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Light weight and foldable, perfect on the go Edifier's H650 series are the perfect headphones for...

Edifier H650 Hi-Fi On-Ear Foldable Noise-Isolating Headphone - Black

  • Light weight and foldable, perfect on the go Edifier's H650 series are the perfect headphones for travelling. Their sleek and foldable design makes them desirable for anyone who plans on travelling or just needs to commute. By incorporating similar technology to the larger headphones in Edifier H series, the H650 offers adequate sound quality even at professional audiophile standards. The leather earmuffs and adjustable band create a comfortable fit. The tri-fold design makes it easy to carry or storage. This model is available in Black, White, Blue, Orange, Pink, and Purple. Technical Specifications FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz~20kHz IMPEDANCE: 32Ω CONNECTOR TYPE: Straight SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL: 103dB CABLE LENGTH: 1.3m WEIGHT: 0.12KG CONNECTOR: 3.5mm INLINE CONTROL: No DRIVER DIAMETER: 40mm Buy with confidence from world's second largest manufacturer. Edifier is the world's second largest consumer audio manufacturer. Despite not well-known in the US, Edifier has great market shares in Asia, Europe and South America. Edifier is the parental company of STAX, one of the most expensive headphone brands in the world. Edifier has incorporated similar technology and design concept into its consumer earphones and headphones, and strives to make the best sound affordable to everyone.

Recent Reviews

  1. Flamess
    A Great, Cheery Pair of Headphones, Especially For Kids!
    Written by Flamess
    Published Nov 22, 2015
    Pros - Foldable, Portable design. Glowing highs and bright treble. Durable build.
    Cons - Ear-cups very small, may be uncomfortable for people with big ears. lacking in lows. The cable appears to be fragile.
    Before starting this review, I would like to thank Edifier USA for providing me this review sample! I am not being paid to write this review. This review is purely my honest opinion.
    The Edifier H650 Headphones are enjoyable budget headphones that provide a nice, fun sound. They have a small and sturdy portable build; I would definitely recommend these for your kids!
    About the company: Edifier is a company that specializes in premium sound systems. Edifier was originally founded in 1996 in Beijing, China by a group of enterprising music lovers, and since then has grown to being distributors in over 70 countries. Edifier designs elegant and premium-quality sound systems. Edifier is also known for owning the legendary headphone company, Stax.
    Boxing and Accessories:
    The boxing is nice, though nothing fancy. It is just simply a glossy plastic box. It is mainly clear, and it displays the headphones through the plastic.
    There are no extra accessories; the box comes with the headphones and an instruction manual.
    Build, Design and Microphonics
    First, I’ll talk about the build. The build is very sturdy; the headphones themselves are clearly built to last, though I’m not sure about the thinness of the cord. The headphones are made of a hard plastic, and the headband is made out of metal. Therefore the only thing I would worry about is the thin cord. (The cord is non-removable, which means when the cord breaks the headphones are pretty much broken.) The cord looks fragile but it should hold up. Just try not to get it tangled on an object, and you should be fine.  would say the cord length is a perfect length; not too long, not too short. Just to reiterate on the sturdiness of these headphones I even did a drop test, and the headphones came out unscathed.
    Honestly, I find the design of the H650’s to be adorable. The headphones are very small and portable, not to mention they even have folding capabilities. Also, they really don’t look bad on your head. If you're wondering why I find the H650's design to be adorable, it's because of their miniature-sized ear-cups. Don’t get me wrong though, having small ear-cups isn’t a bad thing. However, with people with slightly bigger-than-average ears like myself, these will feel fairly miniscule on your ears, as if they were resting on top of them.
    The main reason I am bringing up the size of these headphones right now is because I believe they would be great headphones for children, especially for these three main reasons: First of all. they have a small but sturdy build, also with a convenient folding capability for trips. Secondly, they have very small ear-cups that would be perfect for children. Lastly, they are a great entry-level headphone with amazing sound quality and decent comfort, which I will be getting into in a moment later on.
    There are virtually no problems at all with microphonics. The cable is suspended from the side, coming out from one ear-cup. The cable is very thin, so it makes no noise whatsoever, even when it’s bouncing around.
    Fit, Comfort, and Isolation
    These headphones fit well; I have virtually no problems with them. The only thing worth mentioning is that if you have bigger-than-average ears these will be resting on the top of your ears, which could be deemed annoying for some. In my honest opinion though, even though they are incredibly small, their fit doesn't bother me too much. 
    The comfort is mediocre. and is by no means uncomfortable. I could wear these for a few hours without them bothering me. Like I have almost mentioned a million times, the ear-cups are very small, so people with smaller ears might find these more comfortable than people with larger ears. The ear-pads on these headphones are a comfortable pleather. (For people who don’t know, that’s synthetic leather.) The head-band is nothing to write home about; it is an extremely thin layer of some kind of squishy silicon, and its hardly noticeable.
    The isolation of these headphones is definitely an average grade, if not a little higher. These even compare to some of my more expensive pairs of headphones. I have no complaints about the isolation; even though you can hear many loud things from the outside, it reduces many of those sounds and completely shuts out many if not all of the quiet and annoying sounds like tapping or small rattling sounds. The isolation may vary from person to person depending on their ear size, in which people with larger ears will most likely have less isolation.
    Sound Quality:
    I am listening to these headphones un-amped, and with a regular desktop computer as well as an iPod 4th generation.
     To start off, I’d like to say that the sound is amazing for the price. The Edifier H650’s have a cheerful, bright sound. They have cheery and glowing treble. I would recommend these for non-bass oriented music-lovers. The H650's sound notably well with music mainly oriented towards highs and treble. Ex: Lindsey Stirling, Grant Bowtie, etc.
    I listened from electronic music to orchestral music; and the highs sounded glorious. The H650’s truly excel in treble, which seems to be this headphone’s forte. nonetheless the cheery, upbeat sound covers up for that. The treble on these headphones is bright and heavenly, and really has the pizzazz that many people are looking for in treble and highs. The soft and quiet bass as well as the slightly recessed mids leaves a lot of room for the treble and the highs, which clearly dominate the sound of the H650’s. I can’t emphasize how great Treble/highs are on these headphones. The sound is very upbeat, light, and has a smidgen of crispness to it.
    The midrange is acceptable and fairly satisfying. It is not nearly as marvelous as the highs, but nonetheless they are still good in proportion to the headphone’s cost. But overall I would call the mids decent, but not amazing. There is an iota of crispness to them. Overall, I would call the mids a bit recessed.
    For me, the lows seem to be a bit lacking in the H650’s. I wouldn’t call the lows a dissatisfying experience, but more so a lack of the experience some people like to hear. It’s more by opinion if you like bassy headphones or headphones with good treble; because some people love the one and don’t mind the absence of the other. If you are a bass-head I wouldn’t candidly recommend the H650's. These headphones lack in bass quantity, but nonetheless I can hear it ever-so-softly; it is subtle and has quickness to it. Despite what I have been saying, don’t let the lack of lows discourage you from getting these headphones, because I feel like the treble covers-up for the colorless and lackluster lows. 
    The Edifier H650's have an average soundstage. it is not incredibly spacious like some other headphones are; most of the sound is light, and is on the surface, you could say. I wouldn’t describe it as airy. These don't sound as natural as they could, but for their price range I think they are doing just fine. I would depict the perceptive distance as relatively close and soft.
    The Edifier H650’s strong suit seems to be treble. The highs are amazing, and the mids are a bit recessed but are decent, though the low-end seems to be vapid and lackluster. The bass quantity lacks very much, though it still can be faintly heard. I would describe the bass as soft and quick. The soundstage is average; there isn’t much perceptive distance between my ears and the sound of these headphones. (I wouldn’t call them “airy”.) The overall sound is bright has a nice crispness to it. 
    As a side note, these would not benefit from amping; and EQ’ing is fairly unnecessary. 
    IMG_0170.jpg  look at those beasts [​IMG]
    Helpful Specs.
    1. Foldable? Yes.
    2. Removable Cable? No.
    3. No Inline controls.
    4. Headphone Type: On-ear
    5. 40mm Neodymium magnet driver
    6. Channels: Stereo
    7.  Frequency Response : 20Hz~20KHz
    8. Impedance : 32 Ohm
    9.  Sound Pressure Level : 103dB
    10. Connector : 3.5mm stereo
    11. Cable Length : 1.3M
    Overall, I believe the Edifier H650’s are amazing for their price range, and easily beat most of the headphones in its price range. These have a great sturdy build, and easily can withstand a good thrashing. They fit O.K. for adults, but I believe they would best suit children because of their small, durable design. The ear-cups are very small, so people with bigger ears might experience more discomfort than people with smaller ears. The ear-cups are a nice pleather material, and the headband is made out of stainless steel, and the material under that is extremely thin, squishy silicon. The isolation is definitely respectable for the H650's price range. Note that isolation may vary by ear size. The sound quality by far is best thing about these headphones. The H650's emphasize bright, glowing treble. The highs have fascinating, glowing sound; and the mids are reasonable, but they are still a bit recessed. There is an absence of the low-end; the bass quantity is low, but you can still hear it thumping soft and quick. The soundstage is soft and perceptively sounds close to your ear. Overall, the Edifier H650's are definitely a positive experience.
    My name is Cody, and I hoped you enjoyed my review! A special thanks to Thomas from Edifier USA for providing me with the Edifier H650's so I could bring you guys an honest, thorough review. If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to leave a comment down below! [​IMG] 


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