1. H

    Poll: Best Audiophile Smartphone 2018 (including non released)

    Which one of these phones is/will be the best Audiophile Smartphone in 2018. What do you guys think? Only phones, that are known for their superb audio quality were chosen. Samsung and Iphones and Razer phone are not included, because they are too expensive.
  2. CAPT Deadpool

    Guide to using Raspberry Pis for Audiophile Projects

    This thread is to discuss and demonstrate Audiophile Projects that can be built with the Raspberry Pi. I will attempt to model some of this after Jason's engineering guide on designing the Schiit Coaster Amp, thank you for inspiring me to do this thread. Topics will include: How to select...
  3. F

    Beyerdyamic DT990 PRO or Sennheiser HD 598SR

    Hi I am stuck between these two headphones. I will primarily use my headphones for FPS games which means I will need a headphone that can provide the best positional accuracy and the ability to hear footsteps clearly. I am kind of leaning towards the Sennheiser HD 598SR just because the cable...
  4. S

    *BEST Sounding Headphones for ~$350

    Hey, I would like to hear your recommendations for the best sounding headphones for around $350. I'm NOT looking for a flat-reference sound, so I don't think I'd like something like the Sennheiser hd 600's. I'm looking for a wide soundstage and present and punchy low end. What I'm currently...
  5. C

    Closed-Back Recommendations Needed

    Hey all, been lurking here for a while now trying to figure what to get to kickstart my exciting endeavour into the audiophiliac scene... however, the search for a suitable pair seems to be quite daunting and (much) harder than I anticipated and so I decided to break my silence and seek help...
  6. theaudiologist

    Questions regarding audio on linux

    hi, i have just installed linux (Nitrux OS, based on Ubuntu with KDE Plasma) on my mac 2 weeks ago. the first few weeks i was getting the basics fixed. now i want to set up the audio side of linux. i have some questions: 1)what's the best linux music player sound-quality wise (please DO NOT...
  7. L

    What are the best hifi heaphones with the price tag of $2000+??

    I'm very new to this realm and very curious why some of the headphones have such a high price tags. Perhaps, I can hear from all you experts' thoughts and experiences. Thank you!
  8. L

    New Member Introduction

    Hi, My name is Peter Chou from California. I am currently an ordinary headphone addict, but can't call myself an audiophile yet. Now, I'm have the interest getting into high-end hi-fi world, so I would like to use this platform to learn more. Thank you!
  9. S

    AD900X vs HD 598 vs PC 373D for Gaming, Music and General Use

    Context: Having just been introduced to the world of audiophiles, I spent days doing research on pretty much everything I might need to know. Now I am by no means an audiophile; not yet anyway. But I do appreciate good sound, and I'd like to start experimenting with audiophile grade audio and...
  10. Jupit3r

    In-depth Review of the Creative Aurvana Trio Triple Driver IEM

    Pros: Easy to drive. Natural and balanced sound. Comfort and Isolation. Reasonable price. Cons: The Plastic IEM housing lacks premium feel. Midrange is not entirely clear. Only a few accessories. Creative Aurvana headphones are known for their high audio quality and moderate prices. The...
  11. K

    Best HIGH QUALITY Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    I have Sonos throughout my home, but because of the horrific wi-fi quality it's virtually unusable. Is there such thing as a portable bluetooth speaker that is very high quality? If so, any suggestions?
  12. F

    Looking for best quailty sounding wireless headphones (Bluetooth ) for a gift? £125 ($175)

    Hello Firstly I would like to thank everyone here for the invaluable help last year in helping choose my headphones Audio Technica M30X . They are still making me hear sounds that I did not notice before whilst listening to music and on radio. I have friend who I am looking to purchase...
  13. D

    What's the best setup for console gaming: HT Reciever + Bluetooth Headphones or Astro A50s???

    Anyone using a home theater receiver and audiophile-grade bluetooth headphones for console gaming? I've been researching the daylights outta this topic and could use some good feedback as per the thread title. I know the Astro's are top-of-the-line for console gaming but I am curious what the...
  14. N

    Closed back audiophile headphones under $550

    Hi everyone, I am an audiophile who listens mostly to 24/48kHz lossless files and I want to buy new headphones. Musical genres are metal, jazz, blues, electronica, underground and so basically I listen to everything except Pop music. The headphones should be closed back, on or over ear...
  15. N

    Closed back, audiophile headphones <$550 (purchase advice)

    Hi everyone, I am an audiophile who listens mostly to 24/48kHz lossless files and I want to buy new headphones. Musical genres are metal, jazz, blues, electronica, underground and so basically I listen to everything except Pop music. The headphones should be closed back, on or over ear...
  16. J

    Help me choose the right headphones

    Hello everyone For some days, I've been thinking about buying headphones. I know that gaming headsets are just pure commercial and that normal high-end headphones are actually better in terms of audio quality. A mic is not needed, I already own one. My first choice is the dt 990 25 ohms...
  17. Makiah S

    Best Rediscovered Albums

    Let me ask you guys, what are some of your favorite albums that you now LOVE but didn't like when you first heard? I had this exact moment today, listening to what is the final album from Precious Fathers, Alluvial Fan, I always loved the tone and flow of their first album and could never...
  18. soundofmed

    Bucharest: 4th of Oct @ "AVStore"

    Hey guys, Im going to be in Bucharest next week and was planning on doing some auditioning at "AVStore". If anyone is interested im gonna be there at Wednesday which is the 4th of October, probably around 1 or 2 pm. They have a very wide variety of cans that you can enjoy with some beefy amps...
  19. Coolzo

    [A 'Mini-Con'!] Arizona Head-Fi Meet: October 21st, 2017

    LATEST UPDATE: Audeze will be providing sets of their iSine10, iSine20, LCD-X, and LCD-XC! Also, MrSpeakers has provided his latest electrostatic Ether-ES prototype, along with the Aeon Flow (both open and closed)! Stay tuned for more updates! Greetings, denizens of Head-Fi and of Arizona, It...
  20. R

    B&W P9 vs Fostex TH-900

    Hey guys, I know these two headphones aren't really meant to be everyday items but I'm really sick of crappy gym music and having to listen to crappy earbuds when studying at the library, so I've narrowed it down to just these two closed back audiophile headphones. Now I love clarity and...
  21. R

    Best Closed Back Audiophile Headphone?

    Hey guys, I'm an audiophile and currently own Sennheiser HD650 and I quite like them except for two things - I prefer a more bass heavy headphone and while the sound is amazing I want more bass and two (this is the big one) they're open back headphones, now I'm a student so studying in the...
  22. nhftk4320

    USB to MicroUSB adapter for my dac

    I recently bought the audioquest dragonfly black DAC which connects via USB 2. The product is compatible with android with a proper adapter and my connection is MicroUSB B. Since I bought this fairly expensive DAC, connected to my fairly expensive Shure SE425 earphones, i don't want a 0.2$...
  23. A

    Budding audiophile unsure of audiophile worthiness

    So. I've always enjoyed my music and have clearly seen the difference between say 20-30 dollar earbuds from Walmart to maybe Xiaomi hybrids or recently Shure 215ltds. The issue is I'm looking for the next step up but I'm not sure it's going to get much better. I took a couple lossy tests like...
  24. C

    Headphones for Gaming - Need Recommendations/help

    I am looking for a good pair of headphones for my PC. The headphones would be mostly used for gaming, such as with PUBG, with frequent YouTube/Twitch viewing, and a infequent music listening. Currently, I am stuck between the Beyerdynamic DT 880, DT 770, DT 990, Audio-Technica M50x, ATH-AD700X...
  25. Takstar Pro 82

    Takstar Pro 82

    Takstar Pro 82 Review, impressions and discussion thread Features: • Ø40mm new NdFeB driver features high sensitivity, wide response range and large dynamic • Adopts high polymer coating diaphragm, pure bass, penetrating mids and exquisite highs • Soft and comfortable headband and ear pads...