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"Crossfade LP2 Matte Black Metal over-ear headphones are part of V-MODA's "Live Play" series trusted by the pros and elite DJ's worldwide. A refined edition of the original legendary Crossfade LP, LP2 brings modern music enthusiasts high-fidelity sound, virtually indestructible quality, luxurious ergonomic comfort and a limited edition matte black finish. “The original LP has quickly become the #1 lifestyle DJ headphones from the street to the stage,” says Val Kolton, V-MODA CEO and DJ. “LP2 empowers modern music enthusiasts with military grade durability, timeless materials, and a life-like V-PORT soundstage.”"

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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Likes electronic, hip hop, machine sounds...can be very detailed sometimes, big sound
Cons: Huge veil on highs, overpowering bass, picky about recording quality
This is an elitist headphone. It believes most youtube videos deserve death and suffering. It will turn down videos it does not like and add bass to cover whatever is left of those videos. It does not believe in more cowbell.

My first instinct was "these sound terrible worse than cheap sony headphones," but as I listened I realized it was just picky. It liked certain recordings others it wouldn't even consider.

The bass is overpowering for my tastes and the highs are ridiculously veiled so for most music this will make it sound unspectacular. I find I am missing the sparkle of highs I can usually hear in less bassy headphones.

In general the ATH-M50's are much better headphones but there are things the LP2 beat the M50's at, like soundstage and the overall "thickness" of the sound-the M50's can sound "thin" sometimes.

They are a very snug fit around the ears but not hugely uncomfortable. They are substantial. Solid. Like a soviet era automobile. I feel like everything will last forever and I'll just eventually have to switch out the drivers.

These are not bad headphones but they are pretty far up on the Basshead spectrum.

Edit: Upon revisiting these headphones I've realized I was a little too tough on them. Most of what I said is still true, these are still basshead headphones but they deserve a higher score for what they were designed for -they do very well. They have a combination of big sound and bass rumble that I have yet to find matched in another headphone making these perfect for some of my favorite genre's of music (industrial metal, hip-hop, dubstep). Very high quality recordings especially within these electronic genre's really make these headphones come alive.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Sound signature, tight punchy bass, very comfortable earpads, build quality, included accessories, how it looks, customizable, subtle branding
Cons: Not suitable for Live Music in my opinion
These are my go-to set of headphones and I could have them on for 4-5h without fatigue or discomfort. I love the sound signature but understand it's not for everyone.
Highs: Clean, detailed, cymbals sound sparkly, but not fatiguing like the ATH-AD300
Mids: Well-defined, a bit recessed but fairly well balanced, warm vocals
Lows: Great bass (tight, punchy, accurate and do not bleed into the mids), no distortion like the Bose AE2 and QC25, not overly boosted like Beats
The only downside is live music sound like recorded music. In terms of spaciousness and wide sound stage, the LP2 is very good being closed-back, but it can't match open-back headphones like the AD series from Audio-Technica.Well, you can't expect a Ferrari to go 4x4 offroading, I guess.. :xf_eek:) So I ended up getting the ATH-AD900x for Live Music and Slow Rock.


New Head-Fier
Pros: AMAZING CONSTRUCTION, sound is descent, can be customized, descent price, ear cups are interchangeable, nice design, many accessories
Cons: not the best comfort, ear cups aren't breathable, one cable broke after two months
First off I want to clarify that I am not an "audiophile", nothing about me is audiophile related, except for the love of music listening and a hobby collecting headphones. So lets get right into the review.
Ok the first topic i want to talk about these headphones is the design, this is my favorite part about this headphone, the entire headphone is mainly constructed out of metal and steel, the headband is made out of memory metal, which means is that you can bend the headphone all you want but the headphone will always go back into its shape. The adjustments on the headphone is made out of a very durable steel, I honestly don't think the adjustments won't break any time soon. the only plastic parts on this headphone would be the housing around the shields on the ear cup, and thats pretty much it. The rest of the headphone is completely constructed out of metal. Now the cables on these headphones are supposedly constructed well, both two cables are kevlar reinforced housed in woven fabric, V-moda claimed that their cables were "Very Durable" but my in line remote cable broke within two months, this was a downfall for me at the time, but luckily V-moda supplies you with a regular auxiliary wire. Overall this headphone is built like the incredible hulk, it won't break down anytime soon, besides the cables.
The comfort on this headphone wasn't the best, the foam on the ear cup was somewhat soft, but for being an "over the ear" headphone, the ear ups weren't big enough to fit over my ear, so there was a little discomfort there. Also the ear cups only adjust vertically, which means that this headphones does not have a perfect fit on your head, due to the lack of adjustment horizontally, for example like the audio technica ath m50; the way the ear cups can move a complete 180 degrees horizontally. So the V-moda lp2 is not very adjustable. To add on, the ear cups are also not very breathable, so your ears will get sweaty and turn red which will cause the ear cups to smell over time, but since you can change out the ear cups that wouldn't really be a problem in the future. So in the long run, the comfort on these headphones are "okay".
So now for the most important part of the review, How Does It Sound? Well the way V-moda constructed their drivers is really interesting, what they did was they created a 50 millimeter "duel diaphragm" driver. Which means is that they combined two drivers creating a 50 millimeter driver, one driver is soft creating deep lows, and one hard driver to execute the midrange and highs. V-moda really pulled it off well because this headphone was a success for them. So before i got this headphone, i heard it was well known for its bass, it really does...... The subwoofer from the driver in this headphone feels like if you were listening to music on high volume in your car, it has a very powerful bass sub woofer. But very surprisingly even though the bass is really emphasized, it works really well with the highs and midrange, its a balanced headphone but the highs do seem to be lacking a little in this headphone. Due to the powerful bass. So does this headphone sound good? yes, but its not for everyone. This Headphone is very good sounding, its much better than other competitors, thats for sure.
So now is the headphone worth your money? I would say yes, because of the accessories you get with it, it comes with a hardshell case for protection, two audio cables, a cleaning cloth, and a 1/4 quarter inch adapter for home equipment. Also the design is definitely worth it, and the sound quality is right where it should be.


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