Onkyo C-S5VL C-S5VL Super Audio CD/CD Player

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Sampling audio signals at a rate 64 times higher than CD, Super Audio CD gives you the closest possible approximation of being in the same room as the musicians. Little wonder, then, that it has established itself as the audiophiles’ format of choice. Now, with the C-S5VL, Onkyo makes quality audio more accessible than ever. The C-S5VL is a stellar playback solution for Super Audio CD—as well as regular CDs and WMA- or MP3-encoded discs—and makes an ideal partner for Onkyo’s slimline A-5VL integrated amplifier. The C-S5VL incorporates Onkyo’s VLSC™ technology, along with high-end Wolfson DACs, to ensure a pristine conversion of the audio signal from digital to analog. Meanwhile, a high-precision crystal oscillator and jitter-cleaner device work together to stabilize the clock frequency. You get meticulous timing for all digital signals and hence beautifully clear separation of musical instruments. So, if you want to get serious about digital audio playback, open your ears to the C-S5VL.

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1000+ Head-Fier
Pros: awsome sound on both sacd and cd and inexpensive
Cons: none except possibly the load time
I heard about this player from a friend and I took a chance and ordered one from amazon at a very reasonable discount.
  I have had the player about a week and a half and have pretty much broken the the player in to a good extent and the player sounds just wonderful.I had a denon 3930ci and compared to this onkyo it just does not have anywhere near the resloution and sound quality of this newer player.I am amazed at how analog like that this player sounds.There seems to be very little if any of the digital glare I have heard in even some pretty expensive players.
 On the internet I have read that it is something of a giant killer and from what I am hearing from this player I have to agree.This player sounds wonderful it is very musical sounding with good resolution.The player sounds pretty dimensional with a finely focused image and decent depth portrayal.The midrange is very good.The highs are are also pretty good and as I mentioned before there seems to be little if any digital glare.This makes long term listening very enjoyable not at all irritating like some players get due to the digital glare they emit.
 Overall I think this player represents an exceptional value at even the regular price let alone the substantial discount that the player is offered at on amazon.
 I feel this player is ano brainer for the price and even compared to some fairly expensive players at multiples of its price it will hold its own.
I bought one of these in 2011 and it has stood the test of time. I think it really is a giant killer and none of my other source components sound as good (which has me searching for a new DAC for my MacBook Pro). For some reason, Onkyo stopped shipping these to the US, which is too bad, because they had a real winner with this spinner.


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