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  1. VRacer-111

    SOLD: DT-177X GO with custom Impact Audio cable.

    Offering up my Massdrop Beyerdynamic DT-177X GO. Comes with the stock velour and sheepskin pads, custom attenuators in the sheepskin pads (very easy to remove if desired), stock cable, custom 8' Impact Audio cable with Eidolic rhodium connectors (in new gunmetal barrel option), and Modmic...
  2. BoomShroom

    [SOLD] Campfire Audio Cascade

    SOLD Selling my pair of Campfire Cascade with all the accessories it comes with and more. Everything is in mint condition. You're paying for: - The Cascade headphone with the stock cable - The stock pads, the XL leather pads, and the cloth pads - Aftermarket leather lohb strap (You'll have to...
  3. 04gto


    Hello everyone, I have these Mr. Speakers/Dan Clark Audio Ether CX Carbon fiber Planar Magnetic headphones for sale. Have only been used for a few hours and are in PERFECT condition. Only includes items seen in pictures, no other boxes, manuals accessories etc. Buyer pays $20 for shipping.
  4. 04gto

    JVC HA-DX2000 60th anniversary Limited Edition Headphones EXCELLENT CONDITION (SOLD)

    Hello everyone. I have these JVC HA-DX2000 60th anniversary Limited Edition headphones have only been used for a few hours and are in PERFECT as NEW condition. Includes items seen in pictures, headphones with attached cable. No box or other accessories. Very Limited Edition, only 300 made...
  5. ricthaman

    Denon AH-D2000

    Hi all, I'm selling my beloved Denon AH-D2000. The headphone is well known around here, so I'll refrain from any 'marketing' stories. The headphone is in very nice condition, and comes with original box. regards, Ric
  6. electrathecat

    FS: McIntosh MHP1000 Headphones in excellent condition, priced to sell SOLD

    Due to getting a new car recently I unfortunately have to cull some of my lesser-used equipment to relieve the cash crunch I'm in. My loss is your gain as I'm going to be pricing items fairly aggressively as I list them (and I take pretty great care of my stuff!). Up for sale is the McIntosh...
  7. S

    [SOLD] Focal Elegia

    They're in excellent condition. Only 3 months old, barely used, absolutely smoke-free environment. Comes with an aftermarket cable, as the stock cable is absolute rubbish. Selling because I no longer have the need for a closed-back headphone, but nonetheless, they are absolutely brilliant...
  8. U


    can anyone tell me , what is the best headphone with V-shaped sound signature under 50 $ ? i prefer wired and closed back headphones. Thanks in advance.
  9. znev777

    -SOLD- Verite Closed Ironwood

    Selling a pair of lightly used chocolate flavored zmf's, the pressure of closed-backs are getting to my left ear and triggering my tinnitus, so I can't listen to these as much as I would like. They have some light wear from general use, and I'm sure they are fully burned-in by now if that's a...
  10. E

    SOLD! ZMF Eikons in Cherry Wood

    Hi! I'm the 3rd owner of a beautiful pair of ZMF Eikons in Cherry Wood. I bought it last August from the 2nd owner on Audiogon but never used it much. The headphones are in very good condition overall and have the Magnesium harness upgrade (250.00 extra when ordering). There are two small...
  11. Kazz123

    *SOLD* Sennheiser HD250 Linear II, mint + original packaging (legendary vintage)

    SOLD Legendary studio closed back headphones from Sennheiser. Still holds up with the best of the best. Amazing deep bass extension, controlled and very neutral. Possibly the most neutral I've ever heard. I am very hestitant to sell these, because I've treasured them for a long time, and had...
  12. dunkyboy

    FS: ZMF Eikon in camphor - NOW SOLD

    These were bought direct from ZMF 2 years ago. Condition is excellent, no noticeable cosmetic blemishes, and they work perfectly and sound great! I’ve kept them on my desk in the office, safe and sound. Includes original 1/4” cable and indestructible Seahorse foam-padded carry case. Will ship...
  13. Kazz123

    *SOLD* FS: Audio-Technica ATH-A1000z ART monitor (Made in Japan)

    SOLD Quite an amazing headphone. Extremely comfortable and light, high quality build, made in Japan. Bass extends low, but keeps being very lively and fast without leaking into the midrange. The midrange is smooooooooth, especially for vocals these are on another level. Highs are a bit...
  14. Lurk650

    AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon

    Like New. 2nd owner. Comes with both stock pads and cable, along with 2.5 balanced cable and NightHawk Hybrid pads. (That is just some dust on the Microsuede pads) Will cover shipping.
  15. ryry1

    Audeze LCD-2C Closed w/ Impact Audio Cables (Like New)

    For sale is a VERY gently used set of LCD-2C Closed Back headphones. I purchased these directly from Audeze in November, along with a custom Impact Audio Infinity Series 8ft XLR cable ($100). I purchased these due to having a son and needing to be quiet during his long nap sessions but we...
  16. capsilver

    Closed or open back headphones for gaming and movies? (see list)

    I'm searching for the one for all headphone where the focus will be single player games (Action/Adventure/RPG) and movies/tv shows (music would be secondary in this case). I have these in mind: Open back: Phillips Fidelio X2: I've tried them and they sound amazing, very wide soundstage and a...
  17. 5


  18. Invalid

    Portable Closed Back under $300?

    Will be using it for commute and work. Should be efficient but would also scale well when used with an amp. I know soundstage and closed back is almost like an oxymoron, but it should at least have decent soundstage and not unnatural soundstage. I like neutral or near neutral, balanced sound...
  19. xxx1313

    SOLD: Focal Stellia (EU)

    Selling a Focal Stellia in very good used condition (pictures below). Bought in February 2019. Works fine, sounds good, no dents, no scratches, headband has slightly darkened due to use of premium leather care. It comes in its original box with all accessories: leather box, travel case, 3m...
  20. justin w.

    The Spirit Torino Radiante - Closed Back from HeadAmp

    The new Spirit Torino Radiante closed-back headphone with external passive radiator, a new headphone out of Italy, just won the Gold award at the 2019 Fujiya Avic headphone festival in Tokyo for headphones over 200,000 yen. We had a demo of this headphone recently and I was sad to see it go...
  21. Z

    Looking for Closed Backs- Budget 500usd

    I'm looking for high end / mid range closed backs, preferably with velour earpads. I've purchased the DT177x GOs from MassDrop and am waiting for it to arrive. I love velours because in my country it is really hot, so it can get really sweaty. My previous headphones are the MDR 7506s. I liked...
  22. rishabhgkp

    SOLD Beyerdynamic T5p 2nd Gen in India

    These are new Beyerdynamics T5p 2nd gen, never used, selling them as was an impulsive buy. Comes with all accessories and case, but no box, as it was large to be brought from US. TOTL closed back headphones. Bought from Woo Audio, official dealer in US, comes with purchase bill and warranty...
  23. aminus

    FS: Audeze Sine

    Selling my used Audeze Sine purchased back in 2016. Reason for sale is that I am no longer using it. Comes with all original accessories and Vesper Audio true leather over ear earpads for comfort. Does not come with Cipher cable.
  24. SDBiotek

    SOLD Audeze LCD-XC with stock single-ended and balanced cables, and hard case

    I never thought I would part with these big boys, but I have mostly moved off listening with full size headphones.These were purchased from TTVJ in 2014. I believe these have bubinga wood cups. Despite their age, the headphones are in very good cosmetic condition (to be very conservative)...