Geshelli Lab's Enog2 Dac

General Information

A sub $200 Balanced Dac that lets you pick between three power output levels .

A Balanced DAC that definitely performs well above it's price .

As long as you don't need a USB input and can live with component and toslink then this is a very good sounding DAC with a unique look .

I find it extremely useful when connecting it to the Loxjie Balanced tube amp because the ability to boost it's output allows me to power the little Loxjie P20 to a level that powers all of my 300ohm Headphones with ease.

And when powering IEMs that need less power using a lower output to match the impedance or SPL of the IEM or Headphones you are using and still being able to make the volume of your Headphone Amplifier use more of the knobs control area .

I have upgraded Headphone Amplifiers several times but still have not found a DAC I like better .
The owner's of Geshelli Lab's are always available to answer any questions you may have.


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