1. nirki98

    *The* In-ear\ on-ear headphones for a friend!

    I have a friend that is looking for in-ear or on-ear headphones to have. his budget is up to 200 $. He listen mostly to dubstep and electronic music. He need an headphones with microphone so he will be able to talk people on the phone using the headphones. It will be helpful if the headphones...
  2. nikparo

    Custom-fit on-ear headphones

    Hi,   I'm a product design student considering doing a custom-fit headphone project. You can get IEMs custom fit to your ears, but as far as I'm aware there's nothing comparable for on-ear (or over-ear) headphones. With 3d printing being especially suited to personalised and user-fit products...
  3. nikparo

    What are you looking for from your ideal portable headphones?

    Hi. Random question time: what features or qualities are you looking for in your ideal 'on-the-go' headphones?   Myself, I would like a set of on-ear headphones that: - have great sound quality (...) - reasonably good isolation (can hear a car when it's close, but enough to not be disturbed...
  4. FooTemps

    REAL bose vs skullcandies thread

    Since I'm pretty sure everyone got tricked into clicking the other Bose vs Skullcandies thread, I decided to make a real one so we can endlessly debate(troll each other) the quality/price of the two brands relative to each other! Heaven or Hell? LETS ROCK.
  5. lollo64

    Alternative to the Bose On-Ear

    Hello everyone! My Bose OE have just broken, and now I'm searchin for another pair of headphones. I don't wanna take the same model again so I'm looking for a different model. I'm going to use them especially outside, at univeristy or when i just walk around the city. So first of all I'm...
  6. Kalkinas

    Looking for on-ear headphones between 60-100 pounds.

    I really don't know anything about headphones. the thing i wanted to ask is what on-ear headphones should i choose if i'm going to use it on my iphone 4 (or apple ipod shuffle if the quallity is different). So i believe that my device do not recreate the best sound as other devices so whats is...
  7. DennisC

    Replacing my Bose OE

    Hello gents,   I was hoping you could help me in selecting a new set of IEM's. I couldn't find an advice topic, so I hope it is okay to make a new topic in order to ask for your advice.    Alright, so let's get on with it. The past year I had a Bose OE and before we get the discussion...
  8. Semus

    Bose on-ear headphones vs. others

    I know that Bose is a bad word around here. So I'll keep this as brief as possible.    I own a set of Bose on-ear headphones. They are not noise canceling. Here are the exact headphones I'm speaking of...   These headphones kinda surprised me a bit. They...
  9. s002wjh

    hows bose qc15?

    just curious for its price how good is it compare to other brand with the same prize?
  10. soysaucefox

    Good headphones under $300? (bose or sennheiser)

    Hey guys. I'm looking to buy my first pair of high quality headphones. I will be using them with an ipod classic. I listen to classical music, so I don't need a ton of bass, and I also listen to long lectures and sometimes movies, so comfort is one of the most important things to me. I prefer...
  11. rholo

    £150 budget advice required?

    afternoon gents Right I have a budget of a £150 (uk pounds),this will be used with my iPad,iPod and computer and Possibly my iPhone. I have been looking at the Bose on ears (£125) as I already have the new Bose iem,which I quite like :) although I know Bose take a bashing on here. So what...
  12. Quitoman89

    Sony MDR7506 vs Bose vs Audio Technica ATHM40FS

    Right now I have Sennheiser PX100's and Sennheiser HD202's and they are nice but I want some real audiophile headphones now... My choices are between: Sony MDR7506 (I've heard they are they best sounding headphones under $200) Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm...
  13. Lahanl01

    Advice Greatly Appreciated: Sennheiser HD 598 vs.Denon AHD 2000 (looking to buy)

    O.K, about a year not knowing what true sound quality was I went out and bought a pair of Bose OE 2, so now I'm looking to buy something that will give my music some true representation (listen to a mix of rock, hip hop, and techno). After shopping around a bit I have found myself torn between...
  14. leaveit2rani

    Best headphones for Hip-Hop/Rap Music under $300?

    I'm looking for some good headphones for Hip Hop music (something with really good Bass).  I owned a pair of ATH-M50s for a couple months and I don't know why everyone loves those things.  Personally, I felt they didn't live up to the hype.  I just want something I can bring with me to the...
  15. bassgroove

    SONY MDR D77 Eggos - possibly for sale

    ambiguous refer to new thread.
  16. jasperhiga

    Need help for my first closed OTE's

    So for me comfort, noise isolation, and durability is important. I look for really good bass. i listen to house, rap, hip hop, and trance. My budget is around $100. Also I know that the dre's are bad but please offer me headphones that will be able to beat the dre's hahahha because like 10 of my...
  17. envirocopy512

    Can Someone Identify These Headphones For Me? (Video)

    I really like the headphones the guy in this video is wearing.  Can anyone identify them for me?   Thanks head-fi.  I love this place.  
  18. X14Halo

    on ear headphones that don't leak alot

    I am very interested in the PX100's but they leak a bit at high volume from what I have seen. I do not want in ear headphones because they are uncomfortable after a while, and I'd like to stay away from over ear headphones unless they are very portable and comfy. Anything close to the PX100's in...
  19. middlemaniac

    Help! Bose ae or Bose oe?

    Hi, I have the Bose ae right now and am wanting to return them for the oe. I have had the ae for a while and love them but they are a bit fragile. I love the amount of bass in the headphones, which is why I love bose. Should I get the oe instead? Do they sound better?, are they less fragile? I...
  20. ACDOAN

    Head-fi appreciation thread

    A year ago, I needed some headphones for my private listening and I was referred by some members from Audiogon website to this site and Headfonia.   The journey started out with the Senn HD 280 which I sitll have in my HP collection which has been growing insanely but I am glad that i did not...
  21. Ysk0304

    Buying headphones, need some advices here

    I going buy a set of headphones and I have three models in my mind. First one is Shure SRH550DJ, second one is Klipsch Image One and last one is Bose on-ear headphones. I need a strong bass and punch feeling as well as clear sound quality. Thanks first to those who will give me some advices.
  22. Cpt5lImjIm

    Good Sound + Good Bass

    Hi there, new to the forum and I was wondering what headphones I should buy. I love over the ear headphones and I just broke my studio beats that my gf bought me, I have some Piiq Marqiis but the bass isn't good. What would be a good alternative? my budget is up to $200 and I would like for them...
  23. Bigalfast

    New headphone 150-200 dolar

    Hello!   I don´t really know almost anything about headphones, but i love music, composing, playing etc, anda i was hoping to buy some good headphones that give me confort, clear\clean sound and good isolation, in the range of 150 to 200 dolars. Can you help me with this? I have to buy in...
  24. gaboo94

    "Best Quality" headphones for a regular student life.

    Hello,  I'm a new member and i want to congratulate everyone in the forums for their mature answers, and helpful and reliable advices, i've been visitng this site for a while now and I'm glad i found it. (and thanks for not being brainwashed by all the marketing stuff that everyone is into=) )...
  25. DjSlyth

    Headphone Purchasing Decision, Please Help

    Alright, first off I want to say thanks in advance. Basically I am in the market to buy nice headphones. I listen to techno on my iPod and want a high quality pair of cans. I am a noob and would like some help deciding. Right now I am debating between the dt 770 pros or the ATH-A900. I want...