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'Balmung' is engineered with large spatial details and critical listening in mind. Delivering unmatched clarity and unparalleled resolution, the 'Balmung' is akin to the observance of a performance in the prime seat. Like it's predecessor, the "Flamenco", it's brimming with energetic bursts and incredibly immersive. 'Balmung' features a calculated balanced dispersion of 11 drivers ; Wherein it allows for a technical separation of lows for impact , speed and resolution while keeping the mids highs extremely sensitive to details. Housed within a MMR specialty Titanium shell for UIEM or high precision 3D printed acrylic shell for CIEM, the monitor is offers perfect ergonomics that is befitting of daily and professional usage. This IEM is starred recommendation for mixing, multiple instrumentalist, concerts, mastering engineers, monitoring and discerning audiophiles.

- 11 Precision Built Balanced Armatures
- 2 Tweeters , 2 High , 4 Mids , 2 Lows, 1 XL Low
- 5 - Way Passive Electro Frequency Division
- TriBore Waveguide

Frequency Response : 20Hz - 40kHz
Impedance : 18ohm
Noise Isolation : -26db (CIEM) / -18db (UIEM)

Retail Price : $2699


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