1. Ishcabible

    {*o*} Beyerdynamic DT96A? Auction Ended at 5.50 Euro

    Linky Probably not as good as the DT48, but still, interesting. They could also be twice as good. 48 200ohm+48 200 ohm = 96 400 ohm
  2. jrosenth

    The most underappreciated can ever? DT 48

    Okay - a provocative title but I seriously think the Beyer DT 48 E might just take the cake here. You can count the head-fiers who have even heard it one one hand - so the recommendation are few and far between. Recently there was a thread featuring some first impression that had a couple...
  3. Kukuk

    Mid-centric closed headphones?

    I've been kind of out of the loop with new headphones lately, and am wondering what closed headphones out there are very mid-centric. I've owned the AKG K271s (which are great) and the Sony MDR-CD900STs (which are beyond marvelous), and I've heard, very briefly, Beyerdynamic DT48's, but I'm...
  4. milezone


    I ******* love these.
  5. elharvo

    Back to the source.. Nagra III, Beyer DT 48

    Hi everyone! I've been using phones for digital only for the most part. I find the surface noise on vinyl just too intrusive, although on my main system, I only listen to vinyl.... But recently I got into tape! I find 4 track and 2 track tape to be the most pleasing source yet, via speakers or...
  6. secci

    ART Headamp 6 PRO with Beyerdynamic DT 48 200

    Hi,   I have an home studio and I would like to take the best from my Beyerdynamic DT 48 200 headphone. I am thinking to purchase the ART Headamp 6 PRO amp. Is there anybody that tried this coupling with success? Any reason why it should not work? Do you think I could have better bass...
  7. Schoenberg

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 or DT 48 for office use?

    I need a headphone for quiet office.   I am deciding between DT 770 (250 ohm) and DT 48 (200 ohm). I have amps.   I listen to classical music mainly.    
  8. AzraelDarkangel

    Anyone retrofit Beyer gel pads to the DT48?

  9. weroflu

    DT48a two hole (security ) screw

    The screw holding the driver cover is an old style two hole or security screw.   Anyone know the size and/or where to get a two hole screwdriver for these?
  10. headphone man07

    top ten most indistructable cans

    rules as follows 1 got to be indistructable (well at least as close as possible) 2 got to have different drivers 3 got to be full sized closed cans lets find these hard headphones who think they're strong enough n.b. no tests will actually be done on them
  11. MrMobius

    History of headphones - a good article

    This in an interesting article in the SMH re the history of headphones - previously on Mashable.  Has anyone heard the Orpheus?
  12. KlaasBaas

    Beyer DT-48S (driver) cleaning

    When I was young (say mid 80's) I had a DT 48 A with the round grey earpads. Amazing sound, but traded it for a Sennheiser 414 or so, bad trade.   For 4 months now I got a 1967 DT48S (25 Ohm). Amazing, I got that sound back.!! I got myself a new pair of oval earpads for it.   My...
  13. mandarintje

    B&W P5 headphones vs old Sony MDR CD1700

    Hi, I have some Sony MDR CD1700 headphones, bought them in 1999 and they've served me really well...but I really wanted something a bit smaller like the B&W P5s.  The sound quality on the Sonys is outstanding, and I'm wondering how the P5s compare really.  I especially like jazz and vocals.  The...
  14. NimbleTurtle

    Your Top 3 Favorite Headphones in Appearance

    Topic.    1. Grado SR325is 2. Sennheiser HD 598  3. ATH-W3000 (Limited Edition)    In no particular order. 
  15. chrismercurio

    DT 48A

    All,   I have a pair of Sony MDR-F1's (nice soundstage, okay resolution, HIGH noise floor), Sony MDR-SA5000's (okay soundstage, good resolution, HIGH noise floor, microphonic cable) and Etymotic HF3's (IEM Soudstage, good resolution, low noise floor, microphonic cable). In the past I have...
  16. milezone

    Beyerdynamic DT48 A question

    Could someone who has experienced both of the new versions of the DT48's (E, and A) share their experiences. Are their significant sonic differences? Do you prefer one? Thank you.
  17. Dreded

    A yet another 'neutral' closed can thread. Slight twist though

    So after being a lurker here since what seems like forever, soaking in all the info I could, I'm committing myself to finally get a good set cans.   Looking for a closed set which would serve a couple of purposes.   First, I'm a student studying digital media- sound is a big part of it...
  18. sinae

    Best low cost tube headphone amp perfect for T1 (low cost alternative to CSP-2)

    Should i go with Lyr, Vahalla, Soha II, Jade audio, mung fa... What are your choice and why?   Would a total SS discrete headphone amp be interesting like   Of course one day ill step up to csp-2 but for now I'm looking for...
  19. donunus

    DT250 earpads and the DT48

    Does the dt250 velour pads fit on the dt48? I really want to see how the dt48s sound when using velour pads.   Also if anyone knows of any specific velour or cloth pads that fit the dt48, please let me know :)
  20. Blorp

    Looking for closed-back headphones for (mostly) Baroque music under $200

    Hey guys, first post here.   I'm looking for some over-ear, closed back headphones to use for mostly Baroque and Renaissance music. I think that the best way to describe what I want is 'clarity'. My music tends to have a lot of different instruments playing at once, and I'd like to be able...
  21. ddan6815

    Looking for accurate headphone without boosted bass.

    I'm looking for a pair headphones designed for pure accuracy, nothing that colors the music, nothing that adds bass. something thats not too bright, just detailed, not really concerned about how much bass. i will only be using at home, hooked to my marantz cd player or my preamp, may even...
  22. sinphase

    Headphones that really bring out vocals?

    as the title says. 
  23. redbird

    Which is the best closed-end headphone????

    I was going to purchase a pair of Sennheiser HD598, but I really want a closed headphone. I am looking to something that sounds clear and detailed and not fatiguing. Can anyone recommend a great pair that is reasonable? Thanks
  24. omigawsh_lollercoaster

    BEST closed headphones?

    Accurate & detailed, comfortable, keeps noise out, leak out not an issue. In your opinion please.
  25. knopi

    The most ideal headphones for voices?

    I am interesting what is the most ideal headphones from your experience for voices/vocals no matter how much is it. I am looking for headphones which have voices so (present, alive) that you feel you want even touch on it. I will not write my horses for now which I found to be acceptable.