Soundmagic E30

General Information

The SoundMAGIC E30 in-ear monitor headphones offer a high degree of refinement and performance, with an affordable price that belies the extensive features and sound engineering that contributed to its design and construction. Its sound is exceptionally well balanced and non-fatiguing, with excellent bass and treble extension. Best described as smooth yet detailed, the E30 delivers a rich listening experience with any music genre.

The E30 features market leading ergonomics as well, with an updated over-the-ear cable design that eliminates pressure points and the downward strain on sensitive parts of the ear. This combined with a comparatively shallow insertion design makes the E30 very comfortable to wear for extended period of time. Over-the-ear hooks are included to provide additional stability during active use.

- Driver: Dynamics 9mm Neodymium Driver
- Frequency range: 15Hz~22KHz
- DC Resistance: 12±10% Ω
- Sensitivity: 94±2 dB at 1KHz/mW
- Cable length: 1.2 m
- Connection: Stereo 3.5mm, I style Gold-planted plug
- Weight: 10 g

What's Included
- S, M, L Silicone Eartips
- Double Flange Silicone Eartips
- Cable Clip
- Travel pouch
- Ear Hooks

Latest reviews

This is an update to the review after living with several sets of these beauties for 3 years....I now have acquired 7 sets of the e30.

A quick synopsis of my resume. 30 years of hardcore interest and investment in hifi, instrument building, musician. I've owned many decades of home stereo equipment and have a definite preference and fondness for Vinyl.

The soundmagic e30 have proven non-fatiquing and thoroughly enjoyable.

Past headphones I've owned range from $1000 LCD, several $500-$200 of nearly every brand from the most current back through headphones from the 1980's and 90's.

Generally I have found many full size over the ear headphones disappointing and colored. Many have odd sound and/or a falsely exaggerated upper end clarity aspect that mimics high fidelity. I personally have spent (wasted) lots of money on these poorly designed headphones by companies who seemingly do not have a solid grasp on what instruments sound like in real life and so have no unwavering reference point to create musical and realistic gear.

Generally, I'd say the e30 is neutral/warm yet detailed with a pleasing full bodied sound and a moderate bass boost that varies depending on the particular pair (individual headphones vary even within a particular model)

The e30 is 'hi-fidelity' in the sense that it imparts virtually no sound signature/sound stamp of its own onto your music collection with the exception of the already mentioned bass and also a modest and enjoyable lushness of the midrange of 2 of the 7 pair I own. That being said I enjoy 5 of the 7 sets I own with the other two a bit less balanced.

Interesting :)
I preferred the last version of this review... :)
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Pros: Balanced, warm, not fatiguing sound
Cons: Low isolation
After few weeks of researching decided to buy these earphones, because everyone stated them to be balanced and not faiguing. And I was not dissapointed by my pick.
Sound is very qualitative and balanced, soundstage and imaging are also good, instruments have distance between them. Isolation is not the best but acceptable for me. Very comfortable and well built, but maybe not the best looking earphone.
Bass is not very fast but rather punchy. It's just slightly dominating in the sound signature, just perfect for me. 
Midrange is a little warmed by bass but still clear and sometimes seems a little laid  back and distant.
A little recessed treble allows to listen these earphones for hours not getting headache. The same as the rest of the sound signature treble is well detailed but not too revealing.
Pros: Value for Money, Dynamic sound stage, good for many genres
Cons: uncomfortable fit
Slightly better than E10. Sound very similar to E10 just with more balanced sound. Tricky to get a good fit but for price and the quality they present, it is not that big deal.


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