2017. Will send with original Litz cable and original silicon and Comply tips. If buyer would like I can also send it with unused Symbio L, RHA dual Density M & L, and...
  5. Flares GOLD by Flare Audio

    Flares GOLD by Flare Audio

    1 | Flares® GOLD earphones - 24ct gold finish - Anti-Resonance technology - Finely tuned Dual Jet technology - Acoustic Lens technology - 5.5mm beryllium drivers - Superior passive noise isolation - Three types of T200 compatible Flares Earfoams® 2 | MMCX Professional Connectors - Balanced...
  6. Campfire Audio CASCADE

    Campfire Audio CASCADE

    Premium Select Materials We wanted to be sure our first headphone was as good as the earphones we make. Close attention to each component is critical to achieving this goal. The headband, joints, and pivot are all made of stainless steel. This makes the traditionally weakest parts of a...
  7. fuhransahis

    [SOLD] Campfire Vega

    Hi, Selling my Campfire Vega for $850, still under warranty until Feb 2018, with all accessories except for a cable. I sold the cable that came with the Vega separately, so you can either purchase whichever one you prefer. I am also selling my current cable, a DHC Symbiote v3, for $350 (2.5mm...
  8. PopGenie

    SOLD Fidue A91

    [SOLD] Fidue Sirius A91 Reference-Class 4BA+Dynamic 5-way Hybrid In-ear Monitor No box, but come with all the accessories, tips and housing case. Shipping on buyer and PayPal fee on me
  9. kundica

    FS: Campfire Audio Lyra II - SOLD

    SOLD These arrived last week and I had a chance to listen to them over the weekend for several hours. While I enjoy their sound very much, I don't see myself using them over my CA Jupiters enough to justify keeping them. They are in excellent/like new condition(literally only a few hours of...