Monoprice 8320 IEM

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Cheaper IEM's made by monoprice.

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With a stylish design and a premium fabric-covered cord, these Monoprice earphones will prompt complete strangers to ask you where you got them, but you won't hear a word they say as you rock on down the highway!

Made with a noise-isolating design and producing clear and solid sound, these earphone are a great way to enjoy your favorite music from your iPod or other portable music device. They fit comfortably into the ears and produce solid bass notes and clear midrange tones, both normally a weakness in earphones., thanks to the large 14.2 mm driver unit.

The 48" cord is completely covered in fabric, which helps prevent breakages. The gold-plated 3.5 mm stereo plug connects to most popular music devices and phones, with better connectivity and corrosion resistance than the more common nickle and tin-plated connectors.

The end result is a pair of earphones that are made for the rigors of daily use from the music fan on the go! Amazing sound clarity, hard-rocking bass, and durability. Who could ask for more?

What? You want Aerosmith to play at your birthday party? OK, you CAN ask for more!

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New Head-Fier
Pros: mids are fairly well detailed, especially for the price, headphone is also surprisingly detailed (and bright) which leads to significant fatigue.
Cons: Bass extension if rather low, you can hear it, however don't expect much visceral impact
I've been a headfi stalker for many, many years, joining when the ER4 and whatever Shure or UE equivalent were just accepted as king, in fact the single most expensive thing I ever bought was with my own money in high school was a pair of brand new ER4P's. With the exception of the custom UE10's, these were basically the most highly regarded IEM or even headphone/earphone, this side of an Orpheus at the time.
However this is the first time I've felt compelled to post a review as by and large I think my hearing has deteriorated (I became an attack helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army for several years, the combination of turbine engines are 5.56 just ruined my hearing, and as such I've generally been more attracted to bass centric headphones lately- but, for whatever reason, recently seem to have been regained my high frequency hearing or at least the appreciation of what I have left..
So why am I reviewing the Monoprice 8320? Well, they're absolutely terrible, at least without the right fit. I'd read an insane amount on amount on them but still bought them and they'd always sounded terrible to me, the other night my RHA T10i's failed on me again (not a well made headphone despite the looks) and I was left with either my 7506's which I couldn't find, earpods or the monoprices, so I grabbed the monoprices after already having them written them off as being terrible, despite trying 5 or 6 different tip combinations and...suddenly I found one that fit, sillicon earbuds that I think I actually got from jabra bluetooth earphones. 
For whatever reason they fit perfectly, even without  playing music playing the isolation was exceptional and this benefitted a very specific type of rock, mainly, low-fi recorded rock, a good example is Interpol, who despite having great music, seem to have initially terrible recordings on their first two albums. The Monoprices' strength seem to be in digging up enough detail and melodic mids to sound good but without being able to resolve the flaws. There's no doubt they sound terrible without the right fit but once you do get it, I honestly think it's one of the most enjoyable rock music IEMs I've ever had for lower-fi recordings..
I thought turn on the bright lights was actually a good sounding album. Maybe I need to give it another listen :smiley:


New Head-Fier
Pros: None
Cons: Cheaply made, gaudy looking, terrible sounding
I got some of these based on their crazy-good reputation. Even for the $6 I paid I feel ripped off. Worst pair I can remember. What in the world is everyone talking about? These are so gaudy looking, and feel cheaply put together. I could overlook those things if they sounded like everyone says. But they don't. I can't remember disliking the sound quality of an IEM this much. These are just awful. I feel like I am in a Twlight Zone with these things. Their reputation can't be real. No amount of "breaking in" will fix this garbage. They were six dollars, and sound like one dollar. 
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Harsh dude.
No product that costs $6 can possibly be deserving of a 1 star rating.
1 star and I didn't see one phrase trying to describe what makes them sound so bad to you. 'mainstream' people usually think = lots of bass = good sound quality. 
This is a clueless review. Nothing to describe the sound, only a rant about how he hates them. I recommend these all the time and have repeatedly given them away as gifts. If you get good insertion, these compete with many $100 headphones. The main problem with these is that they don't fit everyone's ears. Maybe our reviewer has unfortunately small ears. With a poor fit, these would probably sound pretty garbage.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Great sound, once broken in the mids are very clear.
Cons: You need to burn in these headphones, otherwise they sound flat.
I bought my first set of 8320 two years or more back. They were very flat in the beggining then someone sugested these should be burned in for a few days with white noise. An old cell phone and white noise generator helped break these things in. Man o man what a difference. Made my bose IEM look like dollar store headphones. Sound is a relative thing IMHO just like taste in food. Some like certain foods more or less. I stopped buying other types of IEM's. Simply put these are the most durable IEM's I have ever had, once you perform some choice upgrades they can be awesome.
I wore these for more than 2 years daily for at least 3 hours a day. They have never let me down.
My suggestions would be as follows.
1 - Get some better tips for these.
2 - Get a set of earplugs and cut them short and puch out a hole in them. Put them behind the tips for extra spring.
3 - do not forget to wrap the cable behind your ear to reduce microphoning of the cable. (Helps tremendously)
I even designed a 3d printable holder for these so you can store them in style. Here is a link. ->
I Even bought two more pairs to keep as spares as these after 2+ years are looking raged, but they are still 100% functional. If I bought 10 pairs I could have a lifetime supply of these. 
These for me have been the longest wearing IEM's I have ever had. Usually I get about 1 month for a cheap 10-20 dollar set. Maybe 6 months on a more expensive set. These have been abused day in and out, the fabric sheathing has degraded, yet they still work. I even stepped on them.... I am hoping I can get another 2 years out of the new set. Maybe I got lucky with these?
well maybe they are just that durable, i just wreck it because the mods haha. also you can recable it after the cords give up and have it even longer:D
One problem I found is that monoprice changed the tip quality on these. I am not happy with their new version changing tip quality.
Now they ship them with a crappy rubber coated tip. I have a feeling its going to rip out. Here is a youtube review.


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