1. alan2here

    AKG K451 vs Sennheiser PX-200 II

    Which to prefer and why? My old 'Sennheiser PX-200 II' have recently worn out, probably at the connection to the plug :-( I've tried and like both pairs, I'm thinking of getting the AKG but I'm not sure.
  2. tobyberrett

    Best on-ear headphones for under £80?

    I just want opinions and reviews on different on-ears for under £80 or so, so I can make a decision on which pair to buy. I want a lot of good bass but clear highs and mids, and ideally a detachable wire. I looked at the AKG K451 but they might not give me that clarity in the mids and highs...
  3. tobyberrett

    RHA SA950i vs AKG K451

    Which of the RHA SA950i and the AKG K451 headphones is best for powerful bass, but with clear highs and mids? The K451 seem like they will produce good bass, but lack high-end sound and clarity, is this true? Do the SA950i give enough bass for me, and do they offer more clarity than the K451...
  4. SoniMax

    Was it a good choice ?

    Hello, i hope there isn't another thread with the same question. At least i didn't find one. So, may i ask you guys, who have a lot more experiance with professional audio equipment than me, whether my graduation gift to myself was a good choice. I was planning on spending around 100$(shipping...
  5. chaza01

    Need a good set of headphones under £50 (portable headphones, not iems) - AKG K451s good?

    Hi there,   I Need a good set of headphones under £50 (portable headphones, not iems).  I've heard good things about the K451s but wonder if there are any other contenders.    These need to be portable and similar in size to the AKGs.   Would really appreciate any advice.   Kind regards...
  6. Boyz2men

    Experience to be shared with 104 full-size, portable headphones and in-ears I have been using. Any questions related to following headphones are welcomed

    As described I tried a list of full-size, portable headphones and in-ears and I want to share with you guys. I am a bit lazy so I don't want to be the guy who is about to write a thread for hundreds headphones comparison. This thread is more like a Q&A type rather than something heroic. You can...
  7. crashtest33

    Comparison help

    I've just recently sold my AKG451's and am after something better with more controlled bass. I can get some new Soundmagic HP100's and some used Beyer-d 1350's for the same money. Which are the better sounding headphones? Cheers peeps
  8. Scottie1

    New cans for LG G2

    Hi, new to these forums and looking for some advice - just bought an LG G2 phone and have Deezer premium+ app so I'm looking for a new set of headphones, pref on ear, which will mainly be used at home and around house but work away quite a bit so they'll come with me 'on tour'. I listen to a...
  9. evgeny3d

    AKG K541 vs. Grado SR80i or Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO 250 ohms

    Hello.   I'm new in headphones hobby and try to get some good phones please help to choose right one. I like dubstep and doom black metal, also some classic music. Most of my music is flac format on PC,and have NuForce uDac - 2 Headphone Amplifier, But also have AV Recievr Denon...
  10. 007noob007

    Choose between a few head phones

    i live in israel, so we dont have that many headphones... here are my option-   Shure SRH-750-DJ akg q460 akg k181 akg K450 skullcandy aviator akg K451 (what is the difference from akg k450) Shure SRH440-A       music-  I listen to all kinds of music: rock, Irish music...
  11. melat0nin

    AKG K451s -- did I buy fakes, or do they just need burn in?

    Hi all   I've just received my K451s, bought new from eBay (I know I know, but the seller has stellar feedback so I decided to take the risk and they were only a tenner less than the next cheapest retailer -- possible false economy though!).   Anyway, on first listen I'm very...
  12. A

    Please help me decide between these 2 headphones

    I honestly can't decide, I have no way to try them before purchase, so I have to trust the few reviews, my guts and you. Which should I buy ? Beyerdynamic DTX 501 P http://europe.beyerdynamic.com/shop/hah/headphones-and-headsets/mobile-portable/dtx-501-p.html AKG K451...
  13. beaker1977

    On Ear Headphones with iPhone Remote - recommendations?

    Hi,   I'm relatively new to this forum and was hoping I could get advice. Basically, I'm looking to get a replacement set of headphones for my iPhone for commuting to and from work. I'm using some Audio Technica ATH CKS55i in-ears at the moment and although they are quite nice, overall I'd...
  14. icedtea99

    Bose OE2 vs AKG K451 vs Bowers P3

    I'm shopping for a pair of portable headphones on Crutchfield. I have a $50 gift certificate there. The selection is limited and I've narrowed it down to 3:    Bose OE2 AKG K451 Bowers and Wilkins P3   Any suggestions out of these three? I tried the Bose and Bowers at an Apple store...
  15. Clueless1

    ATH M50's vs AKG K451

    I'm completely new to headphones and am looking to purchase either the M50's or K451. While the K451's cost £70, the M50's cost £120, are the M50's worth the extra money? What are the pros or cons of each.
  16. Steely Dan

    On ear or over ear headphone with good isolation in the sub $200 range?

    Ok, this actually isn't for me, but for my girlfriend.  She currently has Sennheiser HD239s, which is happy with sound wise, but now she's started commuting by train, at least a couple of hours a day, and obviously they let a lot of noise in and out, and are far from ideal for that.  She also...
  17. Arvan

    "new" AKG K 451.. Have anyone tried em out?

    I am still not pleased with my portable setup..I got the sony zx700 and i like them alot, but not for use on the move..It does not bother me that they are rather big and does not fold..My problem is that i don´t want to bring a portable amp every time i want portable audio.    I got my...
  18. MetalOllie

    ATH-M50, AKG-K451 or something else (under £100)

    Hi, I currently use a pair of JVC Xtreme Xplosives headphones (HAS4X), which are pretty good, but basic. I'd like to upgrade to a better pair. My son has a pair of Beats (no idea which ones), which sound very good, but I get the feeling Beats are overpriced for what they are, aren't terribly...
  19. Tapash

    Help Please! choosing AKG K518 vs K451, or similar

    Hello experts. I really need help choosing a headphone between above mentioned or any suggestion is open. First of all my head is small so would not go for a big cup. I like R&B, Dance, Party. I would also like to have some noise cancellation (well I don't expect any official noise...
  20. phptomer

    Compare Cup of headphones

    hello im new here so if the thread should be in another forum so plz move it. i want to buy a headphones and i dont know what best sounding: beats solo hd AKG K450 AKG K451 AKG Q460 AKG K518 V-MODA LP   the types of music that i hear are: Oriental and dance
  21. hallucynogenyc

    AKG K452

    So, after the amazing K450 and the even better K451, the 2013 model is out. This is the best deal I've been able to find: http://www.richersounds.com/search/k452 I'm currently living in London and got one of these Richer Sound stores very near, I'm planning to buy the blue ones tomorrow...
  22. Titan89

    First headphone

    Hi All,   I'm looking for my first on-ear headphone. After a few days searching I found some pretty nice. Firstly let me tell you what headphones I'd like. Mostly I will use it on streets with an iphone 4 so mobility is important. It should be closed system and one important thing is the...
  23. hoppenma

    Get Philips M1 or AKG-K450/451 or stay with Shure SE215 with Fiio E17 combo

    Hello,    At the moment I've a shure SE215 in-ear partnered with a Fiio E17 USB/DAC/Amp. Would upgrading to a portable Philips M1 be better partners for more listening pleasure?    Or is the E17 together with the AKG K450/451 a better match with regard to component price-quality match. ...
  24. opie100

    Buying Advice Sought ($70-150)

    Greetings rock stars.  My first post.  Tingling all over.  Here's my deal:   1) MDR-V6 owner since 1990 - still have them - cups need replacing but I'd rather spend the $20 on new phones.  I like these guys but they make my ears hot.     2) Ear buds make my ears hurt.  Even my Sennheiser...
  25. Miklos

    Disappointed with AKG K451 - looking for alternatives

    Hello all,   I really enjoy my Sennheiser HD 201 (and I know they are not considered really good by many - I found them ok for home use). But they are a bit big in some cases. So I decided about two weeks ago, that I would like to upgrade to a smaller - closed, on ear headphone.   I did...