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    Bravo v2 tube amp
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    My hd650 + bravo v2 tube amp
  3. silver8ack

    Bravo Audio V2 - Pop, Red light off.... What?

    I received a Bravo Audio V2 today.  Loved it, for about an hour.  Then it made a loud pop through my headphones, and the red light went off.  Jiggling the power cord made the light go back on/off for a bit.  However, now the red light remains off.  Some sound comes out of the V2, however it's...
  4. nofacemonster

    Is this the same amplifier or two different models?

    Hi everybody.... i am planing on buying a tiny vacuum tube amplifier just to see how they sounds like. I can't afford much so i found these two. One is called Bravo V2 and i guess it's pretty famous all around for being cheap etc.... the other is called Little bear.. i found both of them on e...
  5. xskugga

    Portable tube amps

    I know there are quite a few threads about these types of amps, but none of them answer the question...are they worth it? I am using a laptop and have to use a portable amp, and I am a basshead which means a portable tube amp would suit me very well, hence my interest. I am wanting to replace my...
  6. mvrk10256

    [COMPARISON REVIEW] Best Sub $100 USED Headphones !

    There are a lot of people (myself included) that came to this site looking for information on how to get into the audio game. We see these threads all the time. People want to know what the best bang for the buck is... usually under $100. Generally they get pointed to the M50 or whatever...
  7. MrSpaceFox

    Finally ordered my first real pair of cans!

    I have, at long last, decided to get myself a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 990s! They seem like top of the line build and quality, but rather hard to drive. For that, I purchased the Bravo V2 $70 tube amp. That little bad boy has some solid reviews and enough juice to power the 990s. I may end up...
  8. jTizMLG

    Bravo v2 vs Magni (question)

    I was just wondering. Pairing with the Modi dac and HD600 headphones is it necessary to get the Magni as well? Or should one just get the Bravo v2 amp? As to someone trying to save money.
  9. eliteboy

    Bravo Audio V2 for my HD558

    Hi there, everyone.   Im thinking of buy a Bravo Audio V2, for those that dont know, its a tube's amp that delivers the "tube sound" that audiophiles like it.   I dont know if it will be a good match with my HD558.   People say that the Tube used in the amp provides a more bright sound and...
  10. guyskr

    tube amp for headphones and speakers for under 200$

    Hey everybody, Just a few days ago I ordered for myself the UE 6000 headphones and they are on there way to me. Now I'm looking for a tube amp which will be connected to my headphones, and sometimes my speakers. Is there a beast like that? I'll connect it to my computer and my record player...
  11. Coolmeadow Kid

    Information for a newbie on tube rolling. 12AU7/EEC82 to be specific

    I hope someone can help me.  I bought a Bravo V2 amp, and while the stock tube is ok for listening to the TV with a wireless transmitter/receiver, it doesn't cut it when listening to music.  I'm using a new set of AKG K240s.  I would like something with better and clearer bass as the stock tube...
  12. M

    Dolby Home Theater v4 and Dolby Advanced Audio v2 - how do they compare to Creative's SBX Pro? Gamer seeking best positional audio/sound here!

    As a gamer, I am mostly interested in positional sound/audio features for headphones. I have experienced Dolby Headphone, CMSS-3D, and SBX Pro/Surround. Thus far, I find SBX Pro/Surround to have the best positional sound, but mostly because of a single advantage SBX Pro/Surround has over Dolby...
  13. SCTinkering

    Bravo Audio v2 reviewed or more like mentioned on Cnet

    Not a deep review, but enough to pique my interest. Any thoughts other than it looks pretty cool? :)
  14. 3

    Bravo V2 Amp - Sketchy Ordering

    Hi there,   So I ordered a Bravo V2 the couple of days ago straight from the website. The PayPal order went through, and I got a confirmation from PayPal but not the website.    I also think that they are sending me the item from outside of the US... The recipient of the payment (according...
  15. amagr

    Which heaphones for 200euros?

    Hey,im buying new headphones for 200euros or less. Im listeninig to hard rock and heavy metal. I want open and neutral headphones,i was thinking about Beyerdinamic DT 990 Pro. My amp is Bravo V2 Thanks!
  16. SpartyOn

    Amp for Q701

    Hey,   I recently purchased a AKG Q701 and I am planning on running it out of a 2011 13" macbook pro while listening to a lot of folk and maybe indie music. I was wondering what should i get in terms of an amp. Would i also need a dac? I run ALAC files and some 320 mbps files too.   I was...
  17. mvrk10256

    Bravo V2 - Review, Tube Rolling, Mods (coming soon)

    Bravo V2 Review   So this is my first foray into the "hi fi" world. I buddy let me listen to his HD650's on his Little Dot MKIII and I was hooked enough to get into the action. So I did some looking on this site and others as well as the r/headphones.    I purchased a set of Monoprice 8323...
  18. Megaclocker

    Powering down the Amp, dangerous for headphone ? (Bravo Audio V2 Tube Amp)

    I've read somewhere that powering the amp down while the headphone are pluged in could potencially harm the headphones ?   Is that true ? Is there a way to bypass that problem ?   Thanks a lot ! Eric   I'm using AKG K702 if that makes a difference.
  19. tasalicascade

    Mini Amp Bravo Audio V2 from smxsky

    Got these amps from smxsky - Use them as pre amps to 2 power amps . Source being a decoder that decodes stereo from a DVD to 5.1 . I may require a third power amp for the Centre and subwoofer signals. cheers
  20. sevshenko

    Valve Class A Tube Headphone Amplifier Preamp Mini Amp Bravo Audio V2

    Best $50.00 I ever spent. It makes such difference. I will never listen to my headphones without it again. I did not expect such clarity and such warmth. Great Job Bravo Audio.
  21. mindlessdrone

    Good source for Bravo V2 upgrade info

    I just picked up a Bravo V2 amp and I see there are a lot of people who have modified theirs.  Is there a good source out their for mods.  I am a noob/amateur but love stuff like this.  If anyone can point me to a source I would really appreciate it.  The source for the amp wil be a Musiland...
  22. sixly

    Newb With a ? Bout the Bravo Audio V2

    I'm just really starting to get into headphones and portable headphone amps (started off my audiophilic neurosis with my original Klipsch ProMedia v.400 THX 4.1 speakers for an original vintage 1997 AlienWare gaming rig I won at a QuakeII LAN and move to stereo speakers then car so I'm diving...
  23. jaywillin

    first head amp $150 budget

    well, i sent the audioengine d1 back and keeping the schiit modi, so i need a separate head amp. i have a bravo v2 i'm trying,(always loved tubes),  and planning on trying the magni. my question is anyone have other suggestions ?? i listen mostly to my a2's, but starting to listen more...
  24. Mkilbride

    50-75$ Headphone Amp to drive 150Ohm headset.

    I have Sennheiser PC350's. Yes yes, you can bash me to hell and back again for having them, but first know I got them at a massive steal of 95$ a few years ago, and they compare, driver wise, according to a Sennheiser rep to HD595's, but with most users reporting they end up around HD555...
  25. njbaldwin

    Help choosing supporting hardware for HD650

    Hi all,   Here's the nuts and bolts of it.   Headphones: Sennheiser HD650 new.   Source: Toshiba Laptop   Budget: AUD $600.00   First post to this forum. I may have gotten a little carried away and I now have a pair of Sennheiser HD650s on the way. I have made this purchase...