1. CyberAthlete

    Astro A40: Anyone had any experience with these?

    What do you think? I own ATH-M50s and Senn HD555. How does this compare to these two? Thanks in advance for your input.
  2. Prime

    Alternative to astro mixamp for fps console gaming.

    I am interested in using a dolby headphone capable amp for my AT cans, my friend has the a40 mixamp/headphones which i've tried, i like the amp but was a little disappointed in the cans, my at's sounded better than the a40 set. I was wondering if there was a comparable product to this mix amp...
  3. WAxlRose

    Astro a40 vs AKG 701 (noob)

    So im trying to decide between these two headsets, from what ive read the a40's arent very good with the bass, and music in general, which is what i would be using it for about 50 percent of the time. Now the akg 701 are suppose to be real good for music and all that, but how about games...and...
  4. Astro A40 Audio System - White

    Astro A40 Audio System - White

    The Astro A40 Audio System combines crystal-clear voice communication with pinpoint-accurate 5.1 Dolby Digital and Dolby Headphone surround utilizing the most user-configurable headset on the planet. In addition to the A40 Headset's removable speaker tags (which are high-quality collectibles in...