Obtainable (in-production) endgame closed back?
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Apr 24, 2006
Hello, I missed the NYC23 Canjam and the opportunities to audition the top contenders, so I am now running in circles around DCA Stealth, not quite ready to make up my mind.

I am looking to buy second-hand so listening / sending back isn't really an option. I am ok with $2500 or so pricetag, if that gets me an endgame closed-back.

I have HD800s which I quite enjoy so I am looking for something that can complement them. Namely with

1) good soundstage
2) good isolation
3) good bass.
4) neutral sound (or something very EQ-able).

I think I should be getting planar headphones as my second TOTL, hence DCA Stealth, but I've read quite a few opinions of ppl saying Stealth is way overhyped etc. etc. Especially alarming are the claims that Stealth isn't great in the bass department, as for that kind of money I'd probably expect 0 compromises.

I have Topping E50/A90 so power is not an issue. Portability doesn't matter.

My other options so far seem to be D9200 and even HD820

Any other suggestions?
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The D9200 is an endgame closed back but soundstage is one of its weaker points.
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I had the original Dan Clark aeon closed back, no matter which filter pad I tried it just wasn't worth the money. For closed back I switched up and use the Truthear Crinnacle Zero IEMs and really happy with them.
I use them as a baseline to compare headphones now. I've had the 800s a few times, and maybe the Dan Clark 2 is better. I'd try the Truthear Zero first, since they give all the privacy and Harman target tuned out of the box.
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I can’t really do IEMs though :frowning2:
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I've tried a relatively rare set of cans - TH900MK2 Lawton LV2 - If you can EQ by ear and not by graph, they might be a decent option for you. The TH900's have always been trading blows with the Denon D9200 because of how good their soundstage, imaging, etc. is, and the Lawton earcups push it just a little further. [Missed that you wanted planar. Oops!]
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Give the Focal Radiance and Stellia a try. Not a planar, but I don’t think it will matter to you after you hear them.
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If you can give it power, the aeon 2 noire closed is good, and should keep a hd800s lover happy. Decent soundstage and neutralish tuning with a nice bass kick. I love the stellia and radiance, but they are not like the HD800S as far as tonality and soundstage goes, but more a compliment if you want a different, punchy/dynamic/darker sound.

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