Jabra REVO Corded Stereo Headphones - Retail Packaging - White

General Information

PLUG IN AND EXPERIENCE THE POWER WITH JABRA REVO. The perfect companion for your device - Jabra Revo enhances your experience with convenient features and optimized sound. Play or pause music, skip tracks and take calls with ease by using controls located on the cord instead of searching around for your phone. We partnered with Dolby to bring you Dolby Digital Plus via our Jabra Sound app, which provides a rich, full-spectrum sound that brings your device to life and adds extra depth and dimension to your music. Designed to be used and abused, Revo is solidly built with aluminum and steel construction, a shatterproof, ultra-flexible headband and reinforced, fabric cables. Drop, bend, fold and cable-tested to the max to ensure they can take whatever life has in store.Experience super comfort with Revo’s padded headband and plush, memory foam ear cups. It also fFeatures two jack connectors so you can share music or films with a friend and a foldable design for quick, compact storage so can throw it in your bag and go.

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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Good looking, quite comfy, have potential to sound good
Cons: Factory cable affects sound, need simple mod to remove "foggy"/"veiled" sound
Formally it is my first review here, but I'll tend to be short, since this headphones are not so bad from the box, but...

I have found 2 big problems, but correctable virtually at no cost.

1. May be I had a bad luck, since connected by original cable they sounded muddy, not much control over bass and recessed highs. So but only a direct cable solved a problem. Even a simple no name cable provided more details, more density (body) and punch for lows; slightly extended treble, but what was much more important for me - not so recessed. Since I use them only as headphones, not as headset with mic - fine for me. Less elements between amplifier and headphones, less items affecting sound quality.
(added later) Using a HiFi cable added precision to details and a little of body to lows. Not too much, but it was not a placebo effect. So they benefit from any HQ cable (3.5mm TRS stereo, male-to-male).

2. But even changing cable reduced a perception of muddiness to the a perception of foggy sound, when you hear details, but with smooth rounded edges (better to imagine a thin dark veil which allows to guess a details). It is easy to interpret using “sharp” tracks and comparing with a bunch of another headphones.
Since a construction allows to disassemble them easily I proceeded, trying to analyze which part of internal acoustics (the inner part of the headphone cup) gave such unpleasant effect, since external part was not a limitation factor. Overnight thought left me with only one solution. The cups are made from sturdy, but soft plastic with rough surface (micro scale) and sound wave reflections in all directions were causing such “veil” effect. So I filled tight the tiny insides of the cups with 4 pieces of multiuse reusable cloth like Handi Wipes and reassembled Revo's. This filling is not thick and dense as many dampening materials, so they “muted” multiple reflections, still allowing air to move quite free.
This simple mod is reversible, so you can play a little bit using from 1 to 5 cuts of cloth for filling, but I like my result.
Bingo! No veil effect. ALL frequency range has detail now. The same quantity of bass, but now it had a bit more density, no change in punch, better control w/o getting boomy. Mids became clear and well articulated speaking of voices. Treble suffered most from being foggy, but now it is clean. Still neutral, so If you do not like harsh treble, modding and cable replacement won’t cause any problem.
BTW. They have a good amount of bass and have just enough of it, so I do not understand the slogan "Mass sound".
(added later) Since I am not using headphones for hours in hot weather and/or during tough physical activities, ergonomics and comfort are not the most crucial elements for me, but Revo’s are light, sturdy, well built and comfortable. Cable connectors at both cans also give more flexibility. And yes, they look pleasant for any age.
Recently I saw them with big discounts in many stores, so If you want to try elementary nondestructive modding and already have a HQ 3.5mm cable, you can get a good sounding headphones with very involving bass w/o any noticeable sound coloration. I tried all music genres, so you can have some fun also.

Jabra has been in the headset game for a while and the Revo is their first on ear headphone. This model comes in both wired and wireless, and comes in either black or white, with orange accents. This review focuses on the wired version.

Packaging and Build

The Revo comes packaged in a very solid clear plastic container, and the headphones are presented well. The headphones are on-ear, and are one of the most comfortable on ears I have used. They are light, but also feel sturdy with the metal armatures that hold the earcups given good support . They armatures don’t clamp down on your head like some on ear headphones and this makes for easy long listening sessions. The earpads are very soft, and with the memory foam surrounds, external noise is isolated well and is also cool on the ear, so no over heating ears. Also the adjustable headband is easy to use and each earcup also pivots to conform’s to your ears.



The left and right indicators are printed on the inside of the earcup and each earcup has its own input jack for the cable. The reason for having one on each ear, is so you can link the headphones with another set of headphones, which allows two people to listen to one source.


When listening by yourself, you can plug the braided cable in either earcup input, which ever side you prefer. This is a nice feature that Jabra has incorporated in these headphones, and makes it a great travelers headphones. The cable as mention before is braided with a cloth covering, this does introduce some cable noise, but only a little. It also helps reduce tangling. The cable also includes in-line controls for answering calls and skipping and pausing music on your smartphone. This does not include a volume rocker, which would be nice. The cable ends with a L-Shaped 3.5mm jack for the smartphone side, and a straight 3.5mm jack for the headphone side. The headphones can also fold into itself, which makes transporting and storing easier. Also included is a carry bag, which is quite underwhelming, and I feel it wont protect the headphones at all, but overall, the build quality of the headphones and feel on the ear is very good.


The sound is best described as clean and punchy, with decent bass and non fatiguing overall sound. Sub Bass is present, and you can get the headphones rumbling with the right music, although at high volumes, there can be some minor distortion. Mid bass is fast and mixes really well with the sub bass. The mids are slightly recessed and mix well with the bass and treble. Treble extends nicely and is smooth in the top end. Listening to Arco Luc, instruments are present well and are balanced beautifully. The guitar and bass combine well and there is good separation of all the instruments.


Soundstage extends well pass your headspace. The sound is a little V-Shaped and this is amplified when you use the Jabra sound app that can only be activated for with a unique code that comes with every Revo headphone. The app is powered by Dolby Digital Plus and you can play your music that is on your phone through the app. It does colour the sound, and increases the bass and treble when using the default Dolby setting. Frequency range settings can also be adjusted to suite your listening style. I found the app to boost the bass too much and takes away from the original sound that the artist intended, but some people will enjoy the sound it gives.



The Revo on ear headphones are a comfortable, great sounding, portable and well built headphone that has a pleasant sound that will give you enjoyable long listening experience. Having great sound isolation and being light weight, these are a great option for your everyday commute or being used as a traveling headphone.


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