Superlux HD-651 (Purple)

General Information

The Superlux hd 651 headphones present accurate and rich bass, and a crisp high end that provides an excellent vocal sound. These closed-back headphones combine excellent sound with unbeatable price tag, making them the best practical choice for a music lover and artist. The patent self-adjusting head pad construction, soft, circumaural leatherette ear pads, and low weight ensure a perfect fit.

Powerful 40mm drivers provide a superbly natural, uncoloured sound making them ideal for studio applications. When you are monitoring or just listening to an mp3, you can expect comfort and sonic accuracy from your hd651 headphones.

Latest reviews

Pros: Multiple colors, decent isolation
Cons: Clamping, bloated bass, mids recessed, highs rolled off
I honestly found nothing redeeming about these other than the isolation which was surprisingly decent. If you need full sized isolation at a bargain then come here, but you'd be better off with IEMs. These are for kids looking to coordinate and be fashionable, nothing more nothing less. The sound is horribly veiled and the bass is bloated and one noted. My girlfriend loves purple and won't even use these.
Don't bother buying.
When even my girlfriend dislikes these there's a problem. Notice how that review is awfully lazy compared to his others? He's being polite or being paid for a good review, I promise this. If you want to buy these from me for $10+$7 shipping+paypal you're welcome to waste the money. In-fact that review made me disregard the rest of his reviews. Even the reps of Superlux told me that they didn't care for these when sending them to me, he didn't even mind when I asked him if I could skip reviewing them because he also agreed these are bad.
Headphonia claims they are solidly built, that's being overly gracious. The plastic feels as cheap as it comes. The bass is bloated and overshadows the rest of the sound. The mids and highs are incredibly veiled. The only good thing about these is the isolation.
If anyone doesn't believe me paypal me $10+$7 shipping+paypal and you can have these.
Lastly, I listened to a lot of electronic on these, including Massive Attack, and half of the music was missing due to bloated bass. You can tell that during his entire review he's simply making excuses for the huge faults of these, or trying to sugar coat them. It's painful to read because anything mildly good he has to say is repetitive and is overshadowed almost instantly by a huge downfall that he's making excuses for.


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