SMSL DO200 Pro Balanced DAC

General Information

Supports MQA decoding and MQA-CD;

There are two modes to choose from: USB 1.1 and USB 2.0;

Using 12 pieces of Cirrus Logic's latest audio decoding chip CS43131 and carefully designed circuits, its performance reaches an unprecedented level of 0.00006 (-123dB) non-weighting distortion;

The brand-new third-generation XMOS XU-316, supports PCM up to 32bit/768kHz and DSD up to DSD256;

Utilizes 5 pieces high-end op-amps OPA1612 and numerous audio-grade components;

Bluetooth 5.1 digital audio input, external antenna, longer transmission distance;

The audio clock processing circuit helps reduce clock jitter greatly;

Built-in specially designed low noise switching power supply;

Using a large number of audio-specific audiophile grade resistors and capacitors;

Using a fully fitted display screen;

Fully balanced design with truly balanced output;

Equipped with a full-featured remote control and pre mode;

Japan Audio Association (JAS)Hi-Res certification


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Headphoneus Supremus
SMSL DO200 Pro With 12 CS43131 Processors And 5.2 Volt Output
Pros: 5.2 volt DAC output
USB 1.0/2.0 toggle for compatibility
Competes with DACs costing 2-3 times the price
Runs cool, auto shutoff
HDMI (Arc) inputs
Color IPS screen is easy to read
Cons: Form factor might limit stack options
No color setting options
They haven't ditched MQA support yet
I just got one of these today, shipped by Fedex from Aoshida-US and bought myself for $399 on Amazon. It's so new they shipped it direct from their factory, but should be in Amazon warehouses shortly. I have an audio equipment business, and have plenty of other high end ones to compare it to. First impressions on the Topping A70 Pro and A90D Discrete used for testing is that's it's as flawless as any DAC costing 3-4 times as much I've had. It runs cool (unlike the Gustard X26Pro which will heat up a room with it's two 9038Pro chips running in current mode) and the color display is really nice. Also it's similar to the DO300EX and DO400 I've got, that it makes no pop/tick noise when switching bit rates like the DL200 and D-6s does. It's good they have that fixed for their mid and high range models.
It uses the medium form factor (189 x 45 x 186mm), larger than a D-6s but smaller than the SMSL SP400/M400 stack I have. It fits on top of the A70Pro and A90D but not underneath it. I recently had the H400 that SMSL took to a recent Can-Jam and it reminded me a lot of the Topping A30Pro. I have a Topping D30 Pro currently with it's 4 Cirrus Logic processors, and this feels like the SMSL answer to it with twelve CS43131 chips on it. It's the DAC equivalent to a five blade razor.

They didn't include the color options found on their other models, the filters available are:

It's has USB 1.0 (24 bit/96khz) by default and 2.0 (32 bit and all the hi-res bit rates) selectable off the menu which requires a Windows driver (the current SMSL driver works great). Linux Mint found it and no problems there.
Bluetooth 5.1 which worked great with the Google Pixel and a 5.1 adapter I keep for testing. SBC,AAC,aptX,aptX HD,LDAC The new antenna works well, in a 2 story townhouse I left the phone downstairs and it was still smooth as glass.

All the file formats like DSF played smoothly and even though I don't use MQA files, I keep a couple for testing. The indicator on the screen shows the logo so it's easy to tell if the track supports it. It's not just some little dot like on other models. I'm of the school that all DACs with the same SINAD above audible distortion, and using a similar filter are going to sound the same. The 5.2 volts help get the noise floor down and it's just you and the music. Pair it with an amplifier that has a low noise floor and doesn't clip in high gain and it's the last DAC you might need until more models come out with onboard parametric equalizers.


SMSL really went all out to offer the same performance as a Topping D90 5 volt models for half the price. The form factor is the only caveat since many good amplifiers will have to be run side by side due to it's size. I use 15" monitor risers with removable feet to lower them and fit large stacks which could help placement if desk space isn't unlimited.

After spending a few days using it, I didn't encounter any problems and it's just complete transparency. The extra push of 5.2 volts helped with the Hifiman HE6se when equalizing with a -6.9db preamp reduction. Without eq at loud volume levels on the A70Pro there's still 17db left for headroom to work with in high gain mode. For cables I have the Worlds Best XLR, Monoprice Stage Right star quad, and the Amazon Basics star quad work and sound just as good if you want the 3ft length (the new black design they have look nice too). Doing a DAC review is a bit of a trick. They just turn a digital file into analog without adding distortion. Load up some 16/44.1khz FLAC files and it's as good as it gets on a high quality amplifier. If the form factor fits your setup and it has all the connectivity you need, you can't go wrong. For Topping to compete with their D90 III costing twice as much, they're going to have to up their game with more models with a built in parametric equalizer like the D50 III. I'm kind of stuck in my ways with APO/Peace so not in a rush for it. Technically we've hit the limit with DACs like this one. I just wish they would put it in a bigger form factor like the DL200, so full size amplifiers can fit on top of it.


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thank you for the review! i am interested in this dac for a while now. I didnt know there are different output levels on dacs at all. What does the output voltage mean tho? Does it only effect the volume i can reach with different amps or does it also have any other impacts on sound?
The voltage is mainly to increase volume by 4db and lower the noise floor since the amplifier doesn't have to work as hard. Sometimes it can keep you out of high gain for lower distortion depending on the system and volume levels. The downside is the amplifier has to be able to handle it without clipping (distortion) in high gain. Just have to check the specs on your amplifier to see if it's going to work. If it has a companion DAC that's 5 volts, that tells you there if it works at 5v.



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@dunring Any comparison versus D70 Pro Octo? Wavetheory gave bells and whistles to DO200 Pro but didn't like D70 Pro Octo at all. Passion for sound adore Octo and I have to agree with him, I like it too, very detailed and punchy sound. If I would move on that would be some R2R once but then I will break a bank...
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Headphoneus Supremus
I currently have a D70Pro Octo and it's nice, but the E70 9028Pro I'm listening to sounds exactly the same and costs much less. If the form factor matching or connectivity is important, then it's a really nice DAC. The display is really flashy and I use an A70Pro as a daily driver, so of course they look great in a stack with VU Meters and spectrum analyzers blazing. I factor in practicality and cost too. If you don't need the bells and whistles, you'll get the same sound for less money with the E70 9028Pro or DO200Pro. Even the SMSL DL100 or DL200 (which ticks lightly when changing bit rates, so for speaker people it's probably a deal breaker). I haven't checked the DL100 yet to see if it does that. Aliexpress's shipper bungled the delivery and delivered my DL100 to some other road so I have to order another.