1. daftmau5

    PMP/closed headphones combination for 250$

    Introduction: after deciding to migrate from the low end audio sector to the amateur audiophile stage,I set out to find out what suits my musical needs :) . I worked out that if I wanted to obtain decent audiophile grade sound with emphasis on all aspects of the sound I would need a combination...
  2. wrathzombie

    The PX 100 and PX 100 ii. Is there a difference?

    For a while, I have been searching for a portable can which would help me with my metal (Death, Tech Death, Black, Post....) listening needs. Due to the speed, complexity and bad recording/mastering techniques prevalent in  this genre, it is not exactly suitable for every other headphone. Since...
  3. Orkboy

    Double amping

    I have a Cowon C2 which I use with sensitive IEMs such as the SE535, so I've never felt a need to amp. Recently Head-Fi has been infecting me more than usual and I want to get into full size cans. I'm thinking AKG K550 with a Fiio E11. The problem is my Cowon doesn't have a line out. What...
  4. rivezico

    Westone w40 . Recommended source

    hello there ! i'm writing from Moscow , so sorry for my English ) yesterday I purchased w40 , it sounds great but I still got a question about the source thats better for obtaining the full experience. at the moment i'm using iphone 4 + google play full access subscription, for me its a...
  5. Danieldanik

    Looking for MP3 player for sport & home use (~140$)

    Hey guys i'm looking for mp3 player up to 140$ (can also be used or refurbished) Uses: running and home use Size: smaller then ipod touch, bigger then sansa clip Features: touch screen, good looking, marketplace is a bonus! Thanks. (Also give me mp3 players for up to 300$ so I could find...
  6. brad90y

    I KNOW you've been asked a 1000x guys, but I'm completely lost on getting the right Mp3 player

    First of all, I'M SORRY!!! I know you guys have been asked about MP3's a million times!! but I've been lost on the recommendations and the hours I spent reading online. So I decided to go to the experts, and here is what I'm looking for (considering my Sansa Fuze died). The MP3 player I'm...
  7. riplox

    Does what I want even exist?

    Well, I've been researching DAPs off and on for a few weeks now, including lurking this message board, and have yet to come to anything concrete since my list of priorities is varied, so I've come to you all for help. Is there anything that fits the list?   No Apple products (I would...
  8. JustJohn

    Fuze+ alternatives? (Something for running, must play video as well)

    Hi, I have a little sister who wants a media player small enough to be convenient for running but can play videos as well.   -Does not need to be audiophile quality. -Price could go up to $200 but looking for the most for the money.   First thing that popped up was the Fuze+ but...
  9. Koenieboy997

    Which mp3-player should I chose (cowon vs clip zip vs iPod nano vs ...)

    Hello everybody,   I'm looking for a new mp3-player since my headphone jack of my iPod touch (2G) broke, but I simply can't chose between these models.   Sandisk Clip Zip: great player, but very small screen (and therefore bad navigation through songs). Creative Zen X-Fi 3: small, but...
  10. Jpfe8851

    Do I REALLY need a DAP?

    I'm struggling with a serious case of upgraditis! Over the past 18 months, I've spent some hard earned on upgrading IEMs. Starting with a couple cheaper V-Moda phones I've gone, Ety HF-3 > UE TripleFi 10 > Shure SE535 > Westone 4R > Shure SE535LE (red ones). I also have some Bose QC15s for...
  11. C

    Old Iriver needs replacement.

    I have an older Iriver ifp 595 (500mb) player for maby 8 years, but I am interested in more memory now. My phones are Sennheiser hd595. I mostly listen to acoustic music. The sound is not perfect I know, the Senn´s are too heavy for the Iriver, but it is ok. Iriver is 12mw output I think...
  12. Bart1981

    A new mp3 player with line-in record function

    A few days ago my girlfriend washed my sporting clothes, and with them my Cowon J3 32GB player  Tried to revive it after I let it dry on the heater for 2 days, but no luck.    So now I have to find an other MP3 player, but to be honest I do not have the money at this time to buy a mp3 player...
  13. AlternateYoung

    Do i need to buy Fiio E7 For my Current Audio Rig ??? Help :D

    Hi Guys !    So i just had my M50s alongside with my Sansa Clip + and i have been playing FLAC audio files for almost 5 days already . Sound quality is great ! But i have 1 quest . I think the M50s Bass , is not that "bassy" enough for me . Im looking for a Deeper and more richer in bass for...
  14. AudioSki

    Hear me out here

    Alright now before you guys freak out, just take a second to cool your jets before you reply to my question. I have been looking for portable on ear headphones for a while to use when i'm out of the house and mostly at school. I have my m50s for at home but they are just too bulky and do not...
  15. vitamax

    dont know what portable music player to buy

    hey guys , I wanna buy a portable music player but I dont know what to buy and I will have to buy it from the internet because I live in Egypt and its hard to find these kind of things almost impossible . first of all , I dont know anything about portable music players ( im a noob ) I...
  16. 35mmJack

    Best neutral music player under 150$

    Hi guys,   I am a new member, though I have been reading and digging for a few months at head-fi. Anyway, I would like to ask for a recommendation about a neutral music player under 150$ with a decent storage space (or support SD card)   I am using a rockboxed sansa clip zip. But since...
  17. T4urQs

    MP3 Player

    Hi i am looking for a new mp3 player, i have creative ZEN and HTC Desire HD and i want to buy something a little bit better. I listen to rap,hip-hop, electronic music as Daftpank, dub step, classical, jazz. I have Phonak Audeo PFE 112, D-jays and SE PX100. I chose three DAC players (Colorfly C3...
  18. roadrat

    Can anyone give me a run down on their thoughts on Cowon X9 and iAudio 10?

    I've read the reviews already on this site and others, but there's not many
  19. mertovic


    Hello  I want to buy a Cowon mp3 player but i can't decide. I just want to listen to music not watch videos.So i want the best audio quality. I need the best audio quality.Price is not an important factor.You can suggest me other brands except Cowon. I wonder that what is the different...
  20. Ansem

    best Mp3 player for 150€

    Hi at all,i want change my ipod nano 3°g with a new Mp3 player. After that i have read some topic in this forum i understand that the sony walkman is the best series of mp3 player. I live in italy,and i don't want spend more than 150€ (sandisk sans for examples cost 60€). I have see on the...
  21. wupah

    Portable source opinions wanted!

    Greetings,   I'm in the market for a new portable music player because I would like to distance myself from Itunes altogether.   - My budget is around 200$ but very flexible. - I would like to play FLAC without converting them - Ideally 30 gb + of storage space - Decent battery...
  22. TheEvilNarwhal

    Help.Need a Recommendation for a Portable Source!

    My friend came up to me the other day, knowing that I had some insight on the audio world, and asked me if I had any recommendations for an mp3 player. He has an Ipod touch but is disappointed with its performance. He is looking for a "bang for buck" mp3 that is less than $225. Any...
  23. Belabor

    Looking for something cheap and cheerful: Fuze replacement

    Hello once again Head-Fi!   I haven't been around here for quite some time, but now that my Sansa Fuze is starting to show it's age, I'm looking for something to replace it. The power/lock slider is really worn, the battery life has degraded over time and I just feel like trying something...
  24. hellboyx5

    Help me choose high-end DAP or high-end IEM

    I have 2 options for my portable setup The first one is dap Rocoo BA with 16gb micro sd card and Shure SE215 I'll have to stick with entry level iem SE215...   The second one is dap Sansa Clip+ 8gb and IE80 or SE535 I'll have to sell my Rocoo BA to buy less expensive dap and a high-end...
  25. wolfetan44

    New music player or a new Portable amp?

    What would be the best idea? I already have a 64GB iPod touch. So would it be worth it to get a new music player or just get a portable amp for it? Budget is $275 because that's what I would probably get for it.