balanced armature
  1. FiiO FH5s

    FiiO FH5s

    All new 2+2 acoustic architecture, meaning the FH5s is a hybrid driver in-ear monitor with 2 balanced armatures and 2 dynamic drivers. 2. Semi-open design at the rear cavity (It is critically acclaimed in the FD5, which has also been used in the FH5s.) 3. Three sound tuning switches respectively...
  2. X5i High Fidelity 5-Driver In-Ear Headphones

    X5i High Fidelity 5-Driver In-Ear Headphones

    X5i High Fidelity 5-Driver In-Ear Headphones X5i Crafted for the music lovers who value quality and taste but don’t follow trends blindly, MAS’ X5i is a stylish high end 5-Driver in-ear headphones imbued with minimalist aesthetics and unrivaled performance for music on the go or home...
  3. Reecho Insects Awaken

    Reecho Insects Awaken

    Reecho Insects Awaken 4BA 2pin 0.78mm HiFi In-ear Earphones Description Spring series In order to balance high-quality audio performance, restore the original of the sound as much as possible, and adapt to more different types of music, Insects Awaken applies Reecho's first-generation...
  4. Shanling AE3

    Shanling AE3

  5. MOONDROP X Crinacle Blessing2:Dusk

    MOONDROP X Crinacle Blessing2:Dusk

    SPEC: Impedance: 22Ω @ 1KHZ (± 15%) Unit configuration: 1DD + 4BA Frequency response range: 9-37khz Treble unit: Knowles SWFK Midrange unit: Softears D-MID-A Woofer: 10mm paper cone diaphragm Effective frequency response: 20-20KHZ Quality control range: ± 1dB @ 1KHZ Sensitivity: 117dB / Vrms @...
  6. KZ SA08 Balanced Armature 4BA AAC TWS

    KZ SA08 Balanced Armature 4BA AAC TWS

    PRODUCT FEATURES Professional 4BA HiFi TWS As a professional HiFi earphone manufacturer, KZ integrates 4 balanced armatures for SA08. With 22955BA for bass, 29689BA for mids and 31736BA for high frequency, you can enjoy a loose and natural bass with wide frequency response, transparent and full...
  7. KZ ASF 5 BA Universal IEM

    KZ ASF 5 BA Universal IEM

    Specification: 1. Product Name: KZ ASF 2. Brand: KZ 3. Model: ASF 4. Earphone type: In-ear 5. Impedance: 18Ω 6. Earphone sensitivity: 105dB/mW 7. Frequency range: 10-40000Hz 8. Interface: 3.5mm 9.Cable Lngth: 1.25±5cm 10.Color: Black/Blue 11.Whether...
  8. KBEAR Lark

    KBEAR Lark

    Specification: Brand: KBEAR Model: Lark Interface: 2PIN 0.78mm(TFZ) Frequency response: 20-20kHz Sensitivity: 105dB Impedance: 16ohm Earphone material: Zinc Alloy+Environmental friendly PO Color: Mauve; Light Gray; Aqua Green Cable material: 4 core silver-plated cable Plugtype: 3.5mm...
  9. Knowledge Zenith KZ ASX 10 BA Driver Earphone

    Knowledge Zenith KZ ASX 10 BA Driver Earphone

    Knowledge Zenith (KZ) have supplied the world with close to 50 budget earphone models since 2014. Almost all of them are V-shaped with a boosted upper midrange and this repetition has been the subject of forum discussions for the last 3-4 years. With the 10-driver BA model KZ ASX, the company...
  10. BGVP DM8

    BGVP DM8

  11. BGVP DN2

    BGVP DN2

    Brand: BGVP Model: DN2 Plug diameter: 3.5mm Headphone sound principle: Dynamic Driver Balanced Armature combination Headphone output source: portable audiovisual Cable length: 1.2M headset Plug type: straight plug type Whether to control by wire: Yes Impedance: 21Ω Sensitivity: 110dB/mW...
  12. Stealth Sonics C9 Pro

    Stealth Sonics C9 Pro

    The C9 Pro is a 9 balanced armatures flaghsip from StealthSonics Technology : Klarity valve to reduce pressure build up and fatigue in the ear canal from long usage Stealth damping for more controlled bass response SonicFlo Acoustics for resonance and cancellation reduction. Specifications ...
  13. DUNU Studio SA6

    DUNU Studio SA6

    GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 40 kHz (HI-RES certified) Impedance: 60 Ω at 1 kHz Sensitivity: 113 ± 1 dB at 1 kHz Total Harmonic Distortion: < 0.5% at 1 kHz DRIVER CONFIGURATION Bass (2): Sonion AcuPass Vented Dual Woofer Midrange (2): Knowles Custom Midrange Driver (×2)...
  14. Astell&Kern/JH Audio Diana

    Astell&Kern/JH Audio Diana

    Beautiful both inside and out Diana is a product created by combining the world renowned IEM technology of Jerry Harvey Audio, which has long been making custom earphones for musicians around the world, and the expertise of Astell&Kern reputed for their quality products made in Korea...
  15. CCA C10 PRO

    CCA C10 PRO

    Brand Name: CCA Model Number: C10 PRO Time to market: 2020 Specification: Drivers: 1 dynamic driver & 4 balanced armature driver Impedance: 24 Ohm Frequency Response: 20~40 KHz Sensitivity: 109+-3dB/mW, 1000Hz
  16. KZ ZSN PRO X


    Brand Name: KZ Model Number: ZSN PRO X Time to market: 2020 Specification: Drivers: 1 dynamic driver & 1 balanced armature driver Impedance: 25 Ohm Frequency Response: 7~40 KHz Sensitivity: 112+-3dB/mW, 1000Hz
  17. DUNU SA3

    DUNU SA3

    Specs Model: DUNU SA3 Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 40 kHz Impedance: 13 Ω Sensitivity: 112 ± 1 dB at 1 kHz Total Harmonic Distortion: < 0.5% at 1 kHz Shell: High-Precision, 3D-Printed Biocompatible Photopolymer Resin Faceplate: Handmade Photocurable Resin Cable length: 1.2 ± 0.1 m Cable...
  18. AAW Halcyon

    AAW Halcyon

    AAW Halcyon This year, to meet the ever-evolving demand in performance in the IEM arena, we introduce you the all new Tri-Hybrid Driver Architecture in the Halcyon. Featuring quad electrostatic transducers driven by a single, gen 2 transformer with enhanced efficiency and sensitivity in the...
  19. Shanling MTW100 BA

    Shanling MTW100 BA

    Shanling's entry into the TWS world with two variants: DD and BA.
  20. MarkSubsonik


    Hi all, I'm in the process of doing a little spring cleaning. I don't use these much since I mostly moved over to full sized headphones. If you're a fan of IEM's, then you probably know how awesome these are. Probably my favorite set thus far. Full, fast, impactful bass / forward mids and...
  21. Reecho & Peacock Audio Spring

    Reecho & Peacock Audio Spring

    REECHO X PEACOCK AUDIO SPRING | 2*DD & 1*BA Brand Name: REECHO Model Number: SPRING Time to market: 2020 Specification: Drivers: 2 dynamic driver & 1 balanced armatures Impedance: 16 Ohm Frequency Response: 10~38KHz Sensitivity: 106+-3dB/mW, 1000Hz Distortion: <1% Cable: 8 wires Silver Plated...
  22. praneethbm

    Open-Box Audio-Technica ATH-LS300iS Triple BA driver IEM Headphones

    These have insane high quality tight bass rarely found on hi-fi quality IEMs. Major HiFi reviewed this set and called it a 'bass to die for'. I might be paraphrasing but you will get the drift once you hear these. These have A2DC connectors which are rock solid compared to the usual MMCX ones...
  23. TRN ST1

    TRN ST1

    1. Product Name: trn ST1 1DD+1BA In-ear Earphone 2. Brand: TRN 3. Model: ST1 4. Earphone type: In-ear 5. Impedance: 18ohms 6. Earphone sensitivity: 106dB/mW 7. Frequency range: 10-40000Hz 8. Interface: 3.5mm Gilded 9. Plug Type: L curved 10.Cable Length: 1.2m+/-3cm 11.Color: Black,Blue,Purple...
  24. ADV Model 3 BA2

    ADV Model 3 BA2

    Hi-Res Audio Certified | What does it mean? ADV. Model 3 BA2 in-ear monitors are certified by the prestigious Japan Audio Society (JAS) to produce frequency over 40,000Hz making it an essential part of high resolution audio (96kHz/24-bit) listening experience. Excellent Instrument Separation...
  25. ChrisHeld1989

    ThieAudio Legacy 9

    Feel free to post everything you know about this flagship hybrid iem from ThieAudio. Impressions, reviews, comparisons, everything. :)