1. Ragnell3148

    Ear Soreness

    Does anyone else have the problem where the ears get sore right where the concha of the outer ear meets of the start of the ear canal? I have this problem with some IEMs and not with others and was wondering if you guys had a remedy or something. It's kinda weird... Ones that I have this...
  2. Hamodakillah

    Need help on a predicament!

    Hi im starting university at the end of this month and im looking for a pair of headphones that can do it all for me, i would like to use them at home and out and about, however i kinda came to conclusion that there inst really a headphone that can do that (based on my research) so id even...
  3. Cente

    IEM with mic, compatible for the Nexus 4 (CTIA) on 50€ budget

    I was considering the Brainwavz M4, but maybe there is something better that I don't know. I know it's hard to find decent IEM in that price range with a microphone and compatible with the Nexus 4 (CTIA Standard), but I'd still like to hear some opinions about what to buy, and if the M4 are...
  4. KingAlex06

    Brainwavz M4 or R1? (cable issues)

    I want to buy the R1 but I am skeptical about its cable. Everytime I break a headphone is because the cable becomes brittle and then breaks easily. I see that the M4 has a higher quality cable. I don't have a lot of money to spare because I don't have a job yet. So how do you think? Will the...
  5. alexanderbont

    Best in-ear or iem under $50

    I was looking for a pair of in-ear or iem's for under $50 and i also have a fiio e6 i can use with it
  6. green6poop

    Best earphones around 40$

    I'm looking for something with great build quality and good sound. Bass is not very important to me i dont listen to much bassy music. i was considering the Vsonic Gr04 and the Brainwavs M4. I would really like to be able to purchase them on amazon. any ideas?
  7. lesterq

    Questions about sub $50 Earpieces..

    Initially i zoomed in on the dunu trident. But i currently am comparing between rock it sounds r20 , vsonic vc02 (dont really like), brainwavez m4 or m5 and Astrotec Am-90.     I am currently using the CX880i which i bought during a black friday sale. And it is starting to lose sound in...
  8. chanawar

    Which one is the best in Brainwavz ?

    Hello forum,   I am new here and I need some experience, help and thoughts about IEMs.   Firstly I have used Creative EP-630 five years ago :)   One year ago, I wanted to change it to Meelectronics M6. I have been using this over one year. But It is getting to hard wear them. Because...
  9. mindstormer

    Best IEM for under $100?

    Hi, I'm having trouble finding the best IEM I can get for under $100. I know this question is very broad and I need to be more specific, but to be honest, I don't have any knowledge/experience with good IEM. My previous IEM was a Sennheiser CX 500 and at the time of purchase ~4 years ago, it...
  10. wcstick

    Comply tips from Target?

    Hello,   I have a set of Brainwavz M4 and I was wondering, how do the Comply tips from Target (listed on their website) compare to the ones that come with the IEMs? They have two types listed - regular foam tips and WHOOMP! tips - that appear to be comparable to the S-400 and TS-400 listed...
  11. raftymcscrafty

    Brainwavz, RHA or Dunu?

    Right now I'm looking for some in ears around the range of £30 I've found the Brainwavz M4/M5 (don't know which yet), Dunu Trident or RHA MA-350 Anybody know what would be the best choice? Main listening would be rock/metal, some electronic, some hip-hop, so pretty bassy stuff, which I've...
  12. Fr0z3nbear

    IEM's for electronic/house music under $100

    As stated in the title, I'm looking for a pair of iem's for under $100 preferably ~80. I generally listen to progressive house, electro, dubstep and would like some suggestions for iems that have more punchy or tight bass with crisp highs as well. Also, I live in Australia, so prices may be a...
  13. johanwahlberg

    IEM recommendation: Detailed for reference monitoring, rugged for the gym and isolated for air travel...

    Hi! I've spent the last weeks rolling around in reveiws and Head-Fi posts on $100-150 (~€100) IEMs... I'm a big fan of Audio Technica M50 which i use at home for electronic music producing and critical all-genre listening. I need a new pair of IEMs, mostly for critical listening at my...
  14. Bassheadspl

    Name me some iems that have a V shaped frequency curve?

    Hey headfiers i am after a good iem that has a V shaped frequency curve, could you suggest me some?

    [Review] Brainwavz M5 - Maximum Energy!

    Brainwavz M5 – Maximum Energy!   The Brainwavz M5 is a fantastic budget IEM that I am very happy to recommend to all of my friends. The build quality is stellar, the design is gorgeous, and the sound signature is very fun and energetic. Is it the right IEM for you? Let's find out!  ...
  16. fjeena

    Best IEMs/canalphones for under £50 for Trance? MEEI M6 or M6 or AH-C710

    Hi As the title suggests I'm looking for a decent pair of IEMs for under £50. I know there are many other posts similar, but a lot of them are so old the IEMs suggested are no longer in production such as the Nuforce NE-700m , victor 700x or the UE 3 i cant seem to find in the uk. I...
  17. Faringan

    Best IEM for rock (under 250 €)?

    Hi, this is my first post but I started reading this (wonderful  ) forum months ago... I'm going to buy a new pair of IEMs but I can't decide which one is the best in the 250€ price range... My library is 90% composed of rock, hard rock and metal music. I'm searching for something that...
  18. GaryPham

    Brainwavz M4 broken, need new replacement, R1 or GR02??

    Hey guys,   Unfortunately, after 1 year of loyal service, my trusty pair of Brainwavz M4's have eaten the dust (my fault, T.T).  I'm looking to get a new pair of affordable IEM's and have been lurking a bit on here and see that lots of people love the Vsonic GR02 bass editions, and noticed...
  19. bonjurkes

    Under 100$ earphones

    I am looking for earphones, under 100$ (because of customs limit of my country)   I was using Brainwavz M4 (got broken), and Sennhesier cx280 (lost them). So I am looking for durable (Brainwavz got dead when they fall from my neck to floor for first time), bass weighted (not fake or extreme...
  20. Dannny

    Request: Best Analytical IEM sub-$100

    I've been looking through Joker's and ClieOS' reviews for several days now, but every time I latch onto a pair of IEMs, no matter how hard I try and believe they are "the ones," I always manage to be convinced otherwise by price, bass-emphasis, defects, availability, or general dislike among the...
  21. Scylin

    Looking for budget IEMs for use in the gym

    Hi there,   Yea I know, this thread again, let me apologize in advance   I'M SORRY!   Alright now that that's done with....   I'm looking for a pair of IEMs (I haven't actually ever used them, but I have an intense hatred for earbuds, because  I always have problems with them...
  22. eltocliousus

    £100 IEMs, a little confused on what to get.

    I'm currently using a Sansa clip+ and FiiO E11, and looking to upgrade from my Brainwavz M4s, I've set a budget of £100 ($160) but I can't make a decision and would like some opinions, my music preferences are varied, I listen to just about everything except rock/metal, emphasis on vocal...
  23. keanex

    [Review] Audio Technica CKM500

        Pros: Clean sound, well-extending bass, solid build. Cons: Pushy bass, highs lacking Preferred Genres: Anything that emphasizes bass, hip-hop, some genres of electronic, and even some jazz. Sources Home - Musicbee (WASAPI) -> ODAC -> O2 ->CKM500 Portable - iPod Classic ->...
  24. Kansho

    IEMs with forward mids (budget around 70$)

    Hello everyone, I'm searching for a new iem and hope you could help me with some suggestions. I currently own a pair of brainwavz m4 which have great clarity and a nice bass but i find the mids to be lacking. Therefore I would prefer it if the mids were more upfront and intimate, for me...
  25. midniteboss

    Best IEMs for Hip-Hop / Rap music? $100 and under.

    Looking for the best IEMs that I can get for $100 and under.    I listen to mostly hip-hop / rap so I would like the bass to be strong but also balanced and clear sounding.    I also like the warm sounding mids in headphones as well.    The only other IEM that I've owned are the...