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Edifier M710 On-Ear Headphones with Mic and Volume Control - Red

  • The M710 headphones come with soft leather cushions making them ideal for long listening sessions with the fantastic comfort that it provides. The brushed aluminum look makes you the most stylish person in the room. Use the inline controller for adjusting the volume for music and muting yourself on the laptop or desktop PC. T M710 comes with a splitter in the box making it compatible with all phones and older laptops. An airplane adaptor also comes in the box making them great for travelling.

Recent Reviews

  1. NymPHONOmaniac
    Energic and Punchy sound that is impatient to entertain your ears. Good all-arounder underatted Headset !!
    Written by NymPHONOmaniac
    Published May 4, 2016
    Pros - Fun soundsignature with good details amount and foward bass and mids, excellent construction, beautifull design
    Cons - Can be more clean and detailed, average soundstage
    EDIFIER M710 On-ear headphones
    This is the third Edifier headphones I review and it conclude a very pleasant travel in Edifier Sound world. I discover that a brand  mostly know for his speakers making can make very good headphones at a more than competitive price. In fact, now that I listen to 2 headphones and 1 earphone, i'm more curious than ever about Edifier and will surely try other models like the flagship model H850.
    Excellent construction for the price. Hard solid plastic with brushed metal earcups part, movable earcups for transportability, classy looking. Moving earcups can make plastic sound while listening. Cable look sturdy and have good strain relief. Due to his rather hard clamping force, this headphones can hurt ears after 2 hours of listening but will became less tigh for the head with time. I do not test the mic but the volume control is very usefull and work very well with any device (not like volume control with buttons that work only with smartphone and are useless with DAP).
    Package include two Dual Male to Female 3.5 adapter’s .  One is a cable and the other is a airport adapter. Both look of good durable quality.
    Sources (fast impressions):
    Ibasso Dx90 : U shaped sound. Punchy bass but lack extension and roundness, mids are foward and a little bright, good texture and details retreival but not as neutral as I will like, over average sounstage, bright sound without harshness of sybilance. Less clear than closed one. Voice can sound unatural *shhhh'' noise. Overall sound feel little bit veiled. Dry and airy.
    Using an Ipod touch : Bass too foward and mids even less present, bass bloat lot of details and can hurt ears. Less clarity and V shaped sound plus Vshaped source don't go well togheter.
    Ibasso Dx80: The laid back and warm sound of Dx80 is a good combination with the M710 and make it more musical and smooth sounding. Bass is rounder and mids are still foward but less bright.
    Fiio E7 : Warm dark sound, basshead sound, round punchiness, lack of treble sparkle and details, mids do not seperate from other frequencies range, lack of cleaness, good dynamic and fast fun sound, too bassy can cause ear fatigue and bloat details.
    Macbook pro : bassy and dark, peircing treble, not good.
    Every Edifier headphones I try are bassy in there soundsignature, this one have a mid-bass bump and is very punchy. There good bright texture in the bass but it do not go extremely low, sub bass is a little bloated too. Bass can feel harsh or too grainy sometime because of his brightness. Still, we can feel it alot and it give energy to the sound, bass do not bleed in the mid fequencies section and can remind the Grado Sr60 in it's style. Cello and slap bass sound thick and natural most of the time. With the Ibasso Dx80 it sound very good because of the warm sound presentation, but with a music source that have bad bass eq it will be out of control and break your skull in two half.
    This closed cans are all about mids, the vocals are very foward and gently bright, it is dense and airy too. It make a very engaging listen when the right signers is used. With too congested or complexe music track the mids can get lost in a wall of sound because instruments separation is not the more articulate with the M710. It is a fun and all-arounder sound signature that can sound good with Classical as well as with Hip-hop or foll. I really like the foward and in-your-face presentation of vocals that sometime feel in the backseat with other closed headphones. Of all 3 Edifier headphones I try the M710 have the best mediums frequencies and have the more ''linear'' sounsignature in the sens that Bass And Mids are adjusted to feel more present without sacrifiing a realist sound experience.
    Grainy treble and roll off high with some extracted frequencies peak to help details be perceive, this is how I will describe the high frequencies range. Treble is in the harsh side, but do not induce ear fatigue because of the warmness that smooth the sound presentation. Some people will consider the M710 as dark or veiled, it is true that it is not an extrely clean sound, as if it was a direct competitor to the Sony on-ear headphones soundsignature wich can remind a little the Edifier one but Sony is more harsh, agessive, dry and way less musical. To get the best, you need a good clean sounding DAP like the Ibasso Dx90 wich have the ability to clear as much a it's possible a Headphones sound.
    This closed cans really impress me for their price, even if they are bright they have an elegant sound presentation that is airy and musical. Soundstage is more large than Grado S60 even if they are not open back headphones. If you lsearch a good looking headphones that will deliver good musicality with all kind of music, the Edifier M710 are made for you. They look way above their price tag and the construction will have a long durability. If you have a music player like an Xduoo, Ibasso or ecven Fiio X1 it will be a delight to use this headphones, if you have a bassy smartphone or Ipod you will have to EQ to get the best of them. Really, at 40$ this headset is a no-brainer.
  2. genclaymore
    Great portable headphone
    Written by genclaymore
    Published Mar 25, 2016
    Pros - Very Comfortable,Light,portabilty
    Cons - Volume Inline control could be better.
    The M710’s are portable headphone’s that are easy to take around with you. They don’t take up much room, they can twist flat which will allowed them to fit inside a laptop bag, pocket and even your jacket. The cable is short to the point that it won’t get in the way of you, when you’re walking but a good length to reach your Cellphone, Mp3 player and laptop. The M710 can be used with any type of source besides the three I mention already.
    Inside the box are two Dual Male to Female 3.5 adapter’s which two sizes are, One is a cable and the other is a smaller adapter. The cable is very thin but flex able so if it a tad too long you can wrap it up to make it shorter.
     There’s an inline control box on the cable itself, which holds the two sliders. One slider is used to mute the microphone, the other is used to raise or lower the volume. There is a problem with this, when you are plugging the M710 into a sound card such as a sound blaster z or so, the slider doesn’t give you much when you raise it. It will go from 0% volume to 25% to 50% and last to 100% with no steps between. Because of this you can get hit with full blast by mistake if you’re not careful.
    I sure the problem won’t happen if your using another type of source. It would had been better if the M710 had button’s to raise and lower the volume, instead of the slider, which would have allowed for better control of the volume which means you be able to accurately set the volume to your liking. The good thing about the inline is it’s in a very good spot which makes it easy to reach, without you having to look down to find it if it was lower down on the cable.
    The ear pads are soft and comfortable, I can see myself wearing these for a long time due to the pads and the weight of the headphones. Normally on-ears bother’s my ears but these don’t.I tested the microphone function and it works very good, nice and clear. People I talked to me didn’t have any issue’s understanding what I was saying. The headphone’s look like they pretty well made for their size but I still wouldn’t suggest throwing them around. But they don’t have the feeling like they would break in your hand or anything. They do not block out outside noises, but people won't hear what you are listening to unless you turned it up load enough.
    The Specs
    · Frequency response: 20Hz~20kHz
    · Impedance: 32Ω
    · Sound pressure level: 98dB
    · Cable length: 1.3m
    · Weight: 0.13kg
    · Connector: 3.5mm
    · Inline control: Included
    The setup
    I will be using the Sound blaster Z which is a sound card which has a transparent type of sound. The M710’s will be plugged thru the headphone jack on the card. I will be listening to a couple of song’s as well trying out a few games. I won’t be using any of the Sound blaster Z’s DSP, straight stereo when I test games.
    Noisy-Blue Eyes On you – Mp3
    The first thing you notice with the M710 is how clear the piano is and how much weight it has behind it. You can hear how much force the player is using when they press the notes on the piano. The Ambient sounds are heard and are clear. The separation is good and the Sound stage is alright.
    Max Cooper & Tom Hodge – Remnants - Flac
    The piano notes sound really good in this song as well but not as clear as they were in the first song. But the drums and snare are very clear and you can hear them separated from each other. While the bass goes deep but have some force behind it. But it’s not clean in this song.
    12Th Planet & Antiserum – Bass Salt-Mp3
    In this song the bass goes very deep, while having some impact. It’s not muddy at all. The drums kits are good as well just as clean and clear as they was in the last song. The sound stage does sound a kind of small, like it just on the edge of my head but not inside my head.
    I tried out a game called the Division with the M710 and it did very well, it had very good sound imaging, the sound stage was good for being closed back. I heard the location of the AI easy, the rest of the sounds I could easily place thru out the game. I heard everything very clear. The bass was not muddy at all, Very impactful bass, it was clean. This was all with the Sound blaster Z DSP disabled straight stereo.
    The shotgun had kick the bass from it was powerful which made the shotgun sound like a shotgun, so did the magnums and Snipers.
    The Edifier M710 are very good headphone’s and their size comes in handy when you’re on the go. The sound from them is very nice. The only issue I had with these headphones was the volume slider, the idea is good but the way they did it isn’t perfect. Instead of a slider either a couple of buttons or a volume wheel, would give more of a control.
    I think Edifier has something if that volume control slider was improved.


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