Spirit Torino Centauri. The bright side of the Music

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Spirit Torino Centauri
The bright side of the Music

Over 100 hours of running-in have passed and finally all the potential of the Spirit Torino Centauri has been expressed.
Sorry for my English, I will try to write in the most correct and simple way possible.
What to say about this headphones? It is the first planar headphones from Spirit Torino.
The Centauri, like all Spirit Torino headphones, was designed by Andrea Ricci who I consider to be an innovator in the field of headphones.
Andrea Ricci made use of many musicians and conductors who, through their experience, allowed him to achieve excellent listening results.
It is a modern headphones and at the same time, as soon as you pick it up, you also understand its artisanal nature.
I really like the contrast between the steel of the bow and the matte wood of the cups.
It is a very comfortable and relatively light headphones. I spent many hours with the Centauri in my head and never had any problems.
The headband is made of steel and, having a memory, allows you to modify its shape so as to have a perfect fit. It has very comfortable pads that do not cause any discomfort to the ears.
A unique feature of the Centauri is that it can modify the power of the low range through an element called the "Ventilation Pad System".
By moving the (magnetic) pad left or right, you can close or open an aperture that will change the low range by + or – 3dB.
(I posted an image that explains how it works).
Another thing to know is that the Centauri is a headset that has the possibility of receiving an upgrade when some part of it is modified. This is very important because for some time we will always be able to have a new version of the headphones.
The most important thing, however, is to know how these headphones sound.
I can tell you without any problem that these headphones sound wonderful.
I tried it with the Gustard A26 DAC and the Fezz Omega Lupi tube amplifier. These electronics create a nice combination with the Centauri. However, I am convinced that with a solid state amplifier, the Centauri can still improve. Although it is a very simple headphones to drive, by increasing the quality of the electronics, the Centauri will improve exponentially.
I can't imagine what the limitations of this headphones could be!
I love its naturalness. The sound range is homogeneous and no frequency dominates the others.
The bass is full-bodied, precise and fast. The midrange is perhaps the element that allows these headphones to reproduce voices in a magnificent and natural way.
There are such beautiful sound passages that moved me. Listening to Norah Jones felt like I had her in front of me.
The high range is never annoying and allows perfect performance of every musical genre.
Listening to “The Köln Concert by Keith Jarrett” I couldn't help but be moved by the wonderful sound performance.
It's not a super detailed headphones and that's something I really like. The detail is present and allows you to hear infinite nuances of sound but at the same time remains totally natural.
It is a headphones that has no artifices and reproduces everything perfectly at the expense of mediocre recordings where it will highlight all the defects.
One thing that is impressive about the Centauri is the huge and perfect soundstage. Each instrument is placed in the right place and perfectly distinguishable… A very, very beautiful experience.
There is one thing however that didn't satisfy me very much, but it's my personal taste.
The travel case... I would have expected, given the materials of the headphones, a wooden travel case with more precise features inside. I was not impressed by the plastic travel case and the internal setup that was not adequate for the value of the headphones. I hope that Spirit Torino can resolve this small inconvenience.
A very particular and welcome element, in my opinion, is that you can find QR codes inside the briefcase. In one there is a PDF from which you can download all the binaural recordings that Spirit Torino uses to test their headphones. A truly welcome gift.
I compared them to the Meze 109, the Empyrean and the Arya. I have always tried to be honest with myself, trying and trying again and trying to understand through the unusual ways I know.
The 109 pro, the Empyrean and the Arya are headphones that I love for the sound they give you.
With every single song I compare them and I am continuing to do so and will continue to do so with the Centauri. Trying to "hear" what each headphone "gave me back"
The 109 has a crisp dynamic sound, it sounds like a teenager who thinks he's a mature man. I like his sound so much precisely because of this characteristic. Some say it is a little lacking in bass but due to its nature, and my feeling, I consider it balanced in that range. It has some very ringing highs that often get in your brain a bit. For example, in a live recording of Hotel California, when the applause arrives I have to lower the volume a lot because the sound becomes intrusive, or in the Dune soundtrack, when listened to only with the 109 everything seems perfect and clear, but in reality the high frequencies are fired a little too much, or in "the Köln Concert" some of Jarrett's notes become a bit ear-pitted. By putting on the Centauri all this disappears and, for my way of listening to music, everything is brought back to the naturalness of the piece while also having a more enveloping sound as if there were something that unites the entire musical performance.
With the Empyreans, however, things change, in my opinion, almost radically.
The Empyrean is a cap with a lit fireplace, blanket and red fruit herbal tea. Persuasive, enveloping and musical. She doesn't care about bubbly because she is a dispenser of cuddles. She has no interest in detail, dynamism, speed but this personality of hers fascinates me a lot. Listening to it compared to the Centauri I noticed that the Centauri has all this with greater definition, with better openness in the mids and mid-highs where the voices and some instruments are the masters. The reproduction of voices in the Centauri, for me, is excellent.
To return to the comparison with the Empyrean, even with the Centauri you could easily sit in front of the fire with a blanket and herbal tea, but at the same time you could also put on a t-shirt and go for a walk in the meadows, or run and much more...
The Arya is very reminiscent of the Centauri but she is more ethereal. The detail is similar. If you listen to the Arya you think... Fabulous, but after listening to the Centauri I have always thought, in every song I listened to, the Arya is beautiful but something is missing.
In conclusion, for me these headphones are not inferior to the Centauri but simply different. To a more intimate feel, the Centauri for me gives what I have always hoped for most in headphones. Naturalness... But as I repeat, it's just my feeling, which may not meet the preferences of another person.
I thank Andrea Ricci for his availability, a very rare element in today's world. Andrea has always been available for all my needs and this is of enormous value to me.
I wish everyone wonderful listening.


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