Schiit Modi Multibit 2


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Solid DAC consistent with Schiit's DACs at this price point
Pros: Value
Good sound
Size/form factor
Cons: Doesn't offer much different from other comparable Schiit DACs
Requires power adapter (more cords)
Makes clicking noises
So I've spent a few days with this DAC. I left it powered on to ensure it was all "warmed up" and so on. I wanted to see what the whole Multibit was about. I already have a Modius (the AKM version, not the current "e" or version with the ESS chip), so could this be different? Not better, just different?

First off, I LOVE Schiit and I think they offer a fantastic products at good prices. If you don't have a Schiit DAC yet, then this is not a bad choice at all. I would recommend it.

That said, if you're debating between one of their Multibit DACs and their delta sigma (DS) DACs, don't stress too much here. At least not at this tier. You most likely won't hear the difference at all. Would you hear a difference from some other company's DAC? Yea, probably. They design them differently afterall. So can DACs have a "house sound?" Interesting idea I've been floating around in my head. Maybe? I know they certainly can be designed poorly and perform worse. That's not the case with Schiit though.

The sound quality from this DAC is superb. Though I didn't hear any distinct difference between it and the Modius. I also didn't really hear any big difference between NOS vs OS. Maybe there's something in there, but it's going to be very subtle or only present itself in certain circumstances.

At first I did think I heard the MM2 as more "dynamic" and punchier or maybe warmer than the Modius. After the first ten minutes? Subsequent days? No, that thought went away and never came back. Likely placebo.

The amp I have has multiple inputs and a button to switch between them quickly. So I was able to instantly A/B test the Modius and the Modi Multibit 2. I also listened to each on their own only on separate days, just to give my ears and brain a break between them. 100% same sound to my ears. I tried three mid/high end headphones. Nothing. It could always be my ears though.

This is where I leave things at for subjectivity and what sounds "better" or "different." You hear what you hear...or what you think you hear and that's honestly a very valid thing as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Cool. So what can I add here for a review that would actually be useful for people? Well, let's look at how this DAC is positioned and its features.

Size: It's smaller than Schiit's other DACs and it is designed to stack nicely with some of their other products in this tier. So this is a very considerable reason for the Modi Multibit 2 if you have or are planning on other Schiit gear in this size category and you want it to line up. It also takes up less space on a desk. So I do like what you get in a package this size. Very good.

Power/Cables: This DAC requires a USB (and it's USB-C which I find nice now that more things are using USB-C, not that it matters at all) and also a separate power adapter (included). Not uncommon by any means, but some of Schiit's other DACs (like the Modius) are powered via USB, so you end up with a single cable for providing the data and the power. A super convenient thing that's a miss here for the MM2. No one really wants more cables (though it could be good for interference technically speaking).

Input/Output: The Modi Multibit 2 has limited inputs and only RCA output (single ended). Schiit has cheaper DACs with mroe options here. This is mostly adequate though unless you really need some other input/output for some reason. It's noteworthy, but I can't ding it for this personally.

Unbalanced only: Again, can't really ding it, but it's worthwhile to note. Balanced DACs can actually make a difference! You have to consider interference/noise. Fortunately I didn't hear any noise, but I have with single ended DACs before. Note: This is absolutely my environment and nothing else, but it's a common problem for people. I also have a balanced amp in my chain so that may have taken care of it, I don't know. I'm not an expert on noise/interference.

The only other note about unbalanced vs balanced is the volume out will be different. For example, the Modius is louder when used balanced. This is small, but it could affect things with regard to amplification in your chain. Not to some insane degree. I don't think it's anything to worry about, but it is something of note especially if you are switching sources around. As you switch, you may have to adjust the volume level somewhere.

Cost/Value: I think they priced this very nicely. I think it's worth every penny. Though again, if you compare it to their Modius then you may simply want to save some money and go with the Modius. They would have done better, I think, to have priced it at the same exact price. It should be branded as a preferential alternative to the Modius and not something at a higher price point because it is in no way better than the Modius (I know I want to leave subjectivity out of it now - and I won't mention the distortion measurements since the Modius smokes it, but I know very well that none of us are going to be able to tell the difference between those measurements).

Other/Gripes: Clicking! The thing clicks a lot. It clicks every time the sample rate changes. So if you're listening to a variety of tracks at different sample rates, you will hear it click between songs as it switches. Don't send your system sounds through it, otherwise it'll click more (or so I read). This is apparently normal for their other multibit DACs. So it's good to know it's not broken. It just can be annoying. If it's close by, you will hear it between the pauses in tracks (at least with open back headphones).

Does it get hot? No, not that I've noticed.

There's a switch. The Modius is basically just always on. The Modi Multibit has a switch on the back. I just leave it on. These DACs shouldn't be drawing much power. It's a good note though if you need to reach behind it to flip a switch (and want to be turning it on/off regularly).

Overall I gave the DAC a 3.5 rating (maybe a 4). I decided on keeping it, as a backup and second setup. The restocking on it is (currently) 15% plus shipping makes it 25%+ total. So for the price point, I'd rather keep them. This is a good note if you are thinking about trying it because it can be costly to try and this may be the only option if you can't find one at a meetup somewhere or something. You could decide you want more and go up to the Bifrost 2, at which point you won't have to pay restocking fee (unless you then decided you didn't like the Bifrost 2 and returned that). So is this a gateway to multibit?

If you do not own a Schiit DAC yet. I would definitely consider this one. Though overall I have to give the edge to the Modius due to fewer cables, no clicking, and same quality at a slightly lower price. If you want a smaller form factor, go with the Modi Multibit 2.

If you do own a Schiit DAC, you may want to think twice about another unless it's perhaps a bigger step up. For that, I unfortunately can't comment.

I almost got a Bifrost 2, but decided to dip my toes in the water with the Modi Multibit 2. This experience has left me turned away from trying a Bifrost 2 I think. Sorry to say that given how much I like Schiit. Probably something Schiit should hear for feedback because I don't think it's a gateway drug to multibit (maybe that isn't their intent, but that was a possibility I accepted going into it and would happily get a Bifrost 2 in that case). So I will be honest here, but I still leave this guy with a good rating because it is good.
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Anyway, how does it sounds like ? Transparent ?
Yea, it's pretty transparent. It's a fine DAC. I'm using it daily. An amp will change the sound more than a DAC by a mile.

This particular DAC compared to others in the same range fits just fine. It's another good DAC from Schiit...but it's nothing magical.

I did get a chance to listen to the Modi Multibit OG and even not back to back it seemed like there was a notable difference there. Probably a different design, parts, etc. So yes, DACs can sound different. MM OG vs MM2? Not sure I had a preference, would need to spend more time.
Found out it needs to be warmed up at least 24 hours, it means it should be on all the time. Otherwise no full potential...


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A strong refresh that ends up just missing the mark
Pros: Macro capability, Unison USB-C, No SPDIF audio delay
Cons: Can be a sidegrade to older modded Bifrost/Modi Multibits sonically depending on classic/modern Schiit sound preference
First off I'd like to thank my wife, for allowing me to buy more audio crap I probably don't need. This review will be more of a quick rundown of how I feel about the MMB2 as opposed to a full on review.

With that out of the way let's talk about the Modi Multibit 2, which I'll be referring to as the MMB2. This is a refresh of the very long running Modi Multibit which really brought a lot of attention to Schiit when introduced. It offered a similar sound to the Bifrost MB at a fraction of the price and size. Those with hopes this will be a repeat of that release will be sorely disappointed. The MMB2 unfortunately does not reach for the performance of Bifrost 2/64, it reaches in a different direction than even the MMB1 despite using the same chip at heart. Still a successful DAC, just not to the level of it's predecessor.

MMB2's sound characteristics could be described as having stronger macro than micro. The DAC has a bit of a dark tilt yet still has an up front sound. The bass is very plentiful and engaging yet a little loose at the same time. It also doesn't slam extremely hard at the lowest octave but is pleasing in what it has, which helps limit fatigue with some listeners. This could also be good for some pairings. Mids are clear and reserved, though not recessed. The treble sees a significant improvement over the MMB1 as it is extended, engaging and decently quick. It has a bit of a D/S presentation in some ways that I find enjoyable given the rest of the spectrum. For the money the MMB2 absolutely performs admirably.

My biggest complaint with MMB2 has to do with staging. Placement is different than I'm used to with the original BF, B2/64 or Gungnir. Instruments are brought inward but there is a nice warmth throughout. Layering suffers some because of this. This presentation works well with Jot2 and was quite enjoyable, however with Piety I had to stick to brighter headphones so be sure to pair accordingly. I'd wager this would be a great pairing with the new Magni+.

A huge improvement is the SPDIF performance on the MMB2. The delay on the BF2 made it unusable for home theater or gaming - and I had to stick to using USB. Not so with the MMB2, no delay whatsoever! This is refreshing as it is the only thing about BF2 that really annoyed me.

Right now I think the BF2 is the best DAC in Schiit's lineup when both capability and price are considered. I had hoped MMB2 would take that crown, however it only takes the crown from the original MMB. While it seems I may be ragging on the MMB2, the reality is that MMB2 is still a great DAC. It just doesn't reach the heights the original expectations the MMB set. Despite being better than it in most ways.
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Huh… surprised you like the MMB2, yet sold off the BF2 so quick… doesn’t seem to make much sense…
hi, is the B2/64 good pairing with the Piety? or should i look for a used Bifrost2, or do you suggest other dac? 😊 thx
Both pair nicely, so you may dabble here. Used BF2 OGs can be had really cheap.


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Schiit Modi Multibit 2 - All the Dac You Will Ever Need ?
Pros: 1. Small Form Factor
2. Affordable Multibit Dac
3. Excellent Musical Reproduction
4. Easy to Use
5. NOS Mode
6. Unison USB Interface
Cons: 1. None
Rumors started a few weeks back that there might me a run of Modi Multibits once again. With all the supply chain and chip shortages Schiit had to prioritize where it was going to use the AD dac chips it could get and the Modi Multibit lost out and was unavailable for quite some time.

Then Jason alluded to a possible December or January run of a slightly updated Modi Multibit called the Modi Multibit 2. Wow! Folks really started to get excited about the ability of getting a Schiit True Multibit ((TM) dac for a decent price. In this case its Modi Multibit 2 for $299 in a black case. Silver is $319.


Well for me when I first heard that Schiit would possibly come out with another run of the Modi Multibit with some tweaks and the addition of Unison USB and a NOS mode my interest was once again stimulated!

Well its back and its even Better!

Schiit just sent me a review unit. I occasionally have vendors send me stuff for my real world opinion and comparisons to other gear usually of similar function. I get no enumeration or special discount or deals. Just a unit that arrives and then is sent back. I want to thank the gang at Schiit for sending me a nice new shiny silver Modi Multibit 2 dac.

The case for this run is still the 4-screw top type case. Not the newer form factor used with Magni +. On top there is a nice logo which I believe is the True Multibit™ moniker. On the back are the usual dac inputs from USB, and the digital coax and SPDIF. The output is via RCA jacks. The USB input is in the USB C form factor. It worked well for me and was snug and not loose etc. Great. On/Off switch in the back. An AC wall-wort plugs into the back, the same type PN as with other Magnis etc (not Vali’s though.


It arrived from Corpus Christi during the recent “Bomb Cyclone” and it arrived very cold but intact. I let it warm up to room temperature. The shipping box is the same style all the Magni’s and small form factor devices arrive in. The unit, the power supply, the owners manual (ha!), a few Schiit and Corpus Christi stickers and that’s about it.

So after several hours I moved stuff around and connected the MM2 to be able to compare with my other dacs. A Soekris 2541, MHDT Orchid, and a iFI IDSD Pro dac. I had two Bifrost 2’s in house for years but went they moved into other setups. So I have a pretty good ear for how they work / sound. Two of the dacs I have, have a NOS mode. Comparing dacs is easy with Foobar 2000 and a switchbox. Qobuz switching was easy as well.


When first turned on the three front LEDS cycle several times. Really Cool. Kind of like my PassLabs HPA-1 amp. Once done cycling, the light stays on the input selected. By default, it seems this is the USB, I only used the USB input. All music was ripped FLACS and Qobuz for switching in between different resolutions and bit depths. Schiit stated they had a intermittent garbled sound issue when listening to real music when switching music with different sample rates. I happily did this a lot of times and not once did I experience any garbled sound or anything else improper. Worked like a charm.

What does a dac do or supposed to do, well simply it puts back the digits (PCM) from the ADC process back into an analog signal that can be amplified and listened to. Yeah its more complex that this, like clocking, sampling, and some “black magic”. Vendor touted secret sauce etc. Dacs come in several flavors, we hear terms like Delta Sigma, R2R Multibit, Sign, FPGA etc.…from $99 to thousands of dollars!

Seems like the more one spends the more secret sauce one gets. But does it really matter?

Nice Schiit True Multibit Logo:

When it comes to dacs the differences IMO are often subtle. Maybe the biggest differences in sound one can possibly perceive is between widely varying designs and topologies. A multi-bit vs a delta sigma etc..Usually the DS designs tend to measure better, if that’s your thing. Even Schitt now makes a DS dac the Modi + for only $129, a whole lot less than this MM2 ! So why, which one is better, which one do I need ?

Schiit had a low cost multibit dac out for a few years and they coined the term “True Multibit”. Why? Well some folks are using the multibit to describe dacs that just have several bits. Even a low-cost Delta Sigma dac with 2-5 bits can be touted as ‘multibit’. Hence the “True Multibit”™ moniker. Then all this chip shortage stuff happened and the Modi Multibit went “dark”…But now its back in a new improved version!! A limited run based on the amount of chips they have I presume.

So what is True Multibitt ™ ?

From Schiit:

It’s a unique combination of a time and frequency domain optimized digital filter, implemented on an Analog Devices DSP, and one or more 16 – 20 bit real honest medical defense grade D/A converters. This as you’d expect, wayyyy more costly than doing it “off the rack” with delta-sigma converters and that’s why Modi Multibit costs a lot more than Modi +. In the case of Modi Mulitbit, we are using an Analog Devices SHARC DSP and a stereo Analog Devices AD5547 D/A Converter.


Sample rates and bit depths: 16/44.1 to 24/192 via USB, Coax and Optical connections.

The output is fixed at 2.0 volts RMS.

USB connection is with Schiits proprietary Unison ™ Input receiver. Exclusive to Schiit. When and if URD comes out we will a Unison to Unison connection from what I understand!

So now you can buy a True Multibit ™ for $299 or you can send a lot more for a Bifrost 2/64 for $799 or a Gungnir for $1199 or the ultimate Schiit Multibit ™ Yggdrasil + for $2699. So why does this exist at all.

Schiit states “Sound”.

When it comes to dacs the differences IMO are often subtle. Maybe the biggest differences in sound one can possibly perceive is between widely varying designs and topologies. For instance listening with a multi-bit vs a delta sigma dac you might hear differences more easily. Usually the DS designs tend to measure better, if that’s your thing. Even Schitt now makes a DS dac the Modi + for only $129, a whole lot less than this MM2 ! So why, which one is better, which one do I need ?

Well its really up to your ears and what you like, your bias, your sense of what music should be or sound like in the end. So, IMO after going through many dacs its like a crap shoot to me. Yup. Right now we have 5 dacs in house and they all work well some sound really very much the same. YMMV of course. I am not doubting what your experience is, just what my ears and wallet has told me over the years and recently.

I will cut to the chase. This MM2 dac may be the only dac you ever need.

Many dacs have several filters and sampling stuff that allow you to try out different output sounds….more often than not I read reviews that say “hard to tell any real differences here…but I settled in on the XXX one…seemed to be the best for me”…really subjective for sure. With the MM2 you get to use the secret Schiit sauce in a version of their very own “comboburitto” filter. I don’t know if this is exactly the same filter used in the other higher prices True Multibit (tm) Schitt dacs? Schiit has incorporated a NOS mode for us that just want to experience the transformation from bits to analog with no filtering. Nice.

The front panel case is simple and clean. The push button to select the various inputs works very nicely and smooth. When I took the cover off for photos the button fell out and I was amazed at how well machined this button is and how it fits in the hole and is simply held on via the top panel pressure…the distance from the switch and the button back is wonderfully accurate. Yes the simple things amaze me.

And if you’re a “purist” you can depress that little silver front button for a few seconds and the light starts cycling from dim to bright etc…indicating you have said “goodbye” to the “comboburitto” filter….press and hold again for a few seconds and wham back to Mr Moffets secret sauce….Now you can tell the difference and let us all know what you really think.

Another simple thing of beauty for me is the three lights on the front panel. Schiit is using I believe 3d printed light “pipes” that transmit the glow from the circuit board leds to the open holes in the front panel. Ingenious.

Notice the light pipes and the small button !

So I listened all day and just enjoyed it and its capabilities. I could easily just have this one dac and be happy. Yup. Simple. End of story. Why. Because it just does what a dac does and the output compared to other dacs are very similar.

So why spend a lot more for the higher priced dacs? Well the Modi Multibit is not upgrade-able. If Schiit does come out with new technology or updates your stuck with this version of perfection. Higher priced dacs might have more power supplies and regulation, better specs, exotic filters, exotic boutique parts, you might want a bigger form factor to match your decor? Or you just want what a vendor touts as their top tier device. Some might have the ability to add filters, DSD, MQA etc…for me having most of my music ripped from 16/44.1 these are not needed. I do have a dac that does real DSD conversion, and I just wanted to see what this was all about. Not needed here.

Black is sweet as well and its less expensive:

I took out an old Oppo BD 83SE to try out the Coax and SPDIF digital inputs. All worked fine and again the differences were IMO minute when listening. Again YMMV.

Lacking from this review are those glittering adjectives like, sparkling highs, deep taunt bass, wonderfully wide soundstage, etc. What I will say is comparing to other dacs its like choosing what filter is best for your ears. I have no DS dacs in house anymore. Some say the difference between multibit dacs and DS is very discernable. YMMV.

Switching from my dacs to the Modi Multibit 2 I found little differences in the sound being heard. Seriously I think this dac for $299 is all you really need. Yup. But the only way you will know is to buy, test and try and decide for yourself.

The one thing I am looking forward to is trying the URD device with the Modi Multibit 2. Stay tuned.

Don’t you actually miss that nice white LED light? With the light pipe implemenatation IMO this is a pleasant and informative light. Wish Schiit would do this on all their gear.


In conclusion:

Well its really up to your ears and what you like, your bias, your sense of what music should be or sound like in the end. So, IMO after going through many dacs its like a crap shoot to me. Yup. Right now we have 5 dacs in house and they all work well some sound really very much the same. YMMV of course. I am not doubting what your experience is, just what my ears and wallet has told me over the years and recently.

So again..... I will cut to the chase. This MM2 dac may be the only dac you ever need. Yup, to some this is audio blasphemy. LOL!

But for $299 what do have to loose!

Added pix: OG Magni 3 with MM2. I just loved the LED's shine! Some folks complained about the bright LEDS. For me not so. YMMV.

Screenshot 2022-12-30 120918.jpg
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I am hoping to do a shoot out with the MB2 and the new Yggy MIL with the new TI "B" chip that was just announced!
Stay tuned!!
Adydula, I've read your review of Modi Multibit 2 with great interest and I decided to buy it. After a few days of burn-in, MB2 outperforms my Cambridge Azur 861N, iFi Gryphon, Azur 851C, and couple of others! MB2 sounds vibrant, rich, detailed and lively. I'm totally blown away and I can't listen to anything else anymore.

Now I am very, very curious about Yggdrasil, I can only imagine what does the top model offer, if MB2 is this good? I can't wait to read the results of your shootout!
Congratulations on your Schiit MB2..a very good dac fir sure !