1. twwen2

    FS: Audio-gd Reference 5.2 DAC [AUS]

    Selling my long-term Audio-gd Reference 5.2 DAC in great condition. Features are as follows: Uses 4x Burr Brown PCM1704-UK chips - this is likely the cheapest PCM1704 R2R DAC on the market! 5 digital inputs (BNC, RCA, 2x Toslink, USB) Fully balanced and single-ended outputs Choice of...
  2. undersys

    Audio-GD Reference 5.32 vs NFB17.32

    Hi,   I am going to be buying a new DAC soon. I'd narrowed it down to the following two : * NFB17.32 * Reference 5.32    I am looking to spend 1k USD or less. I will be pairing it with the Master 9 and a set of LCD-3's.   An example of my music taste would be : Nine Inch Nails...
  3. Shahrose

    Audio-GD Reference 7.1 PCM1704UK DAC (latest version)

    Up for sale is a mint condition Reference 7.1 I bought new from audio-gd a few months back. Paid taxes and extra shipping on this beast. My favourite DAC which I prefer over the PWD MK2 (owned and sold after comparing).   Selling to invest in a more expensive source potentially.   Price...
  4. jonta_dj

    WTB: Audio-GD reference/master series or other Audio-GD

    I want to upgrade from my dac-19 (without dsp) to one of the high end units that Audio-GD make. Preferably 230 volt as I'm in Europe.   Pm or preferably e-mail to: jonta_dj at
  5. elwappo99

    FS: Audio-GD ~~ Reference 5 DAC ~~ Fully balanced, ACSS, XLR, RCA DAC

    SOLD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Just upgraded sources, so I'm looking to sell this guy. Bought about 6 months ago from Pacific Valve for $950.   Really neutral and very detailed DAC. It's also very powerful and serves me well. It is fully balanced with either 3-pin XLRs or ACSS from...
  6. vrln

    FS/FT: Audio-gd Reference 7 S (EU only)

    Hello all,   First of all, I´m selling this because I need more inputs. Most likely I´ll be buying an NFB-8 to replace it. This is the "S" version of the Reference 7, in other words it only accepts a single coaxial or BNC input. The ideal pairing is with a CD transport or the Audio-gd...
  7. IPodPJ

    Audio-gd Reference 7.1 DAC

    All new information and reviews for the latest Reference 7.1 DAC should probably be posted here instead of being mixed in with the other Reference threads.   People should be receiving theirs very soon if they haven't already.  Mine should be arriving tomorrow.
  8. SilverCans

    Audio-GD Reference 7 DAC w/ v5 DSP & OCC Wire Upgrade

    For sale is my Audio-GD Reference 7 DAC has the latest v5 DSP and OCC wire upgrade. Inputs include AES/BNC/RCA/Optical. I paid some major bills this year and so I have to part with the Ref7. Bought it in early December and it's in mint condition. I had Audio-GD install the OCC copper cable...
  9. vrln

    FS: Audio-gd Reference 7 S (EU only)

    Hello head-fiers!   I´m selling my beloved DAC because a.) I need more inputs, and b.) it´s just too large. This is the S version of the Reference 7, meaning that it is the single input variant. There are two digital inputs: coaxial and bnc, and only one of them can be connected. If you want...
  10. vrln

    FS: Audio-gd Reference 7 S (EU only)

    Hello there,   After lots of thinking (and a few times I´ve already put this up for sale, just to take off the classified a day after), I´ve decided to sell this after all... Reasons for selling: (1) this is just far too big (huge!), I can´t fit it anywhere now that my main rig is next to my...
  11. Gilst

    Bel Canto DAC3 or Audio-GD Reference 7S?

    Hello. I've been lurking for quite a while, digging information about sub-$1000 DACs.   However, I have an opportunity to buy one of those (Bel Canto DAC3 or Audio-GD-Reference 7S) used, for around USD1200 give or take. Both of those are practically beyond my knowledge horizon. Bel...
  12. log0

    WTB: Audio-GD Reference 7 USA

    Looking to buy a Reference 7, please PM me if you'd like to sell. USA only. Thank You
  13. tamahome77

    FS: Audio-gd Reference 3 digital interface /w DSP-3 V5 & DSP-3 V3 (Price Drop)

    Just checking interest for the audio-gd reference 3 digital converter.  Original owner and unit in excellent shape.  Comes with dsp3 version 5 and I believe the old one is version 3.  This one has upgraded tcxo clock and stock clock.  Looking for $420 $400 plus shipping.   PM me if you're...
  14. log0

    IC: Audio-GD Reference 1 w/ DSP v5

    Hello, Interest check! Who wants a beautiful Audio-GD Reference 1 DAC? This thing is a monolithic beauty. The Reference 1 is in immaculate condition physically and fully functional, no issues. Very resolving, all the details throughout the sonic range are resolved with this wonderful DAC. It...
  15. Currawong

    Audio-gd Reference 1 DAC with V5 DSP (100-110V)

    I've upgraded my DAC to a Reference 7.1, so my Reference 1 is up for sale.  The Reference 1 is the predecessor to the Reference 7 and is almost the same in design (The Ref 7 had a new chassis and more inputs) with 8x PCM1704 DA chips.   It has:  BNC and RCA coax S/PDIF inputs. RCA, XLR...
  16. he46570

    Audio-GD Reference 7 USB - priced to move

    For sale: one Audio-GD Reference 7 USB. I think this needs no introduction for Head-Fiers. This is the USB version, so it supports up to 24/96 on USB, alongside inputs RCA, coax, balanced and Toslink.    This unit has given me zero problems, and you can see the condition is pristine. There...
  17. LeMat

    SOLD / Audio-GD Reference 1 DAC \

    I'm not sure this DAC needs any introduction, It's one of the most consensual DAC around. Truly high end, incredible sound and built like a tank. Nothing to do with all these flimsy DAC which are flooding the market right now. I'm the original owner. It's in perfect condition and also comes...
  18. JHex2

    Wanted - Audio-Gd Reference 7 or Master 7 DAC

    I just got an Audio-Gd Master 6 and would like a Reference 7 or Master 7 to pair with. Please PM with offers!    Thanks,   Brian
  19. ujiko

    Audio-GD Reference 7

    Audio Gd Reference 7 in excellent condition, no scratches.  Original retail was 1750 before shipping and import duty. This is an outstanding DAC. It uses 8 PCM1704UK chips and has a variable input selector on the front. I thought about upgrading it to the 7.1 but Kingwa said the difference in...
  20. maconhel

    WTB: Audio-gd Reference 7.1 or Master-7

    I am looking to acquire dac audio-gd reference 7.1 or Master-7 version 120V, please send me a PM.
  21. superjohny

    [SYD] FS: Audio-GD Reference 8

    Selling due to getting reference 10.   Audioquest AQ King Cobra XLR Audio Cable 1M is also included.       Here is a page on AUdio GD about reference 8;    Reference 8 is the first DAC to apply truly balanced diamond amp output, has...
  22. gpoutakidis

    Audio-gd Reference 7.1 PCM1704UK - Australia and New Zealand

    Hey Everyone,   At long last the Audio-gd Reference 7.1 DAC has landed and is in store for Audition.   Limited Stock 4 Only $2299.00     Cheers,   George   Tel  +613 9810 2999       Email: Web:
  23. Currawong

    Audio-gd Reference 3 USB/Optical/S-PDIF converter and up-sampler 110V

    This is a rare devices that Audio-gd made at the request of some of their Chinese customers. It is a DSP-3-based device like the Digital Interface, but takes any of S/PDIF (BNC or RCA), optical or USB inputs and outputs to RCA or BNC S/PDIF, with or without up-sampling.   It can optional...
  24. esn89

    Audio-gd Reference 7.1 vs Violectric v800

    I'm in the market for a dedicated DAC and I've had the v800 in my mind (to complement my v200).  However, I have been reading rave reviews about the Audio-gd's Reference 7.1 as being the new flagship DAC.  I was wondering how it compares to the v800 in all aspects.  (I've searched high and low...
  25. lmswjm

    Audio-GD Reference 1 DAC DSP-1 V5

    Here's my Audio-GD Reference 1 DAC up for sale. $75 shipped CONUS. It has the same DSP (V5) as the Reference 7.1 which I am currently using. It is in very good condition. Kept in my smoke-free home.   I compared this very unit connected to the Phoenix against Antelope Audio's Zodiac Gold...