1. joachimvhw

    DAC for AKG550

    Hi   My new AKG550 get static from my onboard RealTek soundcard, and people advised me to buy a DAC, which should also increase sound quality significantly. I've been looking for a good DAC for these headphones, and there's a few recurring names. Could someone shed some light on which would be...
  2. sonci

    Recommend me a CS4398 DAC, (coming from a EMU1212M)

    Hi I've always liked the sound signature of my EMU1212M, very detailed, a bit analytical and a punchy bass, I don't know if this sound is due to the CS4398 DAC chip in the card,  but I really want to try something external, with a similar sound but of course better..   Unfortunately it...
  3. Shnizza

    DT 770 250 Ohms 02+ODac Combo

    I've decided to go with the DT 770 250 ohms head phones but I don't know what Amp/Dac setup to go with. I read that the O2+ODac is pretty good for a desktop setup. I'm wondering if they compliment the headphones nicely or I can turn somewhere else for something better. 
  4. akarin

    Schiit DAC/Amp to replace asus sound card

    Hi, right now I have an asus xonar essence stx to power my beyerdynamic dt 770 250ohm and i don't like having it tied to my desktop, so i'm looking to sell it and then buy a schiit magni/modi combo. these will possibly power a pair of sennheiser hd600's in the future as well but i haven't...
  5. Jeffy141

    DT 880 amp or sound card?

    Hello everyone, I am a noob and my question is probably very noob to you. I just bought the DT 880 250 ohm and the main use is gaming on PC and listening to some music while playing.  I read that I should get an Amp, what do you think about the Fiio E10? Enough? It is also a DAC so I would...
  6. paranoid3000

    The best USB DAC+amp for Audio-Techinca M50

    Hello! I'm looking for combained USB DAC & Amplifier for my Audio-Techinca ATH-M50 headphones. Max cost = 250-300$   I've chosen following items:   Audio-GD NFB 15.32 Audinst HUD-MX2 Tempotech Fantasia Matrix Rip   What will be the best buy? Thanks for answers.
  7. sarahkho

    AMP (or AMP + DAC) for LCD-2 with USB or optical in coming from MacBook pro (max 1500$)

    Hello -   I am looking for an AMP and DAC combo or optionally a separated DAC and AMP to drive a LCD-2 headphone.  My source is my MacBook Pro 2012 and I mainly listen to classical, melodies, soundtracks and from time to time bluz, pop, rock and NewAge.   I was considering the following  ...
  8. Broootal

    To DAC or not to DAC ? (with amp)

    I currently own a set of Sennheiser HD 598's and an audio interface i use for recording called the Native Instruments Komplete 6. The device has a spdif out and i am currently debating whether an amp/dac combo would improve my sound profoundly. The interface itself has a 24/96khz cirrus logic...
  9. jeremy205100

    Adjustable gain headphone amplifier for $75-150

    I am looking for a headphone amplifier to use instead of my TEAC UD-H01 DAC's built in one. I feel like the DAC's degrading the sound on my Beyerdynamic COPs since it is fixed gain and these really need a lower gain setting. But I also have a DT 990 600 Ohm so I need a high gain setting as well...
  10. danr43

    Advice connecting headphone amp to main integrated amp

    I will be adding a Schiit Valhalla headphone amp to my 2-channel music system and I'm wondering about the connection to my main amp. My source is a Mac mini connected via USB to a Schiit Bifrost DAC. From the DAC I connect to a NAD C356BEE integrated amp. From the pre-outs on the amp I connect...
  11. moot11

    Audio-GD NFB-15.32 and B&W P7

    Hi everyone,    I have the following headphones below that I use for for my office (i.e. closed) and would like to know if the 15.32 will benefit my headphones.    Please let me know if you think this will be a good purchase. I may also by HiFiMan He-400 some day Thanks!     Music...
  12. Rennokas

    Vintage AKG K240 Sextette amp question

    Hi,   I have Sextettes which have 600Ohm indepencence max 200mW. Is something like Asus Xonar Essence STU amp/dac which has 80mW @ 600ohm enough for cans like these ?     R.
  13. Biscuitz

    SOLD: Audio-GD NFB-15.1

    For sale is my Audio-GD NFB-15.1 for SOLD. Comes with USB and Power Cable.   I bought this used last year from another HeadFi member. It has served me so well that I have since upgraded to the newer version, the 15.32. The 15.32 has the same amp and same DAC chips as the 15.1, but a slightly...
  14. jinteddy7

    Audio GD NFB 15.1 price drop

    Selling my Audio GD NFB 15.1. I own and bought them to be used in our product videos during September 2012. I did come up with a video for it:   The amp/dac has been hardly used as i work in an advertising firm with 11 working...
  15. stephennic

    Audio-gd NFB 15.32 Impressions or oppinion Upgrade my marantz cd63se

    Hi all,   Has anyone heard the audio-gd NFB15.32, what is it like sonically, how would it compare to a Marantz cd-63se. I want to add a dac and wondering whether it would improve the marantz . Also how does it compare with oher dacs - arcam and Cambridge etc. I am after a musical/natural and...
  16. zdenko1

    Is Audio-GD NFB 15.32 + Audio Technica ATH-AD900 combo good?

    Hi! I am new here and I want to buy my first real headphones along with DAC and AMP. About headphones I'm pretty sure but not about DAC. Can someone tell me if the combo is good, and if not, help me pick some for AD900 headphones? DAC should have at least USB and optical output (I want to use...
  17. gugman

    Please help me choose ! can't decide for a second week already

    Hi all   I am like have spent last 2 weeks reading a lot and researching ( special huge thank goes to Xdaggersoul for all his help) but still can't make the final decision so far these are my options   Schiit Magni Uber & Modi 2 Uber Audio GD NFB-15   Racoon SG 300 Xduoo TA-01 Teralink...
  18. tim3320070

    FS: Audio-gd NFB-15.1 DAC/ Amp FREE CONUS shipping

    In perfect shape NFB-15.1 (newest version) dual Wolfson DAC and amp/ preamp. This is an improved NFB-12 essentially. I love this little beast but upgraded to their SA-31 amp so this has become redundant. Comes with power cable and I'll throw in an 18" Monoprice premium RCA cable because I'm so...
  19. Uri Cohen

    Audio-GD NFB-15.32 Delivery & Impression Thread

    I know there are some folks who want to buy the NFB-15.32 with the upgraded USB chip.  So lets talk about it here!   It appears to be an upgrade from the NFB-15.1.  I would recommend read these threads first so you know what we are dealing with:  ...
  20. JulienM

    Audio-gd NFB-15.1 Async USB 192KHz DAC + headphone amp

    Excellent compact DAC and headphone amplifier with an asynchronous USB input (drivers for Mac and PC available from Audio-gd). Supports sampling rates up to 192 KHz. Clock has been upgraded to a TCXO by Audio-gd when ordered. Specs from Audio-gd:   S/N Ratio: 119db Output Level...
  21. MartyMcFly

    Thoughts on NFB-15.1?

    I haven't seen a review on the NFB-15.1. Are people avoiding it? The reason I ask is because I am thinking on getting the NFB-12.1, but I figured that the NFB-15.1 has the TE8802 Tenor chip built in, making it sound more neutral (which would be a plus with the HE-400, I believe). Plus, it seems...
  22. genclaymore

    WTB: Audio-GD NFB 15.32

    I looking for a Audio-GD NFB 15.32 prefer the seller to within the usa.
  23. Ferras

    NFB 15.1 vs Magni/Modi for classical music recommendation???

    Hey  So I was planning to get the the Beyer DT 880 600 ohms headphones for listening to classical music. So I was wondering what amp/dac combination to get for the Beyer DT 880 600 headphones. I heard that they need a particular type. So the two that I thought was around my budget was the NFB...
  24. MooTaters

    DAC/amp or combo advice needed

    I've been looking for some time now to replace my soundcard which died months ago now.  I figured it was the perfect excuse for me to look into getting a dac/amp or combo of a dac and amp.  Currently I'm using the M50's and I know they don't need amping, but I'd like to get a better dac than...