CVJ Mirror

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Multi-driver IEM containing 2 balanced armature drivers and 1 dynamic driver.

Latest reviews

Pros: Flat sounding (Unique from flooded V-shape)
Have much potential (Varies quite a fair bit with different cable)
Vocals are balanced with good clarity
Not harsh/sibilant
Cons: Might sound a little boring (Flat signature)
Fitting (Ear hook and snug)
Very basic accessories for a good product
Introduction/Manufacturer information

-CVJ Earpiece Pouch
-CVJ Eartips


First impression:
-The bass-mids-treble is extremely "flat" as perceived by ears... I could hear some bumps throughout the audible frequencies but still generally flat. Mirror makes a good name for this model.

-Unlike the earlier, cheaper cse, this bass is more thumpy, but I can still hear some boomy bass at the background. It kinda gives a layering effect, something similar to reverberation. Guess what? I like it but I would prefer slightly lesser bass due to the "layering", some bassier song can be really strong.

-Mids for both vocals is pretty balanced. Male and female voices are clean with good clarity. I have no issue with sibilance or harshness.

-Trebles extension seem to be somewhat similar to CSE extending to somewhere around 13k before a very steep cut off.

-In terms of the extension of the "detail" frequencies, unlike CSE, this provide smaller micro details while CSE provides the macro details.

-Both soundstage and separation are slightly better on these. Sounded a bit boring but I'm enjoying this flat signature from the flooded U- and V- shaped signature. It feels more relaxing and soothing.

After burn-in (<20hr usage):
-Generally there is not any much change/shift to sound signature. However, the bass texture is slightly better, a little more thumpy. Soundstage opened up making it more airy, no noticeable difference in separation.

-As per the CSE, I have some issue with the fitting and isolation, I went to my foam tips again... (I don't have a wide collection of ear tips). Some might expect the response, bass became more prominent and higher mids got suppress. Now the sound signature is longer flat. But it does bring up more energy in the set.

-Went to my 16 core SPC to see how it affect the sound... More bass and high-mids, sounded pretty good but a waste to it's default flat tuning. Could have went straight to V-shaped tuning if I wanted that... But, it made this set less "boring". So instead of upgrade, I would be inclined to call it sound signature preference, you have to decide for yourself on this.

-Moving on to the pure silver cable I got. To be honest, I was expecting the sound signature to goes like a tick. elevated bass with even more upper mids boost. But this is not the case, it kind of boosted the whole spectrum equally, I turned down my volume to achieved the volume I'm listening to typically. A little more treble extension. But not much of a difference other than volume, so nope!

-Now let's take a look at OCC. Better vocals clarity and instruments a little fuller. Overall still remain flat and I like this best for maintaining it's "unique" flat response while providing improved technicalities.

-I changed to foam tips to give a little more bass and characteristics than pure flat. You can choose to use other tips for improve treble/vocals as well, based on your preference. I guess it is a good part of flatter response.
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