1. Questyle M12i — Mobile DAC/Amp

    Questyle M12i — Mobile DAC/Amp

    Questyle M12i The Questyle M12i comes as a successor to the highly-acclaimed M12 that came out in 2021, with improved sonic capabilities, better aesthetics, and MFi certification. Automatically detects impedance for improved performance with a variety of headphones Can handle up to...
  2. Questyle M15i — Mobile Headphone Amp & DAC

    Questyle M15i — Mobile Headphone Amp & DAC

    Questyle M15i The Questyle M15i is the second-generation, MFi-certified update to our award-winning high performance portable M15 DAC/amp. M15i boasts near-universal compatibility with any mobile device or computer 3.5mm and 4.4mm output with selectable gain, provides higher level of power...
  3. Tanchjim Space Lite

    Tanchjim Space Lite

    Technical Specifications: - Product name: SPACE-Lite Portable DAC Headphone Amplifier Headphone interface: 3.5mm single-ended interface Input interface: USB Type-C(Non-replaceable line) Frequency response range: 20hz-80Khz (-0.5dB) Background noise: <1uV Dynamic Range:126dB(AES17 20KHz) SINAD ...
  4. Venture Electronics Megatron

    Venture Electronics Megatron

  5. JDS Labs Element III

    JDS Labs Element III

    From JDS Labs' official website: We’ve reimagined our flagship amp+DAC to create a listening experience you will notice and appreciate. Element III runs on our second generation XMOS hardware and firmware, blissfully integrated with a custom encoder. You’ll hear perfect channel balance down to...
  6. CEntrance HiFi-M8 V2

    CEntrance HiFi-M8 V2

    "Get the most advanced portable amplifier and DAC by CEntrance. With USB digital input, 3.5 mm analog input and wireless Balanced Bluetooth input, this is our best portable amplifier yet! Exclusive CEntrance technology for extra audio enjoyment. Balanced circuits offer significant improvement...
  7. T

    Alternative to the SBX's software?

    The main reason I'm troubled between the X7 and other AMP/DAC is that it has an unique software(SBX commander) that gives optimized audio for a variety of games(PUBG, Scout Mode, Overwatch, APEX... etc.). Is there a way to do the same while using other AMP/DAC products?
  8. Aune X1s Pro

    Aune X1s Pro

    The X1s Pro is the 7th generation of the Aune X1 range. With its DAC ES9038Q2M with 3 filters and decoding capabilities up to PCM 32bit 768kHz and DSD512.
  9. Gmag21

    Amp/DAC for office

    Hi all, I recently purchased a pair of Sony Z1R headphones and I’m planning to use them exclusively on my desktop PC at work (streaming hifi music from tidal). I’m thinking about pairing my new headphones with a DAC/amp device but not sure what’s best or recommended for my use case. I don’t...
  10. HeartShapedPillboxHat

    Looking for an educated guess, rumours or deductions on when can we hope to see the return of the THX-AAA-789 on Massdrop?

    I’m in the market for a Dac/Amp. If the THX-AAA-789 was available my search would be over (and my post you’d be “what Dac would compliment the thx), alas patience not being one of my strong suits, I’m considering the NFB 11-38 with the TCXO upgrade or the R2R-11 both from Audio-GD. It might help...
  11. AnnoyingNewGuy

    Portable Amp For AEON Flow Open

    So, I jost got the AEON flow open and are running it on my Schiit Jot. But that's at my desktop. What do people recommend to use portable with the AEON. XLR connection is a plus. I'm looking for something under 300. Used works as well. If I'm in the wrong thread I apologize, I can move
  12. Osc4r86

    Headphones amp/dac?

    Hi I have a teac ai-101da and my question is this when I have it hooked to my mac mini through the the usb port and sometimes when I turn it on and select the device in my mac minis sound options it just freezes/stalls and the song doesn't play it just stops ,why is that ? And secondly I have...
  13. A

    Is Spotify compatible with an usb dac on Android 8?

    I have a pair of m50x and since they sound pretty bad from my (android) phone I decided to get an amp/dac Fiio Btr1k. The fiio device can be used wired or wireless, but I don't know if I can use its dac function through bluetooth and I don't know if I can use it connected to my phone through usb...
  14. iceladen

    connecting amp/dac to soundcard for PS4 Pro and PC

    Hello, my combo is amp/dac (creative g5) connected usb on pc and optical input to optical output on my ps4 pro my pc has the creative ae-5 (internal soundcard) and i want to have the pair of headphones (beyerdynamic dt770 pro) on the ae-5 so i use the line in 3.5mm jack from G5 headphones out...
  15. Thenewbie76

    What headphones should I get?

    Im still kind of an audiophile newbie having only purchase an AKG 7XX, fidelio X2 and Shiit fulla 2 (AMP/DAC) to go with the headphones.But I am ready to go and buy new headphones with a bigger budget and wanna see what more the "audiophile" world has to offer. Thing is i am not sure what...
  16. iFi Audio xDSD

    iFi Audio xDSD

    The xDSD DAC is the latest iFi statement in advanced, affordable, portable audio. Its dark titanium vacuum ion plated metal enclosure is pleasingly tactile and compact. The radio-frequency transparent end cap allows full CD-wireless music transmission. It delivers for music lovers and...
  17. N

    Trying to upgrade or sidestep from my HE-400i's.

    I want to either upgrade my HE-400i to the HE-400S or get a K7XX or HD 6XX. Getting the Sennheisers or AKG would be more costly because I would need to get a new DAC/AMP for them. What should I get and is it worth the price to change to the Sennheisers or AKG? I mainly game and listen to music.
  18. N

    Hifiman HE-400i Dac/Amp

    I want a dac/amp that would best suit the Hifiman HE-400i. I'm debating if the Focusrite Solo has a dac that can compete with the Schiit Fulla 2's. Which one should I pick. The solo I can get used for 65. The Schiit would be msrp. Would the 2i2 be better than both?
  19. Thenewbie76

    Monolith m1060 or HIFIMAN HE-400I

    Im kinda dumb when it comes to audiophile terms.So basically i wanna purchase a new headphones.But im stuck between choosing the monolith m1060 or the hifiman HE-400I. My first audiophile purchase was the AKG 7XX from massdrop and my amp/dac combo is the shiit fulla 2.Whichever headphones i buy...
  20. X

    CIEMs and my smartphone (and maybe an amp/DAC)

    Hello! I'm feeling frustrated with my audio setup, and hoping someone can help. I have a pair of Noble K10 CIEMs which I am using on my smartphone (OnePlus X). I also have an Oppo HA-2 amp/DAC which I sometimes add to the mix. Unfortunately, neither setup is satisfactory. If I don't use the...
  21. Rex Aevum

    Which AMP/DAC would you choose?

    Hello, I am looking for an amp/dac to power LCD-X that I will be getting shortly. The ones I was considering were: Questyle CMA600i Audio-GD NFB 28.38 Schiit Jotunheim I don't really have a way of listening to them before buying so I would any inputs on how they sound. I am looking for a...
  22. Rex Aevum

    Feedback on Questile CMA600i vs Audio-GD 28 [HELP]

    Hello everyone, I have just joined the community and I am new to the high-end audio scene, I only started getting into it about 2 years ago, in this time span I have acquired some gear, while not high-end way better than the gaming headsets and regular speakers I had. I currently have: Schiit...
  23. S

    What do I need for my new Senn HD600's?

    Below $100 AU preferably Okay so I scored a deal on some HD600's and they will be my first "audiophile" headphones, so I have no clue what to get for them. Should I get a sound card? An amp or dac or both? Or should I go without anything at all?! It's all very confusing and expensive. I really...