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The ODO is Venture Electronics' latest small form factor dongle. Equipped with the new emerging dac chip KT.


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100+ Head-Fier
Mighty Mini
Pros: Impressive driving power on tap
Feels durable
Fun and engaging sound
Cons: Can be too bright for bright-ish transducers
Fellow audiophiles, let's take a listen to the new Venture Electronics Odo dongle. While the name's origin remains a mystery, the Odo's sound is anything but puzzling.

Equipped with a lesser-known KT02H20 DAC chip, the Odo might raise eyebrows at first glance. But fear not, for this little dongle packs a sonic punch. We'll avoid technical jargon and focus on the listening experience.



Technically, the Odo is quite capable. The soundstage strikes a nice balance – spacious enough to avoid feeling congested, but not so vast that instruments lose their intimacy. Imaging is precise, allowing you to easily pinpoint the location of instruments within the soundscape.

Timbre falls somewhere between the analytical and the musical. It avoids the harshness that can sometimes plague digital sources, while maintaining a clear and defined presentation.

One of the Odo's biggest strengths is its driving power. Even at moderate volume levels (around 40-45% for a loud listener like myself), the Odo delivers ample power to drive demanding IEMs, revealing their full potential.


The Venture Electronics Odo offers a fun and engaging sound signature. It boasts a mild bass boost for excitement, while a moderate treble elevation adds brilliance and reveals rich detail. The midrange strikes a balance between neutrality and warmth, keeping vocals clear and instruments crisp. This bright-ish neutral sound with a hint of fun makes the Odo enjoyable for extended listening sessions.

For this part, I would like to borrow the video review of our Dongle madness guru, OspreyAndy. Click the link below.

The Venture Electronics Odo is a game-changer for budget-conscious audiophiles. At a price that barely registers on the wallet, it delivers a combination of features that rival options costing significantly more.

Firstly, the Odo's power output is no joke. Even at moderate volume levels, it can drive demanding IEMs to their full potential, ensuring you get the most out of your music regardless of your listening preferences. This abundant power makes it a reliable companion on the go, where powerful sources can sometimes be scarce.

Secondly, the sound signature is surprisingly well-tuned. It leans towards a fun and engaging presentation, with a subtle bass boost that adds excitement without sacrificing clarity. The mids are transparent and detailed, keeping vocals and instruments distinct within the mix. A touch of brilliance in the treble adds a layer of detail and airiness, revealing the nuances of your music. This overall bright-ish neutral sound signature with a hint of warmth is perfect for extended listening sessions, ensuring fatigue-free enjoyment of your favorite tunes.

Finally, the Odo's compact and portable design makes it an ideal travel companion. Its small form factor ensures it won't weigh down your pocket or snag on your bag, while the inclusion of a 4.4mm balanced option caters to those seeking a balanced sound experience.

Overall, the Venture Electronics Odo punches well above its weight class. It's a no-brainer recommendation for anyone seeking a powerful, portable, and fun-sounding source without breaking the bank. Its combination of features and price performance makes it a giant killer in the budget dongle market.

Gratitude to Venture Electronics for sending the Odo my way in excha
nge for this review. Cheers
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