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  2. mrazik

    (SOLVED) DAP: Aune M1s, M2, Cayin N3, xDuoo X10 or similar

    I´m looking for decent DAP as per title, but will consider offer for some other DAPs as well. Best case scenario: neutral signature, play time 8 hours+, no need for WiFi, BT, stream, etc. Just pure offline player with good sound. I do require 100% working condition, no faults of any kind. Only...
  3. terrosa

    SONY NW- ZX300 (black) : SOLD

    Bought it back in December 2017 but hardly use it. Once i bought it, i let it run in for 200+ hours. After that, i only use it for less than 6 hours at home, so they are as pristine as new. Total hours played are about less than 207 and all are on Balance. And this is the uncapped version. Heck...
  4. williamclarkonet

    Recommendations For A Cheap Entry-level DAP

    I am looking for a good cheap entry-level DAP i want to go as cheap as possible. I currently looking at the xduoo X2.

    [SOLD] Astell&Kern KANN with MITER leather case

    For sale is my KANN in great condition. Just picked up new gear at CanJam and need to part with some items. Comes with: Original box & all included accessories (data/charing cable, manuals) iProtek Tempered Glass Screen Protector - Installed Leather Case by Miter - Navy
  6. S

    What DAP performs better than a regular android phone ?

    Hi, I hesitate to buy a DAP since my budget is 100€ or less. My phone is the Galaxy Grand Plus, a 130€ android phone, so I wonder whether or not a 100€ DAP would perform better than my phone. Also, is there less than 100€ dap with good SQ (clearly superior to the Ipod) with Wi-Fi on it ...
  7. klaimzlgd

    Where or how do you guys get songs to your DAPs?

    Hey, was wondering where everyone would generally purchase or download these high quality files from. I used to rip it from CD for my ipod Classic but with the introduction to the music streaming services, I haven't touched my Ipod much since, now I'm looking to purchase a DAP in the future but...
  8. strawed

    SOLD: Shanling M3s DAP (Blue) w/ Blue Leather Case

    [SOLD] MINT, excellent cosmetic and working condition Shanling M3s DAP w/ Shanling Blue Leather Case. Includes original box and accessories (USB Cable, Screen Protectors, Manuals). Running latest firmware v1.3. Used primarily at desk while studying. It's in pristine cosmetic condition, as...
  9. CactusPete23

    The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

    Right on the heels of the successful R6 introduction, HiBy released a new DAP, the R3. Kickstarter funding has completed https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/844915658/hiby-r3-ultrapor.table-touchscreen-hi-fi-network-mu?ref=e27fem IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR CHINESE VERSIONS OF THE R3 And TIDAL -...
  10. fjbruening

    Mojo / Poly combo or dedicated DAP?

    Hi, I recently found a renewed interest in personal hi-fi again, and picked up a Mojo to pair with my now ancient ety 4p's and a new pair of HD660's. WOW on both, but especially the 660s. Anyway, I'm looking to get a DAP, and was wondering if I should look at the Mojo/Poly combo as a type of...
  11. Jmop

    Shozy Alien Gold

    Great shape, player only. Pics available for serious buyers only. Shipping and PayPal on me.
  12. Tex Irie

    Seeking to trade Astell & Kern Kann for a Sony NW-ZX300 (Complete)

    I am looking to trade a seldom used Astell & Kern Kann for a Sony NW-ZX300. I have the original packaging and contents as well. Please PM me if interested.
  13. Fr_eak


    For sale is my AK380 + amp combo, along with Mither case. The combo comes with all original packaging and accessories as shown in the photos. Both the AK380 and amp are in excellent used condition. The AK380 is roughly 1.5 years old while the amp is aboit a year old. There is a tiny wear mark...
  14. rayhe19

    **SOLD**Onkyo DP-X1 Price Drop!

    -----------SOLD----------- For sale I have an Onkyo DP-X1 digital audio player. I am the second owner. It currently has a glass screen protector. It has a few paint chips as seen in the pictures. It was sold to me with only a cable (no original box). I am looking for $280. Pictures...
  15. L

    Please recommend me a DAP/IEM for a budget between $500 - $600

    I am looking for a DAP/IEM or headphones for a budget of $500 to $600. I was thinking of a Cayin N5ii and a Fiio F9 Pro combo but I am open to suggestions. I listen mostly to classical music but I tend to like a lot of different types of music. Any DAP/IEM combos in that price range worth...
  16. adonissk

    SOLD: iBasso DX200 - Mint & warranty

    Excellent condition, just removed the screen protector and sealed in original box. This is the original iBasso DX200, from Authorized Dealer, still in warranty until March 3. Original box, including all accessories plus bonus: - Toslink to Mini Toslink cable - 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable This is...
  17. D

    iFi micro iDSD Black Label vs AK70 mk2?

    Hello everyone. Thank you for reading my post. I'd like to thank as well those who participated in my first post before :) Currently, I have the Black Label and BD Amiron Home. They provide great soundstage and clarity for me. However, I am looking to sell my Black Label and buy a DAP instead...
  18. HalSF

    Help: Folders vs. files on DAP SD card

    I just bought a Hidisz AP60ii DAP and now I need to add music from my iTunes Music library on my Mac to the microSD card I’ll be using. Total newbie here. On my Mac, song files are inside album folders, and the album folders are inside Artist folders. My question is, can I drag and drop Artist...
  19. A

    Suggestion for a DAP able to manage a 30,000 titles library

    Dear friends, All DAPs I was interested in are managing libraries with less than 20,000 audio files. Do you have any suggestion for a DAP able to manage 30,000 files below 350$? If it has Bluetooth 4.0, that will be perfect!! Thank you so much! Laurent
  20. Echobox Explorer

    Echobox Explorer

    Professional-grade audio hardware Open-source Android OS Hand-crafted genuine hardwood body Wireless connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth, DLNA) 1/8" analog & optical outputs Free 3-month trial for TIDAL HiFi 64 GB capacity with microSD slot for additional storage
  21. evo6889


    Have a brand new in box WM1Z for sell. PM for offer. Australia local only.
  22. zerogun

    Is a DAP sonically noticeable at this stage with apt x/AAC wireless headphones?

    Hi guys, It's been some time since I last visited this forum, but I've recently revisited my quiet passion for audio. I picked up a pair of B&W PX's and really love the sound out of them, but as most people, I'm curious to hear how much better these cans can get. I've read numerous accounts on...
  23. ceeloChamp

    DX200 vs X7ii vs Opus #2 vs ZX2

    Hey all! I have 0 opportunity to try any of these DAPs near me so I need to lean on all of your wisdom. I am trying to get a kickass portable setup for around $1000 and my finalists are: Ibasso dx200, opus #2, Sony ZX2, and Fiio x7ii. The reason there is no Astell Kern here is because you...
  24. ceeloChamp

    Do DAPs Sound Good?

    Hey All, I have zero experience with DAPs, but I do have a lot of experience being annoyed carrying portable amps. I even have a Dragonfly Red, which is one of the most portable amps ever and it drives me crazy. Are there DAPs out there that can power hard-ish to run headphones and sound good...
  25. ceeloChamp

    What's Next? Recommendations and Help

    Hey All, I am currently at an impasse. I am kind of stuck wondering what the next step is in my audiophile hobby. Currently my headphones in use are: 64 Audio A8, Sennheiser HD650, Nighthawk Carbon, Sennheiser HD1 Over-ear. My desktop setup is Schiit Asgard 2, and Schiit Modi. My portable is...