SoundMAGIC E50S In Ear Isolating Earphones with Microphone

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SoundMAGIC E50S In Ear Isolating Earphones with Mic and phone switch.

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Pros: Natural Sound, Fit and Isolation, Phone Swtich


Firstly, like to thank SoundMAGIC for supplying the E50S Review unit
Features and Design
The E50S is the latest in ear monitor from SoundMAGIC. The earphones come packaged in your standard retail packaging. Included with your earphones are two sets of S/M/L silicon ear tips (dome and straight), one pair of double flange silicon tips, one pair of comply T400 foam tips, a shirt clip, a computer adapter cable and a clam shell zipper case. A very good selection of accessories from the price range earphone. The E50S earphones are housed in a light weight metal casing, and the ones I have are finished in red with the same going for the plastic cable.
The cable is fairly resistant to tangling and micro-phonics is very subtle. The cable has an inline microphone, with a single button for play/pause and answering phone calls. There is no volume button, which is a shame, as this should be standard for earphones made for phone call use. Also attached to the cable is a smartphone switch. This is the first time I have seen this option. You have an A/B option, A is for Nokia, Samsung, Sony Xperia and the B switch is for iPhones, newer Samsung Galaxy phones, Blackberry and HTC phones. So not matter which phone you own, you will be able use these earphones. Although this is a great idea, the switch could be designed a little let intrusive. Going back to the computer adapter, this is so you can use the microphone and the earphones while connect to a computer, ie SKYPE use.
Sound and Isolation
E50S is a present surprise in the bass oriented market of the modern budget IEM. The E50S is best described as a natural sounding IEM. The extension of both the bass and treble is nice, but neither over power the other. The bass is punchy and fast, and can go low, but it seems to keep itself in check. Mids of slightly forward and present nicely. Vocal tracks are clear. Treble is a little harsh, but its not piecing and sibilance is not noticeable. I found that after some burn in, the treble did smooth out, but only just.  Sound stage is presented well, with good separation of instruments, but I still felt that the music was between my ears and not further apart. The E50S can handle most music, but if you looking for a basshead IEM, this its not it.
For the price, these isolate really well. The standard silicon tips did a great job at reducing outside noise levels, add in the comply tips, and its does it even better. The E50S is very light for metal housings, and they fit really nice and long listening is comfortable.
For under $50USD, these are a great buy for a natural sounding IEM. I would recommend these for everyday listing, as the isolation is great for your daily commute. The sound is non fatiguing and listing for long hours, these won’t hurt you ears. The E50s is available in red, gun metal grey or copper through amazon.
What is that cable used for? 
The computer adapter? If you using a PC, you can plug in one jack for mic and the other for the headphones, thus able to use the eaphones on services as SKYPE.


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