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  1. SIVGA Oriole

    SIVGA Oriole

    DESCRIPTION: * The combination of wood and metal materials makes a classic and compact design. * Wood housing is made by hand with fine workmanship. * Metal parts made by multiple processes for high-end look and durability. * The headband is designed light, comfortable and wears no pressure...
  2. Somatic

    Attention All Drummers ...

    I'd like to get an idea from the collective how one would play an acoustic drum set at full volume while listening to music without damaging their hearing. Do you guys use an IEM, open back, closed backs? Thanks.
  3. admiralnorman

    SJY Audio Starry Night Planar Magnetic Headphone

    The SJY Audio Starry Night Planar Magnetic Headphone from Jeffrey Yin is live on a crowdfunding site. Not sure about rules to linking so you'll have to Google. They are an over ear closed back wooden planar magnetic headphone. Zeos reviewed them on YouTube. You'll need some serious power to...
  4. HIFIMAN Sundara Closed-Back

    HIFIMAN Sundara Closed-Back

  5. ZzBOG

    Stellia vs ZMF VC vs Sony MDR Z1R vs ...?

    I am looking for a closed back headphone to go with my HD800s which I love, but can't use sometimes when it's too loud in the office. I have Z7M2 and while they are very comfortable and alright-sounding, I need more soundstage. Also Z7M2 suffer from a weird bug - they hiss (I am using Topping...
  6. CubeApril

    Most comfortable closed-back headphones under $1000?

    I've got some somewhat unusual requirements and I'm hoping folks can point me in the right direction. For like... a decade or so now, I've used my DT-770s as my primary work headphones. And while they are supremely comfortable, they sound only... fine, and the absurdly long cable is a huge PITA...
  7. Ollo Audio S4R Recording Headphones

    Ollo Audio S4R Recording Headphones

    Product page: Claimed by Ollo Audio Hand picked and left / right matched transducers to +/-1dB SPL pink noise range 100Hz-10kHz tolerance delivering accuracy and instrument separation. All spare parts available and exchangeable using...
  8. floeezy

    Best noise isolation for $900 - $1500 (no IEMs)

    I bought a pair of Shure KSE1200 earphones specifically for trips where I need really good noise isolation. I spent months getting a custom silicon sleeve to fit just right for my very peculiar ear canals. However, in the end, I've realized that IEMs / earphones are just not made for my ears. I...
  9. user4404

    Higher-end closed back recommendations

    Hi all, I'm sure you have seen this one before but everyone's preferences are different so here we go again. Looking for a higher-end closed back daily driver. I primarily listen to music while working but I also do a ton of gaming. I know those two don't always mix but hoping we can find...
  10. KaneMaxxx

    Closed back over-ear headphone for Metal music around 250$ (SOLVED!!)

    Hi all, Sorry for the long post (and apology as it's my first one).I want to ask some help to find a good spec of over ear headphone to listen my favourite music's. I've browsed tons of articles forum Other forums Youtube Facebook groups, Amazon reviews but when i've found something...
  11. Crosszone CZ-8A Over-The-Ear Closed Back 3-Driver Dynamic Headphones

    Crosszone CZ-8A Over-The-Ear Closed Back 3-Driver Dynamic Headphones

    Crosszone CZ-8A Over-The-Ear Closed Back 3-Driver Dynamic Headphones Natural sound, natural wear Natural Sound localization. Natural Sound Field Natural Sound Quality Comfortable Fitting Design Natural Sound Field Crosszone’s CZ-8A is a unique headphone that achieves the External...
  12. JustCans

    "Legendary" closed backs?

    Hello everyone! After being a headphone enthusiast for many years, primarily focused on open back headphones, I'm looking for some thoughts on "legendary" closed back headphones. Example: My current shopping list and current collection currently includes: AKG K1000, Stax Lambda Anything...
  13. Sennheiser

    New HD 820 video: Six "Sound" Reasons

    When our friend and sound designer @ericpalonen asked us to "pretty please?" spend some extended time with the HD 820, his reasoning was pretty straightforward: "I think it is one of the best-kept wide-open secrets. Oh, and no pun intended." Since its launch, the HD 820 has found a home with...
  14. Focal Celestee

    Focal Celestee

  15. C

    Sound leakage in Monolith M565C

    Hi, so I got a new M565C from Amazon. My friend was sitting next to me and told me he could hear the music I am listening to. Does this mean I got faulty headphones? They are closed-back so this means that they should not leak sound. Should I return them? Do all M565C suffer from this? I could...
  16. AKG K-52

    AKG K-52

    Our K52 headphones deliver authoritative, extended low-frequency response that gives definition to kick drums and bass guitars. At the same time, the detail yet precisely balanced high-frequency response reveals the nuance in vocals, guitars and acoustic instruments. Our generous 40mm drivers...
  17. sennheiserhd485

    Why are super expensive closed back headphones created?

    Why are super expensive closed back headphones created? I ask because, isn't it true that open is always going to be the superior design for raw sound quality?
  18. JCRG

    Something similar to Nightowls but with better 1.2 khz to 10 khz response

    Looking to upgrade from my Audioquest Nightowls, cans with superb sound and sublime soundstage, but that factually suffer in the upper midrange (?) to lower treble regions. Recently I tried the Ultrasone Signature Studio, but man, they were super harsh to my ears. I am returning them as I type...
  19. Audio-Technica ATH-WP900

    Audio-Technica ATH-WP900

    Headphones Type Closed-back dynamic Driver Diameter 53 mm Frequency Response 5 – 50,000 Hz Maximum Input Power 1000 mw Sensitivity 100 dB/mW Impedance 38 ohms Weight 243 g (8.6 oz), without cable Cable Detachable 1.2 m (3.9') cable (A2DC to 3.5 mm (1/8") gold-plated stereo...
  20. LoyalPotato

    Closed backs up to ~100 €/$

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to hear some opinions about which closed back would be a good pick, around the 100 €/$ mark. I’m planning on getting a Fiio btr3k to serve as an amp/dac (in case some new suggestions required an amp to power). From what I’ve seen so far, it’s between: ATH-M40x...
  21. 5

    Sony MDR1AM2 VS Meze 99 Classics

    I have around $300 to spend on new headphones, but I can't decide between the Sony MDR1AM2 headphones or the Meze 99 Classics headphones. Which one is better in terms of sound quality, build quality, and comfort (I have a "bigger" head). For sound quality, I prefer a warmer-sounding headphone...
  22. Rabco

    Help please. Haven’t bought new cans in years: <$400, over ear, wired, comfy w/eyeglasses

    Like some other posts I’ve read, the current market has a myriad of choices. My current headphones are years old Sennheiser 555’s. They were purchased partly because the Sony’s I had back then seemed harsh to me. I’m not interested in earbuds, in-ear, etc as my ear canal openings are no where...
  23. Kennerton Rognir Closed Back Plannar Magnetic Headphones

    Kennerton Rognir Closed Back Plannar Magnetic Headphones

    Kennerton Rognir CLOSED-BACK PLANAR MAGNETIC HEADPHONES (Shown Above: Rognir Silky Walnut) Kennerton Audio is proud to showcase the Rognir closed back Planar Headphone crafted with one goal in mind- excellence. After 3 years of extensive research and development, we are proud to finally state...
  24. OspreyAndy

    $2000 Closed Back Headphone

    In two weeks time I will be spending around $2000 on one closed back headphone. My shortlist so far points to Sennheiser HD820. But before pulling the trigger, I would like to hear suggestions based on the following criteria which is crucial for me: - Sparkly resolving sonic characteristics...
  25. C

    Moving from wireless to wired

    Hello! first time posting, thanks for having me 😁 currently using the Astro A50 gen 3 on my PS5 / PC and would very much like to go for an upgrade and get wired closed back but I have no idea where to start. I mainly play FPS games with the odd single player game every now and again so I...