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Frequency Response: 10-20,000 Hz
Conductor: 2 dynamic drivers (2way)
Sensitivity: 101dB @1kHz
impedance: 36 ohms
Cable: 7n OCC silver plated


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Pros: Stable output
American-style like soundstage
Welly matching with balanced terminal (4.4/ 2.5)
Cons: Dull extreme-highs
Little soggy bass

In the recent film industry, 'Marvel Studio' works are popular in the world, among which the 'Avengers' series has attracted a great deal of attention. 'Avengers' is a team of Super-heroes from 'Marvel Comics' worldview. Each member of ‘Avengers’ has their own powerful abilities and rally to defeat powerful Billons. 'SoundzAid' is like a super-hero team in the South-Korean earphone industry. Because they are a custom in-ear monitors company that was established by gathering technically skilled producers in various fields.

Mr.Kim, the representative of 'SoundzAid', wanted an in-ear monitor which is less prone to distorting sound and practical for actual use in various system environments and took many years to actualize it. 'SoundZaid' has created the 'Marbling' art design on the entire shells of the earphones, which emits a dreamlike atmosphere that seems to be spread the oil paint over the surface of the water, drawing public attention in South-Korea. Let me introduce their new product 'Magnolia'.



Foam ear-tips (S/M/L)
Leather cable tie
Cleaning fabric
Cleaning brush

The name 'Magnolia' is said to be derived from the movement of the magnolia petals. In addition to the designs shown in this article, ‘Magnolia’ can be added a variety of colors and custom art designs, as well as the most famous marbling art, and has a custom-fit option to your ears.

Its package box is made of hard paper and small enough to be wrapped in both hands. It is treated with a sponge buffer, with three pairs of ear-tips, an earwax cleaning-tools, cleaning-fabric and a leather cable-tie, all of which are essential for practically any earphone use. This sponge buffer can be put into a container which is often used for in-ear monitor products such as 'Pelican 1010' case, and all other contents can be stored in together.


'Magnolia' is made of the translucent black acrylic materials, you can see the big parts inside. Its MMCX connectors are conically shaped and designed to fit various custom cables to the housing without jamming. Even its large internal parts and size, its overall shell units are pretty light to use. It is designed not to fall out easily of the ears because it gives a great bend to the part of the auricles that touch, but because the bores are short compared with the shells’ size, I recommend using one size larger ear-tips than usual.

The containing cable is made of 7N OCC silver-plated copper wires and covered with Teflon tubes in twisted. The Y-splitter, MMCX connectors, and 3.5mm stereo terminal are molded with transparent synthetic resin to make the contents visible. There was no microphonic but, the upper part of La Y-splitter is stiff so that it was not easy to wear.



Frequency Response: 10-20,000 Hz
Conductor: 2 dynamic drivers (2way)
Sensivity: 101dB @1kHz
impedance: 36 ohms
Cable: 7n OCC silver plated.

When you listen to Magnolia, you will get the first impression by the strong and dense textured bass. And then, will realize the special surrounded soundstage created by this bass. Even though there are a lot of hangovers and slow response on its bass, it has been tuned to harmonize the sounds of the entire band without affecting the other area. Thanks to it, it shows well-optimized sound-signature not only for music listening but also for media. However, if you want to catch fine detail and striking texture in the bass, its resolution may be a little disappointing because of the heavy reverberation.

Even though the middles and trebles are sounded from one step backward the bass, they are well separated from the low-range. As go up to the above band, the response characteristics become faster, so you can hear the clear mid-range even with the strong bass music. The mid-treble is narrowly brightly emphasized before exposing the sibilance, so it can express the natural texture of strings or snare drum. However, it is difficult to analyze the expression details of the high-treble instruments.

The biggest strength of ‘Magnolia’ is that you don’t have to worry too much about the output-noise even when exposed to the powerful output environments like the stationary systems. In addition, even when connected to the source device or the Bluetooth receiver whose output status is unstable, it shows less effect of the overall sound-signature, so it is stable enough to be used into the pro-system. When connected to a balanced output such as 4.4mm or 2.5mm, the bass reverberation is reduced, but the bass dynamic range has been extended to give you a more spacious feel.



'SoundzAid Magnolia' is an American sound oriented product, and it has a strong bass performance that does not degrade the detail of the middles or the highs. Even with unstable output environment, it showed a pretty stable sound-signature. If you want an in-ear monitor product which is stable in various environments, 'Magnolia' will be a good partner.


I am Bigheadfiler. Yes. I am Big Head guy reviewer from South-Korea. My first language is Korean and I am still learning how to write in English. Please understand if see any missing sentences or words. All of the contents are written and taken by me. Thank you.

The iem is offered by ‘SoundzAid’. The content of the review has been written without any restriction because the authors' freedom is respected.
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