Hillaudio Quro - DLC Dynamic Driver Hifi In-ear Monitor (MMCX)

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At Hillaudio, we always believe in dynamic driver supremacy. Meet Hillaudio Quro, our latest budget friendly dynamic driver IEM, this time in a tiny metallic body instead of resin.

Bringing a slightly different signature to our collection, Quro offers a fresh taste for those looking for something in between of our bass heaven Altair and balance bright Mirage - a smooth balance sound with slightly emphasised bass and a tinge of darkness, striving to bring musicality > technicality

● Quro is equipped with a custom developed 2nd generation DLC diaphragm dynamic driver. An improved version over previous generation on DLC300 with better sensitivity, lower impedance and more linear and smooth frequency response.
● Meticulously tuned to bring musicality over technicalities, Quro sound is well balance across the frequency spectrum with slight bass emphasis while treble is shy from bright, bringing a more matured feel which exudes a slight aura of darkness, yet not affecting clarity and imaging.
● Differ from our past offerings, Quro body is made from highly durable zinc aluminium alloy material, CNC-machined to give a smooth polished finishing. Aspects of chamber acoustic also incorporated to improve the overall sound through the front venting.
● Quro is designed to be delicate and ergonomic. Aimed to provide a good comfortable fit especially for those with smaller ear sizes, you can now enjoy music for extended period of time with Quro without feeling strained or fatigued.
● Quro offers more flexibility and playability with its MMCX detachable connector system. You are free to choose various packages, either just the head unit itself or with cables. You can also pair with various aftermarket MMCX upgrade or bluetooth cable modules being offered in our store (to be purchased separately)

Brand: Hillaudio
Model: Quro
Transducer principle: Dynamic driver
Transducer spec: 10mm with 2nd Gen DLC diaphragm
Frequency range: 20hz - 20khz
Impedance: 16Ohm
Sensitivity: 100dB
Connector type: MMCX
Plug type: 3.5mm
Cable length: 1.2M
With mic: NO



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New Head-Fier
Malaysia's Bass Cannon 💣🔥 - Hillaudio Quro Review
Pros: - well-executed Dark tuning
- thick, punchy, well-extended bass
- thick mids
- sweet vocals
- good treble extension
- good technicalities
Cons: - requires amping to shine
- Dark tuning not for everyone
Hillaudio Quro is Hillaudio's latest IEM release. It sports a Single 2nd gen 10mm DLC Dynamic Driver and it retails for around $15usd - $25usd, depending on the set you chose. There are 3 sets in total - Set A (IEM only), Set B (IEM + SPC cable), and Set C (IEM + Copper cable).

The one I got for review is Set B which retails for $21usd. It came with no box, just a case. Inside it, there are 2 different types of tips (1 set narrow bore, and 3 sets of wide bore tips), an MMCX 8-core SPC cable, and last but not least, the IEM itself. In terms of the included tips, Wide bore sounds more balanced while narrow bore sounds more bassy. I find the narrow bore tips to be too bassy for my liking.

With that out of the way, let's start the review.

*Disclaimer: This review is done with an AMPED Hillaudio Quro using stock wide bore tips and stock SPC cable (Set B). Why is amping needed? Read on further to find out….

PROS ✅:​

  • I am just going to tell it to you straight. If you don’t like bass, you can skip this review. This isn't for you. But if you do, PLUS you are a fan of the Rockspace Obsidian, stick around as you might be in for a treat 😏.
  • I would describe the sound signature here as being dark-V shaped. These do need amping though, so do keep that in mind.
  • After amping, the bass here is THICC, punchy, and warm with good sub-bass extension. It also has pretty good detail retrieval and texture when powered well. The bass here goes DEEEEP. I've had the time of my life listening to genres like Synthwave and Hip Hop with the Hillaudio Quro. Despite having a lot of bass, it manages to stay well-controlled and not bleed into the mids too much, but that is after amping, of course. Before amping, the bass here is wobbly, loose, uncontrolled, and bleeds like crazy.
  • The midrange is thick, smooth laidback, with sweet vocals. Without amping, vocals sound out of breath and mids get muddied up by the bass bleed. After amping, you can hear the vocalist gain presence, presenting in a sweet and intimate manner. Mids do lose a bit of definition and clarity, but that is a sacrifice that has to be made in order to get such a thick, sweet, and intimate sounding midrange/vocal presentation.
  • The treble here, as expected, is dark sounding. However, do not mistake it as being "rolled-off" as that isn't the case here. In fact, I think what surprises me most is how well extended the treble here is despite being dark sounding. The treble here, albeit dark, is decently macro-detailed, well-articulated, and with decent air qualities.
  • Timbre is thick and warm. A bit too thick to be considered natural IMO but nonetheless, pretty good.
  • Soundstage here is pretty good all around. With having a bit more depth and height than width. Before amping, soundstage is pretty flat with not much depth and height. After amping, depth and height get better. Soundstage opens up to somewhat like a studio room side.
  • The same goes for imaging. Before amping, imaging is a bit blurry, with transient notes and attack a muddied out and blunted. After amping, imaging gets better with crispier clearer transients.
  • Build quality and fit is great. IEM is made out of metal and the SPC cable that I got in set B looks good.

CONS ❌:​

  • Requires amping.
  • Dark sound signature isn't for all. Lacks tonal balance.
  • Technicalities (soundstage, detail, imaging) are pretty bad before amping. Gets a lot better when amped.
  • Unboxing experience could be better (I mean, it came with no box, just a small case).
  • The stock SPC cable feels crunchy when touched, otherwise looks good.
  • MMCX.


  • Both require amping to shine, with Obsidian needing a bit more power (in terms of volume).
  • Quro has better bass with thicker, deeper, tighter bass. Better imaging, bigger soundstage, better vocal presence with crispier vocals, and treble is also better in every way. Better extension, better articulation, better detail.
  • Obsidian is smoother, more laidback sounding, smaller soundstage, not as technical, not as detailed.


I gotta admit, when I first heard the Hillaudio Quro, I didn't like it. Bass bleed was really bad and vocals sound muffled and out of breath. I disliked using it……

Until I plug them into my Class A amplifier (iFi Zen CAN). Instantly, everything gets better. Bass is THICC, tight, and punchy. Midrange is thick and full with sweet intimate vocals. And treble is well extended with good details and air.

For $21usd, I think that the Hillaudio Quro is pretty good, especially if you like Dark sounding IEMs with a lot of quality bass like the Rockspace Obsidian.

Definitely gets a thumbs up from me. Great job HILL AUDIO - MY and thank you for including me in the Hillaudio Quro review tour.

Interested in getting the Hillaudio Quro? Here is the purchase link (non-affiliated):

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• Aliexpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/400...exp_id=82138fcc-6537-4551-9238-c158302309ee-0
• Shopee MY:

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