Westone 4 True-Fit Earphones

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The pinnacle of the Westone Series, the quad-driver
Westone 4 earphone will take your listening experience
to an entirely different level. Four balanced armature
drivers and a three-way crossover network deliver
breathtaking clarity and realism. Westone’s True-Fit
technology provides superior ergonomics and comfort.

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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Incredibly 'organic' SQ especially mids; comfortable fit (small for a quad); punchy; very roomy soundstage; fat bass; easy to drive
Cons: Treble extends fine but lacks pizzazz and authority, sounds slightly muffled; paying retail MSRP today would be unconscionable
Love 'em! Great if you can get them for a more reasonable price (sub-$300). The perfect definition of "upper middle class" sound, with a special punch in how natural the bass and mids sound.
Dewey Lee
Dewey Lee
Hey man, I believe you're selling these? I'm interested but I've hit my 2pm a day limit so could you send me a pm please and we can work something out!


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: SQ, Accessories, Fit, Cable, Isolation
Cons: Price
Just like the title says: What Makes Them So Good? They Don't Do Anything Wrong
The W4s aren't going to blow you away with their treble shimmer or uber-deep bass nor their silky smooth mids. Their just-warm-of-neutral signature isn't going to make you break into song and dance at every available opportunity. 
What they will do, however, is everything, pretty dang well. It's like shotgunshane says "The W4’s are supremely balanced and natural.  No one frequency intrudes on another.  Detail retrieval is unparalleled.  They are very smooth and coherent.  The funny thing is you may not like them when you first put them in because there is no WOW factor.  Once you get over that initial disappointment, they seemingly get better and better. The best compliment is to say they do nothing wrong."
The clarity and balance is the best I've heard (granted I've never dropped over $300 for IEMs). They are equally adept at handling the glockenspiel and flute in Holst as they are at navigating the iconic sub-bass from James Blake.
The accessories are satisfying and the case works very well. It bears mentioning that the cables are the best stock cables I've seen. The braid is great and their strain reliefs don't make me scared to run with them.
If you're looking for multi-armature IEMs that hit the middle ground between super-neutral and ultra-fun, I can't recommend the W4s enough. 
I recently purchased the W4R and was going to write a review...but now I don't have to. I completely agree with everything you (and shotgunshane) have said about them. Nice job!
Many thanks!


100+ Head-Fier
I cannot express how happy I am with my Westone 4 earphones. No need for a long review but I will just say I have tried many IEMs in the over $200 bracket and this knocks nearly all of them out of the park. Completely neutral, open sounding earphones that have one of the flattest response characteristics I have ever come across. Very comfortable and give excellent isolation to boot. I think these are a keeper! :)
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