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'Thummim' is most significantly exemplified by an inconceivable spherical soundscape offering texture and details with distinct wideness, abysmal depth and soaring height. It's a MMR prized design befitting of a modern world audiophile flagship status and a showcase of MMR's top notch technology. 'Thummim' artisanal usage of 4 electrostatics that's conjoined within a single trans allows the flawless oeuvre of musical masterpieces to come alive. MMR team behind 'Thummim' added on Eletech's proprietary internal LITZ wires as final touches to perfect the IEM.Housed within a MMR specialty Titanium shell for UIEM, the monitor offers perfect ergonomics that is befitting of daily usage.

- 9 Triple Hybrid Drivers Configuration
- 4 Electrostatics , 2 Mid , 2 Highs , 1 Foster Dynamic Driver
- 4 - Way Passive Electro Frequency Division
- TriBore Waveguide
- Eletech Proprietary Internal Litz

Frequency Response : 10Hz - 80kHz
Impedance : 35ohm
Noise Isolation : -18db (UIEM)

Retail Price : $4299

Additional information coming from discussion with Joseph Mou :

- Internal parts are all mounted on 3D printed chassis with all sound wave guide printed in one piece -> improves accuracy and stability of sound and overall performance
- better Dynamic driver from Foster Electric in Japan
- latest Estat driver and new high efficiency transformer from Sonion (different from trinity one)
- high purity pure silver internal wiring and special solder from Eletech
- new 0.78mm 2 pins socket with internal spring structure that improves life time and "plug and pull" life cycle (should not loosen easely)

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Caution: Incomplete Sales
Armorous Statement Piece
Pros: Top of the line performance across each spectrum.
No need for an upgrade cable as it comes with Eletech Plato in the gorgeous leather case.
Gorgeous leather case.
Cons: Tonal warmth makes it not as suitable in some rare cases

As someone who is admittedly lackluster with experience with other High End IEMs on the market I feel I must preface this review by disclosing that the IEMs I am well familiar with are namely Campfire Solaris 2020, Atlas and IE800.

Therefore apart from a direct Solaris 2020 comparison this review will diverge from the standardised structure as not only do I not feel adequately competent to write it as such (with justice) but other reviewers on here have done more than a splendid job of them already.

I bought myself Solaris 2020 this summer and quickly jumped on the honeymoon phase with it.
Admiring not only the tonal balance where I found I also enjoyed them more then the aggressively bass-biased Atlas, but more so in its technical prowess.
Namely its renowned imaging qualities , separation and clarity.
A threat to this strong-bonded romance came one morning when an opportunity came to be a part of the Thummim review tour.
I was hesitant to accept taking part, fearing it might not only leave me uninterested in an IEM I so lovingly own but also install in me this rampant idea to go ahead and just put my car up on sale... ... :confused:
If this confuses any readers, then it might help to know this IEM costs a rather hefty 4500 USD. (...and the car is 2005 Opel - PM if interested) >JK.

And so just like a standard protagonist of an ancient greek mythological drama handles a lascivious adultery proposal, I, with a little degree of back-thought worry but more lavish enthusiasm, accepted the opportunity!

Now 10 days later into listening to Thummim, for most of the 10 days that the IEM has been loaned to me, urges me to share with you that after a swift and abrupt divorce my Solaris 2020 is on our beloved head fi trading forums. (Also plz pm if interested).🙄

Hopeful chucklesome narrative aside Thummim simply outperforms Solaris in every segment and leaves me with what I thought previously possible by an IEM much surpassed.

On the technical front the IEM never skips a step. Its firm and clear instrument placement and separation is staggering. It places instruments spherically around your head but with a tone that is dense and yet not lacking in detail or air.
The timbre is life and analogue like. Presenting vocals with engaging thickness and clarity, low end that is gutural yet articularly controlled and highs that, the embedded 4 electrostatic drivers form, strike with such amazing fast transience.

In a more direct comparison with the Solaris 2020, the immediately obvious attribute to me was MMRs flagships thicker notes.

Most obvious difference in density is in the low end where Thummim also extends further and punches harder. Although control and speed are a lot closer between the two the CA flagship loses there slightly still.

Solaris' midrange has been my favorite part of that IEM as I feel CA had made it so that most of the listeners focus on said midrange, hence making it a very engaging and non fatiguing monitor in use.
Thumim also possesses a more thicker midrange, that is also more detailed and natural sounding, though I find Solaris able to hold its own the best in this regard. Vocals have a tendency to be placed closer to your face as opposed to further in front on the Thummim making it occasionally a more suited affair for me.

The Treble has a less energetic and more relaxed sound on the Singaporean flagship.
I Initially missed the Solaris exciting sparkle , but soon came to normalize to its tuning and was simply swept away by the detail retrieval and layering Thummim has on offer.
Add on top of that the surreal fast ride cymbal hits that appear like magickally spawned in the air this IEM continually kept me enchantingly amazed.

To put this comparison in short the Thummim is like slightly warmer Solaris 2020 on steroids.. And growth hormone. And insulin.. With some myostatine inhibition on top...And If bodybuilding paraphernalia eludes you, it's about three times as good by my emotionally hijacked estimation.


Thankful to @mvvRAZ for this amazing experience and for organizing the review tour. My girlfriend hates you. 🙃
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500+ Head-Fier
Go Fund Me: Chris Needs Thummim in his Life
Pros: Perfect bled of technicalities with a rousingly musical presentation
Staging, imaging & detailing are all top level
They look beautiful
Cons: Very very rare instances of upper bass bleed into lower mids (this is nitpicking of the highest order though)
Price (sort of)

All pictures sourced from MMR’s website

As per many of the other reviewers here, let me say thanks again to Joseph Mou and @mvvRAZ for arranging the EU review tour of the Thummim. I was a late addition to the tour. I was a late addition because I’d read heaps about them and frankly I thought these are waaay out of my league. So far out of my frame of reference are they that I didn’t really want to waste peoples time or deny access to them for people for whom these are a viable purchase. As 2020 has gone on, (proceeded by not the best 2019 for me either), frankly I thought, “**** it”! Even if it’s just for a week, I’m going to treat myself to a taste of how the IEM glitterati live!

So, here we are; about 24 hours on from when I first tried the Thummim and about 23 hours and 30 minutes on from realising I may have made the mother of all errors. You see, having tried them, now I really (like really), WANT a pair of these! For that 23 hours and 30 minutes, I’ve been mulling over many a cunning ruse to fund a purchase. Like Wiley Coyote planning a new way of dropping an Acme anvil on Roadrunner, I’ve been planning, ruminating and scheming. I’ve considered a crime spree but I don’t think, what I think they call the ‘thug life’, is for me. I’ve toyed with hiring the kids out as cheap labour but probably not practical during a pandemic. The wife wasn’t keen on the idea either and I have to admit, I’ve grown attached to the little tykes. That said, the youngest is on ‘thin ice’ behaviour wise so I haven’t completely ruled this one out. Finally, I contemplated the old ‘the dog ate them’ excuse. I thought better of this because, looking at the Thummim, the chances of anyone ingesting those without requiring surgical intervention are slim at best.

The dog did however play a part in causing me to nearly suffer cardiac arrest. I left the box in, which the Thummim were delivered, in my bedroom. Being the room where ‘the magic happens’ the dog had wandered in and promptly made several sheets of bubble wrap and the top of the Thummim cardboard tube ‘disappear’. Assuming that the IEM glitterati would be displeased, I quickly dismissed thoughts of blaming the kids (well, maybe the youngest) and was relieved to find the Thummim themselves on my desk where I’d left them. Phew!

Anyway, let’s talk Thummim. I really can’t add to what all the previous reviews have described at length and far more eloquently than I could. My impressions as a result will be suitably brief but hopefully fully convey my admiration for them.

In somewhat time honoured tradition, let’s start with build. These don’t look like IEMs, they look like little bits of cubism, the shell design is beautiful and the build quality stellar. I mean, look at them!! They might look like nothing else but man, they can’t be comfortable can they?! Short answer is yes. The inner side of the shells maintain the same aesthetic but dialled down sufficiently enough to ensure no issues comfort wise for me. This is helped by the nozzles being a decent length.


Packaging, as people have remarked, doesn’t necessarily scream premium and although the leather case is well made, it’s not necessarily the most practical. At this point, let’s get the price out of the way. These things aint cheap, by any stretch. Let’s remember though that these are essentially low production runs of a boutique IEM and cables; they’re not going to be cheap. If the bulk of the budget has gone toward the actual hardware, I’m OK with that. I’d rather have a kick ass pair of IEMs for that money than elaborate accessories.

Most of my listening has been done using an iBasso DX160; a suitably musical and engaging DAP for a musical and engaging IEM. The Plato cable seems to have taken a beating during it’s journey round the continent and as such listening was conducted using a different Eletech Litz cable.

Signature wise, these are probably W but honestly so well balanced that nothing really sounds missing, crowded out or subdued. Detail and separation across the spectrum are the best I’ve heard. To cram all that in without them sounding either too reference or fatiguing is a hell of a feat. I can only assume that a fair degree of the purchase price is going towards recouping the time and effort that must have gone into achieving this.

Technicalities are just ridiculous too. Imaging is stunning with depth and height rendering listening an almost 3D like experience. Throw in the excellent sound staging too, these really do wrap you up in a holographic like presentation I’ve not experienced before. Separation is spot on, it allows the listener to pick out layers with ease but without sounding artificial. It’s much more coherent than probably any other BA midrange I’ve heard.

Sonically, lets continue as we’ve started, running bottom up; starting with the bass. The bass, to me, is as good a DD implementation as I’ve heard on a hybrid. It packs a punch, it’s quick & tight but also extends beautifully. Detail and texture are top notch. On about 1% of tracks I’ve listened to, the upper registers of bass may, very occasionally, infringe into the mids, slightly. If you were looking for negatives, you can stop here because that’s honestly as close as I get towards criticism of the Thummim.

Moving on to the mids. More of the same really, everything is there in spades. Vocals across the range are all beautifully reproduced and the instrumentation is exactly where the sound engineer intended it to be. Detail wise, you’re not missing out on anything but again, it’s just all so darn cohesive, it never gets too intense or in any way fatiguing.

Treble is a delight. Just the right (& I mean JUST RIGHT!), level of sparkle and air. Detail again is top level but the balance is once more tweaked to perfection, seeing off any hint of harshness.


In summary, these look like art, they sound engineered to perfection and they achieve the most perfect balance of technicalities whilst remaining hugely musical & engaging, fun and non-fatiguing to listen to. This level of performance ladies and gents, is always going to come at a premium.

These to me, are pretty much all I could, personally, hope for in an IEM. It may take me a while to save for a pair but in the long run I it would be a saving (honestly!). I’d genuinely stop looking, stop trying other IEMs, yes, I’d happily call it quits with these. Now if that’s not a ringing endorsement, I don’t know `what is!

I've had a taste of how the IEM 1% live and I want in! :)
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Awesome review and an entertaining read too! Great stuff
Thanks to @NYanakiev for recommending MMR Retailer @MusicTeck to me. There’s a complete lack of distributors in Europe so this is useful to know!


1000+ Head-Fier
MMR Thummim and 3 other 2020 Men!
Pros: Alive
And coherent on top of that
Cons: Price
Fit for some
May not be best for some types of Jazz and Classical Music
MMR Thummim and 3 other 2020 Men!


With an Ode to Thumm, Erl, Sultan and Odin!


MMR stands for Metal Magic Research. Thummim loosely has to do with an object made out of metal or precious stones with symbols on it and is worn on the breastplate.

MMR to me stands for “We do not care what anyone else thinks. We are going to build unique IEMs made out of cool metal with cool technology and cool wiring. We will make them pricey because it is a lot of work to be this creative and these IEMs will be extremely good and possibly divisive!”

I received this Thummim for a week as part of the MMR Thummim and Homunculus tour put together through I would like to thank the man known as Barra for putting all this together.

The real reason I am writing this review is so that my coffee table becomes more famous than Twister6’s countertop. My mother gave me the coffee table used for photo shoots for my reviews. I doubt Twister6’s mother gave him his granite countertop. I do not have a fridge of his quality so I will refrain from in-ear shots with a fridge as the blue screen.

This review will not be full of massive minute details. My goal for this review is for you to walk away with an understanding of the overall sound of Thummim. Also, I hope you walk away with an idea of how it compares to other top tier IEMs released this year.

You hear a lot about the Thummim being unique and way out there. It is unique and way out there but is correctly way out there. More to come on that later.



I think a lot of IEMs have a nugget shape. The Thummim literally has a rock shape. Beautiful Titanium rock shape which seems to be shaped by a Gemcutter that loves angles. The looks of it make it seem they could fit no one. But for me I have zero fit issues with these. Numerous people I know that have these do not have fit issues. That said some people have had fit issues where the shape caused pain. If there is any way you can try it before purchasing that would be best. Or just ignorantly blind buy IEMs like I do and numerous others since trying them is not an option. Playing Vegas IEM fit and sound is always fun. Costly fun but fun. Nothing like living on a blunt edge.


When I get an IEM I go through my test tracks to get a feel for it: Cousin Dupree (Steely Dan), The Best Hotel (Allan Taylor), Glory Box (John Martyn), Dreams (Fleetwood Mac), Simple Twist of Fate (Sarah Jarosz), Teardrops (Avasai Cohen), Lions (Dire Straits) etc. I then move onto a list of Miles Davis material from his beginnings to his final material. The Miles Davis catalogue will test any IEM.

The initial Thumm reaction is WOW! Holy Batman! Geez Louis! And then I had images of the famous scene from “When Harry Met Sally.”

The sound is as wide and high as Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now. It really is a unique sound. I thought that the 3D sound of the Sultan was as far as one could take it. Thumm introduced me to 5 D sound whatever that is. The sound is everywhere in the head. Left, Right, top, bottom and in-between.


The bass in mildly thunderous. Less than I was expecting. It is more about the mid bass than the sub bass. The overall bass is nothing close to the Legend X. The bass on the Thumm is present and accounted for but just as well as everything else. Bass does not dominate. The Dynamic Driver of the thumm reminds me of the bass from the Audeze LCD 3. Deep and dark. Not bright. Pretty much visceral deep which coincides with the deepness of the mids.


They are mildly forward which keeps the bass and treble from overwhelming. The mids are thick and to me are reminiscent from memory of the Legend X mids. This thickness aligns extremely well with male vocals.


Excellent well-defined treble. If the mids were not a little forward and thick the treble might be overwhelming, but it is not. The treble extends way out there into left field. This aligns well with the overall sound of the Thummim. You cannot have a tiny treble when everything else is larger than life.


The whole is greater than the individual parts. This is extremely applicable to the Thumm. The creators of this IEM must have been thinking “how far can we take each individual sound of this IEM and still make it an enjoyable coherent IEM?” Well they succeeded. The Thumm to me is not a bright IEM. It is somewhat dark in comparison to my other IEMs and the overall notes are thicker than what I am used to. It works well for this IEM as a sound package. It works because they made sure the vocals were not recessed. Recessed mids to me means “I love it at first but over time I am so bored with this IEM.” The mids to me make this IEM engaging over time.


I used the Cayin N6ii DAP with T01 Module. I also used the Schiit Jotunheim Amp with the Multibit DAC module. The Thumm is extremely responsive to more power. I attribute that to the DD and 2nd Gen Estats in the Thumm. The Sultan, and Odin also respond extremely well to more power. They all have DD and 2nd Gen Estats also. The BA IEMs I currently own like Erlkonig and Katana do not respond differently to more power. They respond best to DAPS that provide a black background.

The Thummim though responds to power more than any other IEM I have experienced. More power to the Thumm meant everything becoming even more dynamic and separate and out there in space. The notes become further apart, and the bass slam and treble impact are more pronounced. I cannot stress enough how much Thumm responds to more power. When one goes to look for the definition of Metamorphosis the Thummim is pictured with a very powerful amp as an image definition. Not in a Kafkaesque way but in a pleasant dreamy way.

The Thumm worked well for most music I listen to. It just did not work well for Modal Jazz such as music from Bill Evans or any Trio Jazz. People that love classical music may also not like how the Thumm colors the sound a bit. For everything else it is a “Wow Batman” type of experience.




2020: the year that needs to be over and the year that some outstanding IEMs were introduced. I will compare the Thumm with three other IMHO top notch IEMs. I will compare from most dissimilar to most similar.


The Thumm and Erl are like James Hunt and Nikki Lauda on and off the racetrack. Not much to compare other than they are two of the best race car drivers/IEMs that will ever exist. They have a totally different approach to how they succeed at making music pleasurable. Erl/Lauda is about precision and being correct and finding the best “real” sound possible. Thumm/Hunt parties a lot and does everything to the extreme but when the race/music starts he gets the job done! Both are world-class performers. I would love to write a coffee table book about the Erlkonig and then write a special edition publication from some adult Magazine all about the Thummim.


I tried not to like Odin but I keep coming back to it. It is an extremely complex IEM that takes time to understand. It is masterfully tuned IMHO. The stage of the Odin is very left to right to me. Thumm is a laser show with a rotating 360 degree stage that also floats throughout the stadium. The notes of the Thumm are thick and linger longer. The notes on the Odin are quick and tight. When I shower after an Odin session, I still am not able to process the joy I just experienced. With Thumm the joy is right in front of you and you are very aware of what you are experiencing. The detail and separation of notes with the double DD movement of air is bar none with the Odin. Both IEMs are very coherent in different ways. Left to Right for Odin and Pink Floyd laser show coherent for Thumm.


This is by far the hardest one to compare with the Thumm. They are extremely similar in numerous ways. Sultan is my 3D holographic IEM. It is an out of the head experience. Rose glasses are on when listening to the Sultan. But at the same time, it is also very coherent. Notes of the Sultan have a little halo attached to them that bring a smile on your face. Flower child Psychedelic sound. The sound of the Sultan reminds me of the character Jenny Curran in Forrest Gump. A great love interest!

That paragraph above could also be about the the Thumm instead of the Sultan. That is how similar they are.

So how are they different? Add a little bit of a mind-altering substance to the mix and that is what the Thumm is versus the Sultan.

The Thumm does have thicker notes as compared to the Sultan. The Sultan is more W shaped than the Thumm. The notes come to you more hence the W with the Sultan. The vocals with the Sultan (all mids for that matter) are a tiny bit more recessed than the Thumm. For this reason, the Sultan has a more impactful bass thump (sub bass) and a more impactful articulate treble. The Sultan demands your attention. With the Sultan there is no texting while eating dinner together. Thumm is more holographic chill. The Thumm will let you light up at the dinner table as long as you are ready for fun at any time.


The Thummim is really great if you are searching for an intense, coherent, visceral auditory experience. The Thummim is a wild child but a correct child. The Thummim is way out there but correctly way out there. If it was just way out there, then it would get very tiring over time. That is not the case with the Thumm. It came to play with the big Men and that it does differently but very well. Bravo MMR!!!
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Excellent review as always @SLC1966, really enjoyed that :D
Fantastic review, hehe!


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