Astro A40 Audio System - White

General Information

The Astro A40 Audio System combines crystal-clear voice communication with pinpoint-accurate 5.1 Dolby Digital and Dolby Headphone surround utilizing the most user-configurable headset on the planet.

In addition to the A40 Headset's removable speaker tags (which are high-quality collectibles in their own right), you'll find a completely user-configurable microphone boom. It attaches to either side -- or removes completely for solo gaming and music sessions.

The A40 Audio System includes the external A40 MixAmp, providing Xbox and and Xbox 360 users with combined voice and game sound -- ideal for tournament play and discrete "midnight gaming" sessions. A discrete game/voice balance control enables you to find the ideal in-game setting. PC Gamers benefit as well, by offloading surround decoding and voice communication duties to the A40 system. Combine multiple A40 MixAmps and you'll be provided a private, hands-free, full-duplex voice communication channel -- much higher-quality than VoIP systems, with zero network and system lag. Every A40 MixAmp is daisy-chainable, and each comes complete with everything you need to connect the built-in voice communication feature of multiple MixAmps. The A40 Audio System gives in-person teams the competitive edge by selectable/mutable Xbox Live communication while maintaining a dedicated, private chat channel when daisy-chained.

The A40 Headset comes with a quick-disconnect cable and multiple ends: an A40 MixAmp cable (also compatible with portable audio players), and a standard dual-jack PC connector with in-line volume and mute control. Inject your games with your own soundtrack. Connect your mp3 player through the mixer itself with the included cable. Free up valuable system resources, and put your music within arm's reach.

*Please Note: This version of the MixAmp is compatible without an adapter for use on the PS3

Latest reviews

Pros: Great quality, an good funtions
Cons: Average sound
Ok first I need to say that I'm not an audiophile, and I use this site mostly for help  than giving advise whit that told I will continue
I've owned this headset for more than a year and they are really good, if you're looking for a headset that can be used with the xbox, xbox one , ps3, ps4, and not only in your pc and  ipod, mp3 player and so but it have an average sound , by average I mean that It can be compared to some basic headphones like the beats studio, sennheiser hd 518, etc, they are semi open, they are not heavy , and they are comfortable, the mix amp have a problem , in which when you turn up the volume up to like 75% you can hear a buzzing sound and it increases as the you increase the volume and there is no solution to ist, and apparently is an issue with al the ´pairs, as my brothers bough 2 more and all the mix amps had the same problem and it's kind of anoying specially when i use them to listen to music, but they are not made for that, I can recomend them but I also can recomend you something better to do if you're willing to spend a bit more, of course with a better sound , and it would be to buy the mix amp , and a pair of headphones that you like, if it have mic included, that 's great but if not you can get the mod mic or the v moda boom pro and a cable where the mic an headset tur in to one entry (sorry for my bad english, i can't explain that part very well ) and that way you'll have a better headset an you'll be able tu use it on your console.
dub Beatz
dub Beatz
Hey, Maxi,
Thanks for the review, first off. I just wanted to say your issue with the buzzing sound is usually prevelant in all headphone amplifiers when the gain or volume is increased too much on the amp itself. In other words, to minimize the buzz, what most people do is max the volume from their source and keep the amp low. I've owned several pairs of headphones / headsets for gaming, and was just days from buying some Astros when I decided I didn't really need them, I hope you are able to reduce the buzzing you hear from the amp by following the steps above. 
Baby Face Tony
Baby Face Tony
How would you rate them without the mix amp? The one at my local Best Buy doesn't include it.


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