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Advice/options help, please.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jeffreybar, Jan 14, 2011.
  1. Jeffreybar
    For the past 3 years or so, my portable rig has consisted of an iAudio X5 -> Shure SE530 IEMs.  I have been so satisfied with this rig that I stopped posting (and reading) head-fi -- it's been just the ideal setup for me and I felt no need to change it.
    Unfortunately, while in the process of resoldering the jack connections on the X5 for the second time, I managed to mess up some of the control circuitry, and as a result, the player is now unusable.  I have contacted Cowon, and they have informed me that since the player is "long discontinued" (gotta love a world where 3 years is ancient history), they don't have parts to fix it, and can't fix it for me, even if I were to pay them to do so.
    I'm not crazy about giving up my X5:  I've been awful happy with it.  But it appears that I don't have a choice...other X5s show up on eBay from time to time, I know, but who knows how long one of those would last?  And if it gave up the ghost a month from now, I'd be out in the cold again.
    I've been looking at some of the other player options out there, and nothing really looks all that appealing.  So I'm asking here for some suggestions for good alternatives, keeping in mind that these things are my priorities:
    -At least 60GB storage
    -MUST have file-folder navigation options (I'm not dedicating a week to retagging my 700 or so albums)
    -Must sound great unamped through SE530s
    -Customizable EQ
    -Reasonably sturdy
    -Preferably, no interface software (iTunes=yuck).  I just want to drag files back and forth between the player and my PC.
    That's pretty much it.  I would especially appreciate the input of former/current X5 owners, as they can probably most closely relate to what made the X5 a no-hassle music machine.
  2. BotByte
    First, NO ONE CAN LISTEN TO 60gbs of music on a single battery charge. I know, we're lazy.
    You can buy a hd player, but it would be just too much of a hassle now a days.
    And, most players when synced with WMP, I use it because it's easy. the tracks are listed out correctly. If you have flac, just name them correctly. The only pmp I know of that has a file reader, is sansa clip+
    Most pmps don't need amps, unless you have some rare headphones that MIght need a amp. Example: my m1s with my fii0 e5
    I'll tell you to get a cowon j3/s9. Get the j3 32gb with 32gb card if you want.
    The j3 is a upgrade of the s9. expansion slot, design, ui, and battery life was improved.

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