Klipsch ProMedia In-Ear Premium Noise-Isolating Gaming Headphones with Mic (Black/Red)

General Information

Your enemies don't play fair, so why should you? With the new Klipsch ProMedia in-ear premium noise-isolating gaming headphones, your PC gaming competitors won't stand a chance. Rest assured these headphones will produce any and every noise to help keep tabs on opponents — no more sneak attacks. Not only will you always be on point, but the headphones allow for conversations between teammates via the high quality mic embedded in the remote. Of course, the ProMedia headphones also include our patented oval ear tips so you can comfortably kick butt for hours.

Latest reviews


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Bass, in-line mic, OK SQ
Cons: Harsh treble, sound compressed, poor cable
These are solid IEM's. I've owned mine for about 2 years and they're still working. They're showing serious wear, but still working. They are decent at low volumes but the bright mid-range and grainy, sharp treble is tough to listen to a lot of music through. The newer versions of the S4 seem to be an improvement. The bass is decent, but lacks extension and is a bit wild. Definitely bleeding into the mid-range.

The cable is fine, but it is permanently "coiled." This is very obnoxious. However, they've seen a stupid amount of abuse and the cable is still holding together fine. This is very impressive. The tips fall off far too easily but they do work well for me.


New Head-Fier
Pros: great sound
Cons: bad design
these are great sounding earbuds, they feel comfortable and look pretty good. the one huge problem with these are that every time the cable touches your cloths you get this thudding sound go straight into your ears, very disappointing .
i found this site useful if you ned to know more, i wish i had read it before i bought them
Do these have the same drivers that the S4's have? I had those and loved them, now I have the Klipsch X10i which are great.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Build Quality, Built in Mic, Y-Adapter for PC
Cons: Stock tips are too soft, could not get a good seal;
Coming from a Sony MDR-V6 for my main set CAN, I'm very use to a flatter frequency response and far less bass. The large amount of bass can overpower the main track in some my electronic tracks however it is just strong enough in most of music making it far more enjoyable. This was mainly observable on my desktop PC with a Creative X-Fi, but on my Samsung Galaxy S, the extra bass was just enough to push the weak default source to a far more enjoyable level. It was a great improvement over the stock oem "premium" headphones which isn't saying much here on head-fi although there were better than the your typical run of the mill headsets. Still for $40 (I got them on sale at my local B&M store), it was a pretty good value.


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