1. Drixxi

    Which component to upgrade?

    Hi there, first I'd like to thank you all for being such an amazing resource.  I've been lurking here for at least 3 months getting tips and reading all I can.  Now that I'm about spend some serious money, I thought I'd ask for some personalized advice before jumping into things.   So my...
  2. GamerOne

    Thinking of maybe changing my K701's for something more... musical

    I both love and dislike my K701 at the same time.. When it comes to details, clarity and soundstage they are truly amazing, but at the same time I experience the sound to be a bit cold and emotionless.   I've been using them for about 150-200h now, but the more I listen to them the more I...
  3. chetanappu007

    Need headphones under 250$....please suggest.

      Hello everyone, i need some help getting full size headphones under 250$. I currently own monster turbine pro copper earphones...i am looking for headphones which sound atleast as good as copper pros do or even better. please suggest me some good full size headphones.  Thanks in advance.
  4. violeta88

    Revisiting the HD595...

    I have owned a pair of HD595's along with various other high end open circumaural headphones for the last year or two and up until today I never was able to get anything close to high end sound from the 595's. Then I tried fiddling around with the headband adjustment, extending the headband...
  5. maverickronin

    Looking for a Good All Around Pair of Closed 'Phones

    After a bit of back and forth between many highly regarded open 'phones such as the DT880s, the 701s and the HD650s I suddenly realized that I'd do much better with a closed headphone to attenuate some of the racket in my listening environment. This racket includes, a window A/C unit, a ghetto...
  6. ry_goody

    AKG K702 sound degradation from plug + internal wiring?

    I used to have a pair of AKG K701's with a black dragon cable on them. I thought they sound excellent. Then one day out of curiosity, or rather I think a hair got stuck in the driver, I opened them up to look inside. I noticed that the drivers had two rather large mental poles sticking out of...
  7. maxsayer

    Headphones with super crisp vocals.

    I'm looking for headphones for my home setup, where I mostly watch videos on youtube and listen to rock music. I want open headphones, with a huge soundstage and super clear vocals and spoken word and such. I also listen to a lot of rock music and will be using them with my Fiio e9/e7 combo.
  8. NonApplicable

    Purely SQ: Fullsized vs IEMs

    I've been debating with myself lately if to let go of my SR325is(let me know what you think of my price btw) and go with top tier universal IEMs. I searched for a consensus on these forums to no avail. My belief is that Fullsize headphones have more bang for their buck, is this true? When you...
  9. Ajani

    Audeze LCD2 Rev 2 or HiFiMan HE-500???

    I'm considering upgrading from my AKG K701s and am torn between the Audeze LCD2 Rev 2 and HiFiMan HE-500. I'm interested in any comparisons of the sound of the two as I'll have to buy without first listening to either (as I live in Jamaica).    For the record, I've owned the K701s driven by...
  10. DavidK35

    Any SS head amps that have tube like "warm" sound, especially in the treble

    I know the obvious answer is, get a tube head amp, but I am looking at Tube Buffer + SS amp. Am aware of gd Audio "SA" versions but are there any other makes in current production? Under $1000 & pre amp or not is ok. TIA.
  11. ramzes235

    hesitation between four headphones ... !

    hello everybody , first i will apologize for my mistakes , i'm not an english man :(  so as you can read i hesitate between 4 headphones , i will use my headphone for listening music( hip-hop , rock , classic ... ) on my pc , and do some mix with them , i have read a lot of reviews but i can't...
  12. voodoo do-er

    is my amp limiting my akg k701's

    I have this amp/receiver http://support.jvc.com/consumer/product.jsp?archive=true&pathId=5&modelId=MODL027235 I'm thinking that it may be limiting my new set of akg k701 the reason I'm thinking it is because of the 20Hz to 20kHz output should I worry about it ? or am I making a problem were...
  13. droido256

    Hard protective case for my Shure SRH840's

    Hello Im a proud new owner of a pair of Shure SRh840's, and while the case that it comes with is...ok I'd much rather have better travel protection for them. The whole fold up mechanism is a bit new to me, as I never tried folding up the sony v6's, and the K701's are really my only other high...
  14. twomonger

    Help! Need headphones + amp, ~400 dollars to spend

    Hello all, this is my first post here and I'm pretty new to headphones.   I own a pair of Sony MDR-V6s for general listening/iPod use and I think I'll continue to use them when I'm taking the train/walking to class etc. but for the next year I want a pair of headphones that will be with me...
  15. captian73

    AKG K530's anyone?

    does anyone have these and if so, do you know if i can get hold of a pair? i troed to look last night, and got a load of german websites. unfortunately i haven't done any German since leaving school, so i don't know if any sie will deliver to the UK.
  16. thejoker69

    AKG Q701 disappointing? Help on deciding please

    Hi everyone,   this is my first post so I'll hope this is the right section - and that this is a good place to ask this! :)     So... I'm a hardcore music listener (meaning I listen to music for at least 8 hours per day) but when it comes to the technical side I'm very ignorant.  ...
  17. bcwang

    Headphone Sensitivity / Power Requirements Compared

    Prompted by the higher than expected sensitivity of the HD800, I spent some time creating a spreadsheet of headphones output power required at different level, using their official sensitivity spec to scale with. I thought it was quite interesting after looking at the results, so I'm going to...
  18. Germancub

    Most overrated headphones?

    I've heard everything from Sony R10 and Stax Omega 2 to the PX100 and SR60's being called the most overrated headphones in the audiophile world.   Since the other thread about overrated headphones became mostly about bose, skullcandy and beats...What is your vote for the most overrated...
  19. chengilang

    Recommendation: Q-Jays or SE535 for an extra $100

    Hello all,   Is the SE535 worth an extra $100 to Q-Jays? I listen to all kinds of music except country, so a well-rounded IEM would be great. However, a majority of the music I listen does involve bass. So what's everyone's opinion?   Thanks
  20. necker

    amp for akg k701

    Hi I'm looking for an amp for my AKG K701. I need recommendations
  21. Mooses9

    akg k701 with custom cable

    im looking to sell mt akg k701. the headphones have been recabled  with a 8 wire twist. the headphones sound great the pads are worn and there is a small crack on one of the covers by the silver removeable mesh grill. the headphones used to have a dual sided cables but are currently on a single...
  22. Clarity

    K701 owners.

    How well do these cans do rock. All my cans are Grados and I'm itching to try something different. I think the K701s are for me based on reading some reviews. I just want to know how well they do with rock since it makes up about 60%-70% of what I listen too. Thanks
  23. dw6928

    K701 at 500 hrs

    there have been some threads recently debunking the burn in of K701s. I just reached 500 hours with mine, 300 burning in and 200 at play. At about 450 hrs. the headphone completely changed. The bass has blossomed beyond my expectation (coming from a Microstack). These cans out of the box were...
  24. azynneo

    [Trade] Chris_Himself Silver + Gold 48" IEM Cable for akg k701/k702

    These cables retail 270+ and go really nice with any monitors I've used them with, but I sold my UERMs so I just want a pair of 701s / 702s, and please be in excellent condition I don't want a piece of trash in a box :p.
  25. Icenine2

    K701's are incredible!!!!

    I've got about 50 hours on the AKG 701's and they are incredible! Really musical. I keep reaching for CD's to hear music I love that I haven't heard that good in quite a while. These sound as good as the big rig(no headphones). I'd really like to hear these w/new digital front end-Ayre universal...