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Need a good set of headphones under £50 (portable headphones, not iems) - AKG K451s good?

  1. chaza01
    Hi there,
    I Need a good set of headphones under £50 (portable headphones, not iems).  I've heard good things about the K451s but wonder if there are any other contenders. 
    These need to be portable and similar in size to the AKGs.
    Would really appreciate any advice.
    Kind regards,
  2. ThickGlasses
    My old pair of JVC HA-S600's did me well for traveling in the past, but they need extensive burn in (250+ hours) before they sound their best.
  3. chaza01
    Thanks for the recommendation, but I think 250 hours is too much.  These are actually intended for my brother (he is about to go off to Spain for a year to study) and will not understand the concept of 'burn in' !
    Are there any other headphones you can think of? Do you know anything about the k451s?
  4. ThickGlasses
    I totally understand, 250+ hours is really off putting and if you're buying for someone who's unfamiliar with it (and going on a trip, so I'd assume he also has time constraints) it's best to have it ready to go out of the box.

    I'm afraid my understanding of Spanish is on the same level as my knowledge of the AKG K451's. It might help to know your brother's musical tastes first, I could be of better service then.

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