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Marantz CD6005 Hi-Fi Compact Disc Player with USB-A DAC

  • The CD6005 is a CD player packed with Marantz's 60 years of experience in audio playback technology to deliver superior sound quality. This player features Marantz's unique HDAM-SA2 technology designed to produce high-quality sound, and for the analog audio power amp it employs blocking capacitors and high-speed Schottky Barrier Diodes. Marantz engineers followed a strict regimen of listening tests to select parts that produce the purest sound possible. The CD6005 can also play WAV and AAC files stored on USB memory devices. Of course, you can also connect your iPhone, iPod, or other portable audio player to enjoy music in high sound quality through the CD6005's advanced audio circuitry. This player even provides a headphone amplifier circuit in a discrete configuration that outperforms separate headphone amps and lets you enjoy high-speed, high-resolution sound through your headphones. To round out your total enjoyment of music, the CD6005 is equipped with an easy-to-read fluorescent display that displays alpha-numberic characters in two lines, and it includes a remote control unit that can also operate the matching PM6005 integrated amplifier.


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