Shure SE112m+-GR Sound Isolating Earphones with Remote + Microphone Compatible with All Apple iOS Devices

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The perfect upgrade to supplied "earbud-type" headsets, fully compatible with all Apple iOS devices, the SE112m+ provides great sound with deep bass with impressive sound isolation. Inline three-button remote provides seamless control of all device functions with the touch of a button.

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New Head-Fier
Pros: Great Isolation, Good depth and Dynamics
Cons: Ear pads that come with the headphones are not so comfortable to wear
You know this is one of those headphones that doesn't make you go 'wow' yet you will curse yourself if you forget to take them on your next trans atlantic flight. 
I have not attempted mixing on these - doubt I'd try that, but these are surely some decent sounding headphones. Well built and solid too.
Pros: Sounds Great, Robust Design, Light Weight, Sound
Cons: Large Ear Tips

Shure SE112m+ In-Ear Headphone Review


Firstly, like to thank Brad from JANDS for supplying the Shure SE112m+ to review.


Packaging, Accessories and Build Quality
The SE112 m+ is Shure’s budget in ear headphones with mic, coming in at $105 AUD. ($59 USD)
The packaging is your standard clear plastic carton, nothing too fancy. Inside you get your in ears, three sizes of soft, flexible ear tips, a cleaning tool to help keep your earphones free of earwax and a drawstring pouch for storage.
First thing I noticed is the build q uality of the in ears themselves. The driver housings are larger than most IEM's I have seen, and they feel rock solid in you hand. This got me worried that they might feel big on the ear, but I had no issue. The ear tips are angled in, helping to guide the ear tip into the ear canal and have a better fit when wearing these over the ear.  The cable is also notably thicker and sturdier then similar offerings from Weston or Sennheiser.
The ear tips are also larger than what I am used to. I had to use the medium tip, where I normally have to use a large to x-large ear tip. This may be a concern if have really small ear canals, but most people will find the fit good. You can by extra tips from Shure if needed. I would love for Shure to include comply foam tips, if you do want them, the T-100 fits this model.
The design is meant for over the ear, but can easily be worn straight down. I found minimal microphonics both ways. I would have preferred some sort of sleeve or memory wire at the end of the cable near the in-ears, to mold around my ears for better support while moving around. Also a shirt clip would be a great accessory for musicians, as moving around can pull on the ears.
Sound Quality 
Out of the box, and straight into my phone, I played a random track from my reference playlist. First up was Isn’t She Lovey, by Livingston Taylor. This is a great reference piece. My first thought was WOW. The sound stage is expansive and open. There is great detail in all areas of listening. Bass is tight and fast, mid-range is forward and detailed and treble is smooth, but not detailed enough for my liking, given that these in ears are driven by a Dynamic micro driver, they tend to be more bass heavy, but by no means lacking in the top end.

The sound-signature is overall warm and listening to a range of music will satisfy most listeners. The inclusion of a microphone and volume controls will be great for people who want to replace their current stock headphones and keep the ability to make call, while also enjoy a better sounding in ear. These are made to work with iPhone/iPod. 
One of the major drawcards to these in ears is the sound isolation. I found these to be one of the best universal IEM for isolating external noise. Traveling on a train or walking around a busy city, you want to be able to listen to your music or call without damaging your ears with high volume, and these IEM’s achieve this remarkably well. This also helps with the overall sound that you get, as no ambience noise interferes with your music. The only drawback to such great isolation is you can’t hear other people telling you to move out their way, so be mindful.
The SE 112m+ is Shure’s entry level in ear headphone. Shure has been making great in-ears for a long time. Although it’s priced at $105, its can compete with in ears above this price point from other manufacturers. For customers who are looking for a great replacement headphone with the ability to call and control the volume, this is a great option. Shure is a known brand for high quality in ear headphones, and these don’t compromise on that statement.  

Tech Specs

<>·Speaker type: Single Dynamic MicroDriver
<>·Sensitivity: 105 dB SPL/mW
<>·Impedance: 16 Ω
<>·Frequency Range from: 25 Hz
<>·Frequency Range to: 17 KHz
<>·Cable length: 127 cm
<>·Color: Gray
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Sorry not at yet, I think the 115 is discontinued or it could be the same??
Hmm the SE115 are very bassy and the treble is rolled off. As far as I read or heard about the sound signature descriptions they say that the SE112 doesn't have stong bass and that the mids are very forward. So it sounds like they are pretty different...
but what about a SE215 comparison :)


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