Tin Hifi T2 Plus - Reviews
Pros: Tonal accuracy; tonal accuracy; tonal…; balance/homogeneity; ergonomics; value.
Cons: Still MMCX connectors; no container included.
The Tin Hifi T2 Plus is a very well-made warm-neutral, well-balanced, crisp but never aggressive sounding earphone with outstanding timbre challenging the company’s more expensive offerings. The T2 Plus’s money is in:

  • the build quality
  • the ergonomics
  • the tonal accuracy

I'd like to know how they compare to the T4 please. Are the T4 worth the additionnal 50 bucks?
Otto Motor
Otto Motor


"...The Tin Hifi T2 Plus have a tonality very similar to the $99 Tin Hifi T4 and are moving even further away from the original T2’s analytical and sterile tonality. It is a bit smoother overall with the T4’s sonic edges trimmed. This increases balance but at the expense of grit: the T4 are livelier, punchier, but less coherent and somewhat shouty, and they have the better 3-D presentation. The T2 Plus’ soundstage is shallower in comparison. And the T2 Plus’s earpieces fit better and come with the haptically superior, non-springy cable..."

"...Tin Hifi’s diminishing return starts right here and I would not fork out twice as much on the similar but less balanced and less ergonomic TinHifi T4…"
Thanks Otto!! Been a fan of yours for some time now. Great review and great video.