1. ourfpshero

    Denon dn-hp1000

    now 80$ shipped!! in great condition- only issue is a small rip on edge of one ear cushion- about 1/4 inch long. i put tape in back of the rip so it doesnt spread   price is shipped in USA
  2. djviciouscycle

    Denon DN-HP1000

    Are these Denons based on some Audio-Technica design? They look a lot like AT's DJ and monitoring/studio headphones.
  3. DreamKing

    Need Advice For Closed Bass Headphones: XD 53 vs DN-HP1000 vs HDJ2000

    I just got some HD 558 that I modded using the 598 mod and I'm happy with them for general use. I use them for everything currently but I'm now looking for some proper mid-range bass headphones that work great for hip hop, electronic music (mainly IDM and trance). Other reason I need closed...
  4. Sal29

    Audio Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 vs Shure SRH750DJ vs Denon DN-HP1000, which sound best, most comfortable, deepest bass?

    I'm looking for some comfortable headphones with great sound quality and slightly exaggerated sub bass and midbass without drowning out the mids and highs. I hate round earpads, and I prefer oval earpads for comfort. I know that they can be swapped out for oval ones on the Audio Technicas, but...
  5. Dan4527

    Opinions on Shure SRH750DJ and Denon DN HP1000

    Hey there. I'm relatively new to the headphone scene and currently looking for an upgrade to my $45 ebay XB500's. What I'm looking for is good, punchy bass that wont rattle at certain frequencies (like my sony's are doing). I listen to everything from classical to Dubstep/Trance and frequently...
  6. 727south

    Denon DN-HP1000 DJ Headphone

    I have a Denon DN-HP1000 DJ headphone like new condition, come in original box $95 shipped.   Also have a like new Sony NWZ-E354 MP3 player (2011 model) with a brand new EX-300 earphone that come with the Sony A series player. The MP3 player has screen protector since day one with Sony...
  7. 727south

    Denon DN-HP1000 DJ Headphone

    I have a like new Denon DN-HP1000 DJ headphone for $95 shipped any where in U.S   Paypal
  8. Droozehdeh

    I couldn't find many reviews on this headphone

    Is there any reason the Denon DNHP1000 don't get mentioned much anywhere? I've been looking at them and they seem like good headphones.
  9. I<3SQ

    Cans with bass of Equation Audio RP-22x, but better mids/highs, >$140

    Alright guys, you've helped me before so I turn to you again. My nephew recently broke my RP-22x on accident so I immediately bought a pair of the Koss Pro DJ100's since they were the other cans I was considering when I bought the RP-22x. I like the Koss cans, very good output for just $50, but...
  10. kensclark15

    Great Headphones for me - $120 budget

    I have a $120 budget so I'm looking on Amazon. I found the Audio Technica M50s's but they have a V shaped signature which I don't like. I also saw the Sony MDR-XB700's but someone said it's lacking on the mids and highs.   Things I'm looking for: - Design/build   - I would prefer a black...
  11. Jitter MC

    Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 VS Allen & Heath Xone XD2-53 VS Denon DN-HP1000

    I can't find anywhere frequency responce graphs. Do you know where I could find any? I wan't the flatter one. Sorry for my English...
  12. Adeeza

    Audio Technica ATH-M50s or Allen & Heath Xone XD-53?

    After using IEMs for more than 4 years I have decided that I would like to have a set of over-ear headphones as well.  Now if that was the extent of my dilemma, I would just go with the ATH-M50s; however recently I have gotten into mixing and producing electronic music and would like to perform...
  13. torred charger

    Good over ear headphones for under $200. What's the best?

    Hey fellas, I'm harnessing the knowledge of the experts here....   So I wanted a good pair of over ear headphones that have good bass, but I don't want to break the bank at the same time. What do you guys recommend?    I was looking at some skullcandy headphones lately...   ...
  14. jamieuk147

    Your expert advice on suitable insurance replacement headphone for Denon D2000`s ?

    Long story short I was burgled. They stole my Denon D2000 headphones. My insurance replace with a old for new.   They have emailed me saying suitable replacements would be the denon dn-hp1000?   Are they right? or should I argue for a better model that you think matches?   :)

    Beyer Custom Ones Vs HFI580 Vs Denon DNHP1000

    I haven't really seen any comparisons made between these. I was in the shopping for a new bassheavy headphone and ran across these. Since they are about the same price I wondered the differences in the bass. And also how they compare in sound in general? I'll be using the E17 to drive them.
  16. sad6549775

    Denon headphones ear-pads

    Hi, was hoping that someone with knowledge for aftermarket ear pads (or from other brands) for a 53mm headphone dn-hp 1000. Can anyone suggest me an ear-pads that can be bought from Ebay that is also really comfortable and "deep ear space."   Cheaper it is, the better because I would need to...
  17. Denon DN-HP1000 Super DJ Headphones

    Denon DN-HP1000 Super DJ Headphones