1. fizzle

    Looking for IEMs with similar sound signature to Beyerdynamic T90

    I love my Beyers. I need IEMs now that I'm commuting again, and I was hoping to find something with a similar sound signature as my Beyers. Anyone have any ideas? I purchased the HIFIMAN RE-600 a few days ago, waiting to try them out when they arrive but I'm a little concerned about the build...
  2. john dough

    Any recommendations for a IEM to pair with Fiio X5

    I just got the Fiio X5, which i am very much enjoying with my Shure 215s.  I would like to do a little better than this for a portable though.  I have some cool headphones like the q701 and Beyerdynamic DT880, but I feel a little silly leaving the house wearing any of those.  The 215s are...
  3. Ecaz

    Do I need an amp w/ X5 + CIEM?

    Is it best to use an amp w/ a Fiio X5 + CIEM?
  4. Artem

    DX90, DX50, X5, X3...How much of a difference with CIEMs?

    Hi all, I know that all these varies on their DAC chip and their implementation. But after reading eke's thread about the various DAPs, I think the overall consensus is that while there are differences, it is quite small and we are splitting hairs. So i 'm going to just focus on the amp...
  5. LammerOutsider

    Value of Cowon X5 60GB ?

    Hi,    I need to know how much value has my Cowon X5.   I am not a first owner, I am third. In the perfect condition, no scratches, harddisk or other hardware never been broken.  Its rockboxed and capacity is 60GB. Battery is about 1,5 year old. Perfect sound.   How much value do...
  6. dwk

    refresh/refurb my X5L, or get something new

    I haven't been paying attention to the portable scene at all for a while, so am looking for advice. I have a 30G Cowon X5L that has seen sporadic use over the last ~5 years and is still working ok, but I'm starting to notice decreased battery life and I'm getting a bit uneasy about the HD - I...
  7. xinhang

    iAudio X5L Battery Change Help - Local Great Toronto Area

    Hi Guys,   I'm hoping to replace the battery of my iAudio X5L. I'm hoping someone in the GTA with prior experience with soldering battery can help me out. Of course I will pay for all your trouble. I have the player, tools and the battery. I just need someone to solder on the battery for me...
  8. frankrondaniel

    J3 Sound Quality a step down vs. X5L and iaudio 7?

    I've been a very happy long time owner of both the iaudio X5l and 7.  However, I've found that neither supports gapless and the battery life of the X5L is getting pretty bad (the 7 still runs forever on a charge - amazing).  So to obtain gapless support I purchased a J3 mainly based on reviews...
  9. srcx13

    Cowon J3, Z2, D3, A5- your vote please!

    Hi Friends!   If money is not an issue, and based on pure sound quality, which one of these is the best buy? You may add other cowon players too.   Use with- high quality headphones and high quality lossless audio.   Votes, as many as possible, are invited!   Thank you!
  10. B

    Review of Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 (powered by X-Fi Titanium HD)

    The AD700 seems to be one of those headphones that everyone either loves or hates.  If you're in the former group, its one of the best bang-for-your-buck in deals in hi-fi at $90 on Amazon and is definitely worth trying if new to headphones.   Comfort:   There is almost no clamp force...
  11. obelice

    What is the best in-earphones for aria and opera?

    Hi all,   Sofar, I have tried Bowers and Wilkins C5, Sennheiser CX300, Sennheiser IE6, Bose QC3 and Bose QC20. My favourite Sennheiser IE6 is dying... Hence, I am currently in the market for a great pair of IE.   My genres are mainly aria, opera, vocal jazz and folk (predominantly guitar...
  12. Jeffreybar

    Advice/options help, please.

    For the past 3 years or so, my portable rig has consisted of an iAudio X5 -> Shure SE530 IEMs.  I have been so satisfied with this rig that I stopped posting (and reading) head-fi -- it's been just the ideal setup for me and I felt no need to change it.   Unfortunately, while in the process...
  13. spencexxx

    Cowon X5 LINE OUT = Bad SQ?

    LIke the title says, I lined it into my canamp... blah.... and straight into Senns or Denon sounds bad too.... Is there a setting in Rockbox to activate the Line Out?... At first I thought it was bad cables, but the HF jack just sounds good... even into the canamp.... I'm confused.
  14. actorlife

    Cowon iAudio X5/X5L Appreciation Thread...

    I still love mine. Music does not sound any better than an X5 IMHO. I've tried them all, but kept coming back to my lovely X5. Who else?
  15. zodwiertu

    my X5L died

    My X5L stopped turning on a month ago. Cowon's technical service is about 200km from my town. I visited them a few days ago. I was told the mainboard is of no use. They could send it to Korea, but this will probably exceed the player' value. Will it or not, I don't want to wait another 2 months...
  16. battleMAUS

    Cowon X7 this summer!

    while its sad to see the x5 go, im excited to hear the news that cowon will be replacing it with the x7. im even more excited to see how it will stack up against the other players, namely the ZVM, gigabeat s60, and the zune... im gonna have so many players to choose from this summer, can't wait...
  17. kubus

    Idea: Portaphile DAP - lets work on it together....

    At the begining I would like to admit that Im very sorry for mine english. Well, mine english grammar is very low ;/ I had been learning english for 6 years, but Ive werent really intrested with english(I always loved chemistry and biology :D), so Ive never used to learn english at home and...
  18. Cowon X5L

    Cowon X5L

    - Digital Audio Player by Cowon - Use hardisk for the storage - Colour LCD screen - Available only in black colour