Ultimate Ears 700 Noise Isolating Earphones

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Designed with a micro dual-armature layout to give you a cleaner, more precise audio reproduction. This is the closest you may get to the same professional-grade stage monitors used by 75% of the world's touring professional artists and sound engineers. With sound so clear and authentic, you'll think you were listening to your favorite artist performing live in your living room. Such a small device produces such a magnitude of sound, you'll wonder how we got all the parts in there.
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Latest reviews

Pros: Sound is very clear, good support off all three ranges, memory foam does a good isolation job
Cons: L jack, fit is a bit loose, cable got worn off on it's entry to the jack so I had to return them
I bought the earphones about 8 months ago and used them maybe twice or thrice a week. While I cannot complain about the sound quality, everything else is a bit off. My cable got damaged on it's entry to the jack (I'm using the earphones with my smartphone, which sits in my jeans pocket) so I had to return in to Logitech (on the bright side, Logitech agreed to replace it no questions asked). Cable seems a bit heavy as I need to pull half of it out of my shirt so that the earplugs would have a stable fit - otherwise they keep getting pulled downside somehow. I used to own a $40 Razer headset which beat Logitech in every aspect except sound quality.
Pros: Relatively flat
Cons: lacking greatest extension
I've posted a video review on the UE700.  I will write more here soon as well:
Pros: ultra light housing, extended trebles, decent bass with complys. warm and clear mids
Cons: brittle wires, housing seems fragile, amp + comply olive tips needed to bring out bass and tame high end sparkle
I got a great deal on these iem's, which MSRP is $150.00-170.00, for $70.00 on ebay. I own the UE 500's, the TF 10's and until recently the Sennheiser IE 80. After purchasing the HiFiMan RE-ZERO and test driving the 700's, I decided to sell my IE 80's and my RE-ZEROS. The solid professional sound and true comfort I get from the dual BA 700's, I felt there was no need for either dynamic driver IEM, as the ONLY thing the IE 80's have on the 700's is the expansive sound stage and deeper bass. In regards to the beautiful and extended highs, the 700's hung right there with the 80's and kicked the RE-ZEROS around. Warm and clear detailed mids? check. substantial bass for a BA driver? Well...to be honest, the only way you're gonna optimize bass response, and get strong thump with these is to bass boost with an amp. I use my E11, on bass boost, and use Comply olive tips. This also refines the top end sparkle that some find annoying with the 700's, while the bass extends deep and is surprisingly detailed. Though not nearly as powerful as my TF 10's, the trade off for comfort v.s bass depth is one I gladly accept. I love that the 700 delivers details in the music, while having that sweet sound signature so well known from Ultimate Ears. The detail retrieval is very close to that of the RE-ZERO's, but able to deliver the bass response the ZERO's simply cannot achieve. The housing is miniscule. I mean it's the smallest housing I've seen in a IEM. Lightweight as heck, and very classy looking. Maybe a bit fragile, but i handle these as if they were purchased for $300, and not $70. I'm not worried about build quality. They just FEEL fragile. The slider takes care of most microphonics, and isolation is very good. Now the wires are thin and brittle, and after two years, I've had to electrical tape the wiring at the Y, and at the jack to keep these things alive. Still all in all these are some of the most underrated, underappreciated, but great sounding IEM's in the dual BA world. Anyone who says different has either not tried these on for size, or simply is being snobbish. The UE 700 is money well spent. 


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